Wednesday, July 28, 2010

French versus English Volume 13

New Governor-General too much of a federalist?
The selection of David Johnston as Canada's next Governor-General isn't pleasing Quebec sovereignists who complain, if you can believe it, that he is too much of a federalist. According to the president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal, Mario Beaulieu, Johnston is a 'federalist extremist' and so his nomination is too partisan. He also complained that Johnston was the co-president of the NO committee in the 1995 referendum. Gerald Larose, ex-unionist big shot and sovereignist bigwig was more realistic about the nomination.  He called Johnston, a formidable adversary. "Federalists pick federalists, it shouldn't surprise anyoneLink

Gilles Duceppe embarrasses himself internationally
The Bloc Quebecois leader took it upon himself to send out a letter on official House of Commons stationary to 1600 unnamed world leaders warning them to be prepared for Quebec sovereignty.

The letter warns the lucky recipients "that very soon Quebec will be voting in a new referendum on sovereignty." 
That may come as a big surprise to Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois who have promised the exact opposite.

Nationalist fantasists prattle on...
Blow hard  Georges Le Gal  continues to  promote his make believe world of Quebec by  demanding that newcomers be denied  Quebec citizenship if they can't speak French, notwithstanding that there is no such thing as 'Quebec citizenship'.

Yves Chartrand, in an article edited by Mr. Le Gal is furious that people wear clothing emblazoned with English words and for the fact that English can be heard, smack dab in the Plateau Mont-Royal, the bastion of French radicalism in Montreal. Horrors! He also demands that a linguistic war be declared immediately.

Rejean Labrie another prolific author on also expounds on his version of a 'Fantasy Island-Quebec' by proposing that only Francophones be allowed to vote in a referendum.......

Quebec power couple to return to Bye-Bye
You might recall the controversy over Radio-Canada's(French CBC) New Year's eve show in 2008 that drew a furious reaction because of a black joke about Barak Obama and a skit about sex-abuse victim Nathalie Simard. Read an account HERE.

Véronique Cloutier along with her hubby Louis Morrissette were co-producers of the show and wrote the skit that mocked Ms. Simard. It seems that the public didn't appreciate the humour, considering that the real life pedophile who sexually abused Ms. Simard as a child, is Cloutier's real-life father.
It's a bit confusing, maybe this can help;
The power couple were duly chastised and the traditional New Year's eve show was axed last year.

Apparently,  the exile is over and they will again produce this year's show. It seems that Quebeckers miss their Bye-Bye show and that there isn't anyone of sufficient talent available to produce it.
All is forgiven and forgotten. The couple has likely been taken back with the proviso that they do no more 'nigger' jokes and that they leave poor Nathalie Simard alone.

Con man is latest French language defender/hero?
French language militants are hailing the victory of career con man Stéphane Marleau who won his grievance against Corrections Canada for not providing him with a French language newspaper while incarcerated in the Kingston Penitentiary, in Ontario.
He's now complaining that his medical file isn't in French and that the computer keyboards are exclusively in English. He also wants his rehabilitation course to be provided in French. He also complains that because no one speaks French he can't get the prison job that he wants.
Mr. Marleau has a fraud history stretching back years and and is presently in jail for romancing and defrauding a Quebec woman out of her life savings. LINK (French)

Perhaps Corrections Canada might consider a less costly solution to the 'French" problem. Instead of going through the lengthy grievance process and expensive remedies, they might just ship the intrepid con man to Donaconna or Port Cartier, maximum security prisons located in Quebec!

Andrei Markov assailed for not  learning French
After being sworn in as a Canadian citizen, the Montreal Canadiens star defenceman was asked by a francophone reporter whether he would now bother to learn French. Markov, not particularly adept in English, told the reporter politely that he was first trying to master English. He wasn't kidding or being falsely modest, after ten years in Canada, Markov can't form a proper sentence.
Let's just be polite and say that he is linguistically challenged.

Montreal anglo reporter Ted Bird took exception to the reporter pissing on Markov's big day.
"There are long-simmering resentments at play from which even otherwise celebrated hockey heroes are not exempt, and hobnobbing with a scarlet-clad Mountie in front of a Canadian flag after swearing allegiance to the Queen isn't the goodwill gesture to some that it is to others." LINK


  1. «Propre, accueillante et autrement multiculturelle, la ville de Montréal est suffisamment enjouée à longueur d'année», peut-on lire dans la liste des villes les plus enjouées du monde, publiée par Lonely Planet en mai dernier.

  2. ''the Plateau Mont-Royal, the bastion of French radicalism in Montreal'' Maybe go to West-Island, the bastion of ti-counes and Anglophones zealots to see if radicalism exist there. Each time I read something about Québécois and Francophones is simply bad opinions ! For you being for the political option of independence is being radicalism ! Je lis la plupart des commentaires ici, je ne sais pas qui sont les plus radicaux... ''Quoi qu'on dise et quoi qu'on fasse, le Québec est, aujourd'hui et pour toujours, une société distincte, libre et capable d'assumer son destin et son développement.'' Robert Bourassa

  3. Hey editor,

    Your link of George Le Gal and Quebec citizenship goes the wrong way. Also, do you have the link to Stephane Marleau story?

  4. Quebeckers are a rotten race, oozing out form some dark history nobody is interested in recognizing.

    "Quoi qu'on dise et quoi qu'on fasse, le Québec est, aujourd'hui et pour toujours, une société distincte, libre et capable d'assumer son destin et son développement" --> do you know, stupid anonymous Pepsi, that YOUR Quebec has the highest illiteracy rate in Canada? That's your "société distincte".

