Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Real Reason For the Ban on Pamela Anderson's PETA Poster

I don't for a minute accept the story that Pamela Anderson's sexy PETA  poster was banned in Montreal  because it was sexist. Link

 After all take a look at what passes for advertising across the city;

Even though nobody was saying it,  the ad was banned for other reasons.

.. Bill 101

The ad was exclusively in English ..... a no brainer, right?

...but then I was watching this TV commercial for this sports bar and I realized that I was wrong, that there was another underlying reason, more sinister and dark than the lack of French;

Yup, If there's one thing Quebeckers want to ban more that English signs, it's those damn vegetarians!


  1. Maybe it was banned because its about animal rights and stopping their abuse? Does Quebec want to support such a thing?

    Can't say it enough, Quebec is an embarrassment of North America when it comes to animal rights and protection. This is THE capital for puppy mills run uncontrolled and the dogs abused, where serial pet murders cannot be arrested, let alone even fined. Where feeding anti-freeze to skunks and letting them die a slow pain (see recent story in NDG) is A-OK. Where the total animal inspectors for the ENTIRE province can be counted on the fingers of one hand (yep, we've got *2* people in charge--two!). Now compare Ontario which has them numbering in the SEVERAL HUNDREDS, with special vehicles, uniforms, powers to arrest and take action on the spot. Our SPCA also puts cats and dogs to sleep by the thousands, rather than neuter and re-release. God, why should they spend money or energy on helping animals, that might cut into the budget of the most important force in Quebec: The Language Police!

    Gandhi said it best:
    "You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals"

    Looking at the way Quebec mistreats and so uncaring of animals, it all makes perfect sense. I say that is the root of all Quebec's problems, if you can't give a damn about animals, you sure as hell won't care about people, human rights, welfare of citizens, human safety, etc, etc.

    Yep, ad was banned because Quebec doesn't want to have anything to do with HELPING to protect animals. It goes against the Quebecois way!

  2. Are you sure? When TVA showed it, the board was in French.

    In any case, given how much influence feminists have in here, I'm not surprised it was banned: only men can be meat! :P Otherwise, knowing how they never miss a chance to enforce 101, I doubt they'd have missed the occasion to mention it.

  3. After the 70s and 80s and all those feminists, here comes curvacious Pammy portraying herself as the proverbial piece of meat. Then again, it's another means to keep herself in the limelight. Actually, she's diseased meat because she has Hep C. Too, I thought I saw a copy of the ad in French. If not, then we all know what part of the problem is.

    Veeganism and vegeterianism are dietary choices, just like kosher and halal. My parents chose to follow the dietary home, but not out in restaurants (my family is Jewish). My brother and I dropped the strictures with reckless abandonment once we left home, and that was our choice. One doesn't have to be Jewish or Muslim to observe those dietary strictures. Some secular people don't like pork, others don't like crustaceans.

    For those who choose a meatless diet, good for them. Indubitably it is the taking of a life, offensive to some, while others believe eating animal flesh deteriorates one's quality of life.

    The late Wladek "Killer" Kowalski, a former pro wrestler who was a tall, slender, strong and agile man, maintained a vegetarian diet, never smoked, never ingested alcohol, died a couple of years ago at age 81. I would have thought a guy like that would see the century mark!

    An aunt and uncle of mine are 90 and 92 respectively. My aunt's siblings are all gone, none living beyond age 76 except for her. She was the only child of that family to never smoke and she always, always watched her weight. My uncle, for the most part, has longevity in his family, his mother having lived to 91. One brother was 86 and died of alzheimers and another who was killed in a vehicular accident at age 83, but never was on medications! I've been on two medications since my mid-40s, one of them due to family history. Then again, my paternal grandmother had the hypertension I have now and lived with it to age 102!

    I'm digressing, but the point is vegetarianism is a personal choice, and I doubt it will enable one to live longer, or if so, not by much. Family history prevails, and diet is secondary.

    As for Quebec, I imagine there are beef, pork and poultry lobbies (a.k.a. meddlesome, expensive marketing boards) at work. Certainly their dairy lobby is very strong as Quebec forbids yellow dye in its margarines. Not so in Ontario or elsewhere.

    Pamela Anderson doesn't know when to shut up. She brought her political agenda to the Juno awards a few years ago when she was invited to host the show. There is a time and a place for everything, but like Vanessa Redgrave and Marlon Brando at the Oscars years ago and Anderson more recently, there is something to be said for bad taste.

  4. It's true that it's not a good taste publicity ! Congratulations to the city of Montréal !

  5. derteilzeitberliner — I think the ban on yellow margarine was finally lifted a couple of years ago.

  6. The city of Montreal bans a risque poster of Pamela Anderson but there are slutty pictures of women all over the city...more hypocrisy in Quebec!

  7. Congratulation to the autorities of Ville de Montréal ! Bad taste not here ! Slutty pictures of women is for the tourists like États-Uniens and Canadians !

  8. I see how you treat women: slutty !? Maybe you going to this kind of establishment ! You sound like Americans: You can have a gun at 14 years old but seeing a nude breast in a movie (not porn maybe just a love scene) and it's 18 yo and parental advisory ! Don't know who's hypocrites !?

  9. 'After all take a look at what passes for advertising across the city'

    It makes me think about the nipple gate in the USA couple years ago with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

    People went nuts about this one. The TV network was heavily fined while at the other end, USA is the biggest producer of porn movies in the world.

    Talk about some hypocrisy at all levels.

  10. I don't think you're right here 'cause I've seen the ad in French when they talked about it in the Journal de Montréal.

  11. To Anonymous at 7:59 PM:
    "Congratulation to the autorities of Ville de Montréal ! Bad taste not here ! Slutty pictures of women is for the tourists like États-Uniens and Canadians !"

    There are degrading pictures of women in many decrepit Francophone areas of Montreal that the Canadian and American tourists are intelligent enough to avoid.

    As Montreal and Quebec continue to deteriorate, many of these tourists will avoid the place altogether and take their money elsewhere... Montreal and Quebec will become even more of a slum!