Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Is what it Feel's Like to Be a Penguins Fan

What can I say that hasn't already been said relating to the Habs knocking off the Pittsburgh Penguins.

You know how good it feels to be a Canadiens fan right now.
Here's how rotten it feels to be a Penguins fan today.

These comments lifted directly from the Penguins fan board at HF Boards.

Game 7 is gonna be great!

GO PENS!!! Beat the worms. Or squash them with a steel toed boot

MAF is due one for those games that makes us rejoice he is a Pen... 
Halak will get shelled and all the Pens fans will be chanting "HALLLAAAAKKKK!", it will be 57-0 and Crosby will score all 57 goals.
May the best team win tommorow.....
NO !   I want the Habs to win !

I had a dream, that Halak was chased from the net in the first period.

5-1 pens crosby with the hat trick

Man I HOPE the Pens lose, a team with beer league offensive abilities beating top 2 SC favorites in the East would be crazy.

Will be wearing my lucky Staal jersey, WE CAN'T LOSE!
If experience is even worth a damn, then the Pens will show it tonight. No excuses, boys. You've been here before, and you've gotten the job done before. You know what you have to do to win in this type of situation, so just go out there and do it

Blowout win for the Penguins tonight.

I'm so nervous for our boys. Do not be denied.

Malkin will get the first one, and the Canadiens will go home empty-handed tonight. LET'S GO PENS!

Montreal fans are extremely cocky going into this game, hope karma slaps em in the mouth

please beat these stinking undeserving habs so i can bust everybody's chops tommorow, hab fans are so annoying!!

Go pens. I'm sick of habs fans ... enough already. Unleash hell.

I've always been a big believer that in a best of 7 series, the cream will always rise to the top. Let's get our cream on. Together.

All the game in this series have been really close, "nail biters", would it be too much to ask for a blowout tonight?

Gonna get obliterated in my basement with lots of smashables around. Let's burn these ****ers to the ground.

Come on, don't close out the Igloo with a loss to a team you're better than. I expect a win.

The time is now or never for the big guns to step up. Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Gonchar, etc.
Defend the title and put these squirts out tonight.

Geno is so friggin due for a big night on the score board. He's been pretty damn good the last couple of games and I can't wait to see how much jump he comes out with for game 7.

good job by some pens fans on the main board predicting a blow out for us

If there's one thing that I'm confident about, it's that both he and Sid are gonna come out with fire in their eyes. Whether or not that translates into actual goals will be a different thing all together, but at least we know we can expect their absolute best efforts.


I'm sick of hearing Halak's pads in surround sound!

Guerin's out there. Unreal. I want Bylsma fired now. Not after the game. Now

Have I mentioned that my hatred for the Habs, already my least favorite Canadian team, has multiplied by a factor of like, five?

Way to come up big Sid.
god damn u halak!!

Halak. Cheese and Rice. (????)

I HATE Halak!

Omg **** you Halak!

***** you Halak!!!!!
Is their a more obnoxious and outright villainous hockey team in National Hockey League history than the Montreal Canadiens!?

i think i will be hating Fleury for a long.. long.. long.. time.

I ****ing hate Halak.... MALKIN SCORE A ****ING GOAL ALREADY!!!

Hockey gods have forsaken us
Malkin needs to get his head out of his ****ing ass
Every single minute that goes by I feel myself reaching for the power button
Major league fail going on so far this game. .... this is the single worst effort i have ever seen in a game 7
Pens chugged down the stupid juice this morning.

That's season boys. Halak is the best goalie in the history of the NHL. Hands down. Congrats Habs.
if you watch the video closely you'll see that instead of putting a body on Moen, Gonchar is consulting his crystal ball.

Gonchar looked like a pylon on that one.

That's the kind of defensive coverage you'd see in Midget B

I'm mailing him a punch in the face.

I almost broke my TV when I saw that.

Useless Russian players. pathetic lazy-ass pinko commie

Halak just saved their season. Anyone who says he isn't a good goalie is lying to themselves.
We better score here. I'm about ready to knife a kitten right now.... >.<

I tink you are right, he's sure playing like the goalie of NHL history. Not even Roy has stats like this guy.
Fleury laughing it up in pregame about how 'fun' this is going to be. Guess what jackoff, this isn't peewee league.

Halak's the only reason they've gotten as far as they have. Hmm now I know how the Caps fans felt
With that goal, Dominic Moore ties Crosby and Geno for goals scored in this series. One.
Thanks Fleruy, way to suck you POS.
Someone kill me please.  I have started crying.
When Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury are being outplayed by Lapierre, Moore, and Halak, you're up ****'s creek without a paddle. 
What good are saves when the rest of the team is filled with retards with cement skates.
 I think I saw Halak's hand shaking when they scored the 4th goal on Fleury
screw you pansy sid... drive to the net make a play. You are a baby.
I feel physically sick. I do believe I will cry if we lose.
I think I just threw up in my mouth.  
WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS GAME?!?!?!..... can someone please answer
Scott Gomez is the worst Alaskan ever.
Urg at 4-0 i went into the bathroom and shaved off the playoff beard. i come out and its 4-2. I'm out of hair now and need 2 more goals... Do i ummm move onto other parts to shave?

Golden Diamond's Avatar
Last one out get the lights. ****ing disgrace.

Is the game over yet? I can't bear watching this right now...
WTF is happening?? This is pitiful. They are falling apart
Someone post a few "too many men" pics, pensblog style.

Game... Set... Match...

I'm going to miss watching Hockey in June... :-(

habs = the luckiest team on the world... gets all the breaks and bounces...

just sucks

I'm so furious that I'm shaking. Blow up the Igloo with MAF, Guerin, Feds and Poni inside.

Good season, but I can't be magnanimous about the Pens losing to the Habs ... disgrace.

The better team won this series.Now I have to root for the fricken Habs to win the cup. At least there is some consolation in losing to the eventual cup winner.

Don't wanna rub it but yeah, that was definitely the most pathetic defensive effort I've ever seen by a player. And in a game 7 too. Gonchar just proved there why he is garbage.

halak i hate u...

F the Habs. The first solid confident team they run into will wipe the floor with them.

no shame in losing to halak, he may well be a one year wonder, but its a hell of a playoff year
We have been quite terrible, but also... it just wasn't meant to be. Halak has been too good at the same time as we've been terrible. Simply cannot believe we are losing against Montreal.

And we're out like the fat kid.


As Therrien once said, "It was a 'patetic' performance."

Go <whoever wins western conference>

Montreal is a joke...... At set for halak  (except?-.ed)

The line to apologize to Bob Gainey forms on the left.

"Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal."- Vincent Lombardi

What Crosby did was politely dismiss the Habs series win and then he wrapped it all up with a pretty bow by saying "credit to them".

Wasn't that Fun???
If you aren't there already, there's still time to join;

And for your entertainment;


 And to re-live Game 7 as seen in Pittsburgh..... 


  1. Hey Editor,

    As I wrote in your blog against Jacques Martin, when will you start eating your crow?

    Man up, man.

  2. Jeez..... I thought that got by everybody.

    Habs improbable run makes Jacques Martin look like a genius and deservedly so.

    Mea Culpa, I humbly apologize. I WAS WRONG!

    Now, how about all the 'professional' sportswriters who called Hal Gill every insulting name in the book by Christmas and everyone who dissed Bob Gainey to the point that they drove him out of his job.
    MAN UP!!!!