Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Big Thank You to Generous Canadian Taxpayers!

A great big thank you is owed to all the taxpayers in all the 'have' provinces, who have graciously agreed to ship billions and billions of dollars in transfer payments to Quebec. Yesterday, because of your extreme generosity, the province was able to unveil a new social program, one that will pay for fertility treatments for couples unable to conceive. The program goes way beyond Manitoba's stingy tax credit of up to $8000 per couple. Link

The fertility program, the first of its kind in North America will pay for up to three cycles of treatment, at a cost of between $10,000 and $30,000 per couple, or $25-$65 million in all, paid for by, ahem...the province.
This, according to the Minister of Health Yves Bolduc, but others disagree and see the program's cost ballooning up towards $200 million. Gaetan Barrette, the head of Quebec's doctor's professional order, pointed out that it takes just three months of residency to obtain a medicare card and he envisions women moving to Quebec expressly for the treatments, similar to those women who moved to Las Vegas in the fifties and sixties seeking a legal divorce. 
At any rate it seem eminently fair, considering that it is taxpayers from other provinces that are really funding the program.

Now to those of you out of province taxpayers who are footing the bill, you should know that Quebec is doing you a favour by trailblazing social programs that your province will be pressured to match. 

And so you can thank us for your $7.50 a day daycare, your gilded parental leave program and of course your ridiculously low college tuition fees.
"What's that you say? "
"You don't have these programs?"

Hmmmm......... Don't blame us, we've led the way. Tell your governments to get off their ass!"

And don't tell us you want to reduce transfer payments either, just because the economy is down and there's less money coming in. 

Take solace in the old joke wherein a bum complains to his benefactor that his weekly gift is much smaller than usual?
"Business is down this week, what can I say?"
"So just because your business is down,  I should suffer!!"......... HA! HA!

 By the way, Quebec City needs a new arena.....


  1. Quebec is going to become the Greece of North America.

  2. I question the underlying motives of the government of Quebec’s motivation to provide funding for IVF (in-vitro fertilization) fertility treatments. Are they trying to make more French white babies? Are they going to have a Bill 107.IVF (Infants Vested French Funds), a point system to see who will be allowed IVF treatment based on pure laine ancestry? Will women wearing burqua’s be allow into fertility clinics? There is a cancer of corruption in the government of good old boy conflict of interest in the private verse public Health care industry. The incongruity of the government actions of providing bare bones funding for Health Centers to function, while allotting generous funds for IVF is ridiculous. While government bureaucrats double speak praise of the value of the socialized Health care system, the government is making ludicrous decisions and mismanaging healthcare funds. We have homeless people in the streets, elderly dying on hospital gurneys in the hallway of the emergency rooms, nurses working in deplorable work environments, patients are waiting months and years for surgeries, revolving door psychiatric patients in need of treatment are just a few of the many needs in the microcosm of the macrocosm of health care.
    Quebec is going to pay for 3 IVF procedures at about $10,000.00 per treatment. Do these payments include all the fertility treatments (fertility drugs, artificial insemination, sperm donors, egg donors etc.) that women go through before they finally try the ultimate IVF? When it comes to fertility treatments, the IVF is the tip of the iceberg of the multitude of treatment options available. At some point these fertility treatments become misogynistic money makers for the fertility clinics playing on the emotions of women. We see how Quebec takes control of our children via education from preschool to CEGEP with language laws. We should be suspicious of a government who wants control of the fetus in-vitro. Are we moving from Quebec’s social engineering to genetic engineering? We should all shudder to imagine exactly what the government’s ulterior motives may be. Transparency of the Quebec government decisions is a must.

  3. 2:19AM: Why do you think I, ex-Quebec-born individual now happily living in Ontario, wants Quebec separated and out of Canada forever? Quebec is a black hole for federal money and all Quebec does is bellyache about how Canada screws them left, right and center. Worse yet, the rest of Canada, the REAL Canada, just sits around bumping on a log and letting it happen.

    3:07AM: Complacency can be dangerous, and I wouldn't be surprised if Quebec's ulterior motive is genetic engineering. Perhaps this complacency is leading us to the type of democracy we deserve.

  4. This is an outrage, and another example of how Quebec extorts Canadian tax dollars to advance its own nefarious and suspicious agenda. Am I paranoid and over reacting to this? Perhaps I am, but with all of Quebec parties having a blatantly nationalistic plan, is it any wonder that people think that this is intended to further boost the Franco-demographic, at the expense of the ‘others’. When will this destructive cycle end, where Quebec leeches transfer payments off Canada, to fund the Quebecois dream of creating their own closed and discriminatory, socialist ‘nation’ state? The ways in which Quebec could better spend this money are endless, and everyone knows what they are. Sorry Canada, but my province is screwing you again, and for some reason you take it, over and over and over again. Keep blindly sending your wasted tax dollars to my ethnocentric leaders, they will spend it faster than you can blink an eye, and then openly mock you for being inferior and uncultured. Good job! Have a great day!

  5. As I have said since the 1970's (and was a pariah for doing so at the time) Canada would be better off without Quebec. The Toronto guy.

  6. Hey oh !? Nous payons également la moitié de nos impôts au gouvernement fédéral ! Bande de fachos ! Being in disagreement with the choice in politic and priority is one thing but all your comments are to discredit all the Québécois ! Vous avez un sérieux problème, vivement le rapatriement de tous les impôts à Québec ! Encore du Québec bashing !

  7. I have written about this topic on my blog.

    Thanks for the info on Manitoba's affairs, it's always good to know what is going on in other provinces:

    'The program goes way beyond Manitoba's stingy tax credit of up to $8000 per couple.'

    They should have done that instead of this financial hole that will never get killed nor get plugged.

  8. Anonymous 3:54
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It is too easy for Anonymous 3:54 to negate the legitimate comments mentioned as Quebec bashing. Poor Quebec, how many times have we heard that everyone is Quebec bashing? You are not able to come up with a legitimate argument for an intelligent discussion for debate on Quebec issues because the decisions Quebec makes are so ludicrous and non-sensical that only a fool would try to defend the Quebec lunacy. Enlighten us with the Quebec perspective, give us your point of view on the issue and stop crying poor Quebec bashing. Quebec does well on its own to bash itself in the head with its government jesters, language laws, corruption and mismanagement of funds. We do have a serious problem and the problem is Quebec. I agree with the repatriation of all taxes in Quebec, but no more equalization payments to Quebec. Quebec should stand on its own two feet and stop being the welfare province living with socialist ideals but no backbone to support their own social programs. To be independent, Quebec needs to be able to survive on its own without having the ROC support Quebec with very generous equalization payments.

  9. To Anonymous July 16, 2010 2:39 AM : You think that your arguments giving intelligent discussion ?