Monday, June 21, 2010

Holier-than-Thou Opposition Demands Israel Censure

A while back, Quebec opposition parties, led by the Iranian born Muslim separatist member of Quebec Parliament, Amir Khadir, demanded that the National Assembly table a motion condemning Israel for the attack on the Gaza bound flotilla which aimed to bust the Israeli embargo. As we all know, up to a dozen resisters were killed when they clashed with Israeli commandos who boarded their ship.
Now I'm not getting into a debate on the merits of the Israeli raid, but it seems to me that if Mr. Khadir is to condemn Israel, he should be an equal opportunity censurer. I don't recall Mr. Khadir demanding that North Korea be cited for killing 46 sailors in a recently unprovoked attack on a South Korean Navy boat sailing in international waters and I haven't heard the good doctor call for an official condemnation of the government of his own native homeland of Iran, for the killing of dozens and dozens of  protesters who were demonstrating peacefully against a rigged presidential election.
Me wonders why?

Enough.. The Israeli attack is not the gist of this post, it is about the high and mighty attitude we take and the perception that we Quebeckers are somehow better than the 'barbaric' Israelis. This piece is not about Israel, it's about us.

Such things could never happen in Quebec, right?
We're too civilized, right?
We're too conciliatory and would never resort to violence, right?

I came across a video that is quite interesting which I'd like to share with you, but first some background.

Back in the summer of 1990 Mohawk Indians on a reservation in Oka near the town of St. Eustache got into a dispute over a land claim over an unoccupied  tract of land of just nine acres, that the city was about to turn into a golf course.

As disputes go, I think you'll agree that it can't hold a candle to the disagreement between Palestinians and Israelis.
The Mohawks set up a roadblock blocking a crummy dirt construction road, that gave access to the site and a confrontation ensued when the arrogant mayor of the hick town of Oka asked the police to intervene.

Now the Indians weren't launching homemade missiles or sending suicide bombers into the local Tim Horton's. They simply barricaded a road. Those living near the reservation didn't have to build a safe room in the basements or walk in fear in the streets that death would rain down upon them from the sky.
But the confrontation escalated into a major fight with positions hardening on both sides. The police tried to storm the barricade and in the ensuing melee, an officer of the Surete de Quebec was killed.

The army was called in and the situation degenerated.
Sounds like a rather stupid fight over an empty field, in hindsight, right?

The Israeli's would laugh. They'd tell us to give the Indians the empty land, it 's no big deal. Nobody is trying to take over your country. Nobody is trying to kill you. One half of a lousy golf course is all it takes to defuse a situation that has already cost one life and is costing the country millions of dollars.

But no, for we Quebeckers, it was the principle of the thing and the sentiment of the day was not to give an inch.

As the debate grew nasty, the federal MP for Chateauguay observed that all the natives in Quebec should be shipped off to Labrador "if they wanted their own country so much". Radio hot lines hosts, including renowned Anglo hater  Gilles Proulx, were spewing racial invective and some were demanding that the authorities attack the Indians. (Mohawks speak English and are viewed by Francophones as 'English' Indians.) Hatred spewed forth in forms unseen in living memory.

And so it seems that in the right wrong circumstances, we Quebeckers are not as a conciliatory bunch as we claim!

If a road closure got us so steamed up I can only imagine what would be if a suicide bomber walked into Place St. Eustache and detonated a bomb killing ten to twenty people. What if rockets landed in the middle of a residential neighbourhood in Chateauguay on an ongoing basis? What if the Indians threatened more and more deadly attacks and what if they demanded that we give back all the land which they claim, was theirs to begin with.
Do you think we might ask the army to blockade the reserves and make sure no weapons got in?  Do you think we might ask the police to patrol the river and stop and inspect all boats headed into the reservations? Maybe we'd launch  our very own version of 'CAST LEAD"
Just asking......

But let's not daydream.
The  natives didn't do any of that. All they wanted was their nine acres back and so - back to the story.

Mohawks of the  Kahnawake, reservation on Montreal's south shore blocked the Mercier bridge in solidarity with Kanesatake, pissing off residents of Chateauguay.
Now things were getting serious. The bridge is a major link between the island of Montreal and the South shore, including the large community of Chateauguay. The closure meant an hour or two of extra commuting and in the summer heat, emotions exploded.

At the blocked bridge crowds spewed racial hatred at the natives and radio commentators urged military action. The crowd wanted blood and the atmosphere rivalled the  bloodlust of the legendary Roman Coliseum.
When the bridge blockade was finally ended the natives made their way down from the bridge through the old Whiskey Trench, a stretch of sunken road so-named for the old Seagrams plant that sat alongside. As the natives made their way through, the locals attacked from above, not only with racial epitaphs but with rocks as well.

Watch the video;

And so Mr. Khadir wants to censure the Israelis.
My question is this, who's going to censure us?