  5. Notice the tactics the separatist use. They constantly push Canada for more and more benefit and accommodation, and when they’re demands are meet with resistance, BOOM, they threaten to separate stating that Canada is unreasonable and not willing to negotiate. So around and around we go; Quebec takes and then demands more, and on and on it goes. This has been their strategy all along in this endless war of attrition. Canadian politicians will never break the cycle, so one day the Quebecois will have it all and Canadians will be wondering how it happened.
    What Yves Chartrand said is unbelievable; he complains about hearing English in the street and seeing English text on people’s clothing. And nobody says a thing to denounce him or distance themselves from such a bigot. It’s fucking surreal. His article clearly demonstrates how it is now completely socially expectable in Quebec to publicly target Anglos for abuse. The constantly unchallenged belligerent racist drone of the ethnocentric Franco-supremacists has indoctrinated the ‘majority’. Slowly but surely the Quebecois are being trained and hardened to feel nothing but contempt for ‘the others’. Just imagine the vociferous anger that would erupt in Quebec if an Anglos were to write a similar piece complaining about hearing and seeing the French language everywhere on display.
    Like drops of oil in the ocean, the Quebecois leaders pollute Canada with their poisonous venom and get more and more racist and extreme by the day (while the rest of the Quebcois silently watches with winking approval).

  6. ‘For you being for the political option of independence is being radicalism !’
    Uh no, douche bag the idea of independence in of itself is so radical as you evasively put it. You’re not paying attention are you? What is so radical and unacceptable about ‘independence’ is how it is inextricably tied to ethnocentric racism, Franco-supremacy, oppressive language laws, fanatical labor unions, public sector dominated by separatists, fascist dogma, fear-mongering, emotional fanaticism, deception, anger, greed, and lust for power. The idea of independence can only be appealing on an emotionally sick level, because no one has EVER logically and clearly explained the advantages. Because there are no advantages to be gained by anyone other than the Quebecois all others will be screwed and buried.

  7. It's too bad Gilles Duceppe didn't send along copies of both referendum questions in his letter to the world leaders. It would have shown them why the Clarity Act was a necessity.
    He also neglected to mention the massive fraudulent rejection of valid 'NO' votes in the 1995 referendum.

    If there is a third referendum, there should be international observers posted at each polling station in order to keep the fraud from happening again. Perhaps they can bring in observers from another progressive francophone nation in the western hemisphere - Haiti!

  8. Let Quebec separate, the rest of Canada would be better off. Too bad we can't down right relocate them to the middle of the ocean so they can be their own little island they want to be. Let's see if they can hack it on their own. They also seem to forget the atrocities they committed against the real native population of Canada. You stole the land from them, we stole the land from you - in the end man doesn't own the Earth anyways.

    I've lived in Montreal for 3 years now. I officially move back to Ontario in September. I've hated it here, and I'm perfectly bilingual. They dig their own hole, and they earn the resentment they receive; let them bask in it.

    It's called war for a reason. There are winners and there are losers, get over it Quebec, you lost. That societies of people the crimes were not done against hold accountable a generation of people that were not alive when the crimes were committed is a large part of the reason homo sapiens stunt our own evolution. The human race is a sad thing indeed.

  9. I think some people got a resentment about Québécois here ? It's not my case, I'm a immigrant from Colombia and I find people in Montréal really nice ! I live in Rosemont ! If Québécois want the independence, why not ?

  10. «Propre, accueillante et autrement multiculturelle, la ville de Montréal est suffisamment enjouée à longueur d'année», peut-on lire dans la liste des villes les plus enjouées du monde, publiée par Lonely Planeten mai dernier.

  11. Anglo always tell bad things about us and they think we are crazy to even think of independence. At least we make you shit just with the possibilty of making a new referendum. One of these day you will have to close the constitution feud and give the powers what is belong to us. Le français est une belle langue, j'en suis fière et quoi qu'en dise les Ted Bird de ce monde toute les questions sont bonne à poser, question de contexte, même des journalistes russes ont posé cette question à Markov et il a répondu a peu près la même chose. Ted Bird ne fait que profiter de sa tribune pour exprimer sa haine envers les fancophones.

    "Your link of George Le Gal and Quebec citizenship goes the wrong way. Also, do you have the link to Stephane Marleau story?"

    I fixed the broken link and added another one for the Stephane Marleau story.
    I hope you read French.

  13. For good reason; the Quebecois criticize and resent Canada, and at the same time take Canadian tax dollars to build an exclusive society, which does not include Canadians or respect their rights. Separatists like you either ignore all of the injustices and valid points that observers make, and parrot the separatist line…’people got a resentment about Québécois’. In my opinion, this is very immature, dismissive behavior that would destroy any relationship no matter how good or bad it was. Many people are growing tired of Quebec, because the people and groups that speak for you all sound like self-centered, self-absorbed motherfuckers with bad intent. You're completely unreasonable. You want Quebec to separate, Canada to pay for it, and everyone to be happy about it. Piss off!

  14. Lol - Ol' condom head writes 1600 world
    leaders in Engish! What a putz.

  15. Really very relevant artical with the topic it is good work.

  16. ''C’est bizarre, mais moi, je trouve que c’est une maudite bonne question à poser à un hockeyeur qui gagne sa vie grâce à des MILLIONS de francophones'' Martineau

  17. ''Yes, it would be a nice courtesy to the provincial majority if he could appear on l'Antichambre and exchange bon mots with les boys, but learning a new language is a substantial undertaking'' TED Bird (like a bird brain ?) Je crois que si tous les autres peuples peuvent apprendre une autre langue, il est capable !