It seems that the Israelis are capable of a lot more restraint than us. I know they wouldn't go to war over an empty lot.
We did.

How does the old saying go?
Let he without sin cast the.........


  1. Amir Khadir is a doctor? I wouldn't let that son of a bitch touch me with a ten-foot stethoscope! Being from Iran, I guess he's looking to be the first shah of Quebec, much like Jacques Parasite was looking to be the first roi of Quebec.

    Little by little, that "Evil Empire" the late President Ronald Reagan spoke of is moving from the former U.S.S.R. to Quebec...right on America's doorstep!

    As if Quebec isn't anti-Semitic enough (Matzogate, summer cottages owned by Jews in Val David set afire with no attempt at resolution by the racist goon squad a.k.a. the S.Q., picking on the Hebrew letters of a Jewish monument maker, need I go on for volumes...), now this yutz of an étrangère wants to squarely censure ONLY Israel.

    Interesting how when the Irish ship came through, nobody was hurt because there was no resistance. I don't know all that much about Amir Khadir except that if I'm not a Muslim, nobody should hire him as their M.D.

    That HE has formed his own separatist party is a mystery to me because he'll never become the Shah of Quebec. The «pur lainers» would castrate him, mince his gonads, put them in a tortière and eat it for lunch before that happens. Hmmmm...I can only see Amir Khadir having delusions of grandeur, figuring he could form the first Islamic republic in North America. Hmmmm...the Islamic Republic of Quebec...Bill 101.1: Charter of the Farci does that resonate, readers? How would that resonate with Americans, the idea of having an Islamic state on their border?

  2. I would advise avoiding the matter in Palestine/Israel and in the Koreas. I would mention though that no one was ever punished for the killing of that police officer and since this time, politicians, terrified of "another Oka" have turned a blind eye to all manner of criminal activity among Aboriginals. Smuggling, illegal sales of tobacco, smoke shacks, etc. It is estimated that half of all cigarettes smoken in Ontario are now illegal ones produced by the natives. Thanks Quebec. The Toronto guy.

  3. Those event were shamefull beyond belief, that no one was arrested, that police did not stop these racists.
    We do a lot of grand standing in Quebec, and especially the left who likes the Palestinian cause like no other.
    You bring valid points on M. Kadhir, no word on Iran's action, no word on NK, figures, someone is speaking for some of his eletorate.

  4. The only reason why I see this Amir Khadir seeking separation is to form North America's first Islamic republic. I don't see that happening so smoothly right on America's northern border! I suppose he wants to become the first Shah of Quebec. I don't think he has the demographics on his side to pull this least not yet.

    With Arabic now taking over English as the most spoken language in French schools behind French, the demographics may one day work in Khadir's favor. The demographic rate of change is suggesting the possibility.

    THAT fact, however, would cause more conflict than the «pur laine» separatists' battle with English. The «pur lainers» want Quebec to reflect THEIR demographic: a virtually homogeneous race of multigenerational white, Roman Catholic French speakers, not a bunch of mostly brown-skinned mostly Arabic mother tongued immigrants of only a couple of generations! Minorities would only serve as artificial posterity of the present and past. Minorities, for the most part, are now second and lower class citizens as declared by Quebec government rhetoric and its popularizing the majority's minds of this misconception. The objective is to keep its society this way.

    That Quebec's motive was to take over its own immigration within its own jurisdiction may backfire even worse than its intention to lessen the significance of English within its milieu.

    Back to Amir Khadir. I understand he is an M.D. whom I wouldn't let him so much as touch me with a ten-foot stethoscope, and I would not suggest anyone who is not Muslim not so much as seek his services. He is obviously a racist by wanting to censure Israel because he so despises Israel. Never mind the much more heinous acts of North Korea and others, Khadir has his sights set on Israel and nobody else. Yet another racist in Quebec spewing his hatred. What else is new?

  5. "The only reason why I see this Amir Khadir seeking separation is to form North America's first Islamic republic." LOL

  6. What does Amir Khadr have anything to do with Arabic language? He is not even an Arab and I doubt that he speaks Arabic.

    He is of Persian heritage.

  7. Chevalier de Lévis

    « Nos espoirs sont élevés. Notre foi dans les gens est grande. Notre courage est fort. Et nos rêves pour ce magnifique pays ne mourront jamais. »

  8. Khadir is completely useless: I spoke to him about the Caisse's Internal Audit failure (after seeing him berate Rousseau at the Comm. Parl.), even got the dude on that was on the doomed project on the phone to confirm with him the details - and he did absolo-phrackinglutely nothing - Je me demande: c'est qui le gros lâche, en ce moment, Amir?

    He also states openly that our minority in QC is privileged? Seeing the post about how much poorer we are than the majority makes me want to run by his office and smack him around a little verbally, never physically.

  9. Troy,

    Pardon me! He speaks Farci. Little difference!