Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's Baaaaackkk...... and She's Out to Change your Religion

There's little doubt that Louise Beaudoin is the poster doll of French language militants who believe in the philosophy that the citizens exist to serve the state and that individual rights are subservient to perceived societal objectives.

 Thirty-five years ago, she along with Camille Laurin, the father of Bill 101 were the two personalities that became notorious not only for their militancy, but for the absolute delight that they hardly masked in taking down the English community a peg.

Perhaps Terry Mosher (drawing under the pen named "AISLIN") the famed Montreal Gazette political cartoonist summed up the collective feeling of the English community's opinion of her in depicting the bogey-woman Beaudoin in a Nazi-like dominatrix outfit, ready to crack the whip on unrepentant Anglos. Incidentally, this caricature is considered one of the finest ever produced by a Canadian political cartoonist.

There is no political radical, religious fanatic or cultist, so dangerous as those who believe in their divine right to dictate their view on a captive community. Smug, arrogant and superior, these Quebec ideologues consider the great unwashed unworthy of making their own decisions and believe that there is a certain noble calling in forcing people to do the 'right thing.'

Now Madame Beaudoin is back, preaching more limits on personal freedom. The latest assault is the so-called 'Charter of Secularism', a project that would remove religion from public life and render the government officially neutral when it comes to all matters pertaining to the divine.

"We need to draw a line in the sand, that will separate politics and religion in order to have a totally secular Quebec" Louise Beaudoin

 Madame Beaudoin and friends are using the debate over Bill 94 (outlawing the veil in various degrees) to push the Province towards a radical extreme, removing all religion from Quebec society.

Madame Beaudoin has been vocal in warning that she intends on pursuing an agenda that is much more serious than just banning the burqa. For that reason the Premier has back pedalled furiously and delayed hearings into the matter until the Fall. The hearings are fast looking to become a xenophobic repeat of the Bouchard/Taylor commission.

Beaudoin makes no bones about the fact that she is preparing a comprehensive and all-out assault on religion with the goal to removing all vestiges of religion from public life.

On the immediate agenda;
  • the de-subsidization of private religious schools.
  • the de-subsidization of religious day-care.
  • the banning of any religious clothing or jewelry in any public institution, including schools, hospitals government offices and the courts by both employees and users.
  • the banning of any type of religious accommodation at all.
  • the total removal of religious affiliation in public institutions (think-Jewish General Hospital and its Kosher food)
  • The banning of Kosher or Halal designations on widely distributed food. (Only specialty stores would be allowed to sell these items.
Later on
  • Banning private religious schools.
  • Banning private religious day-cares.
  • Banning religious garb in public
  • Banning private Sunday school classes
  • Removing tax status of religious organizations
  • Banning all religious clothing and medallions in public.
Too much? Already we are hearing from within the ranks of radical atheists that teaching children religion is akin to indoctrination and child abuse. Some groups are calling for religious institutions to be held accountable for the unequal treatment women are subjected to by the various organized religions.
If you read French, here is one example of a bitter attack on organized religion. LINK

Louise Beaudoin is a radical secularist, as well as a radical separatist. She is showing her teeth again like the nasty old pit bull that she is.

The evil bitch is back ...... and she wants your God.


  1. ...and this is allowed to happen in Canada? A country that proclaims itself as having THE most freedom, being THE most open minded and acceptance of ALL people--with the firm believe our differences are our strengths?

    How can Quebec be allowed to continue to exist as a Canadian province? Hey, you know what, screw it. If Quebec can do what it does with not only promoting, but creating and enforcing intolerant LAWS against language, religion, and basic human rights... Well then, why don't we welcome China, North Korea and Iran as the 11th, 12th and 13th provinces of Canada!

    Seriously, why not? Quebec ranks right up there with them, I'm not kidding. Bring them aboard.

    Someone in the Federal government has to wake up give Quebec an final ultimatum. Either follow Canadian values, or get the hell out of Canada. Could you imagine if there was a state in the United States of America, that started acting in a communist manor and treating people like they do in China or Iran, and then said they had special powers to over ride the American Constitution? Do you think it'd be tolerated?

  2. The U. S. certainly would not tolerate a state behaving like Quebec’s grandiose self entitlement of human rights violations negating the very basic foundation of values and principles of justice for all. It would be considered treason. There is no justification for Quebec to run ram shod over parental rights, children’s rights, and Anglophone rights within Canada. As long as, Quebec remains part of Canada, it should abide by the laws of justice, as the rest of Canada. Quebec is the bad apple in the cart that is rotting the reputation of Canada. It is time to throw out the bad apple.

    Abraham Lincoln : Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and under a just God, cannot long retain it. #Freedom

  3. The crazy part is, they are hypocrites.

    Will Mme Beaudoin remove the crucifix in the National Assembly? The one on Mt. Royal too? Will she then cancel Good Friday and Easter Monday and move them someplace neutral? Second Monday in August, for example. Will she also cancel Christmas holiday and move the week-long holidays to the first week of February, when it is the coldest? Also, will she remove the reference to St. John the Baptist for 24th of June?

  4. ''Abraham Lincoln : Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and under a just God, cannot long retain it. #Freedom '' Maybe the US doesn't have blood on their hands ? Leave your cowboy hat and your gun, far west era is ended !

  5. If Laurin and Beaudoin had it all their way, Quebec would be even more totalitarian than the likes of them have already made it. The Bouchard-Taylor $5 million boondoggle already brought out all the Hitlers, Stalins and Archie Bunkers society can and should have to handle.

    This is part of the reason I'm starting to propose the rest of Canada forms a political party that will enable the rest of us to take our country back, and ensure Quebec gets only its fair share of federal revenues, no more no less. I also think the Official Languages Commission should be abolished since Quebec regularly thumbs its nose at the Commission's mandate at will. Let the rest of Canada even appear to step out of line, and pow!

    Too, Québécois «pur laine» societal values are not compatible with those of the rest of Canada. Watching the likes of the federal Mulcair and Layton who may as well sing that old 60s song "Bend Me Shape Me (anyway you want me)", and also watching both the Tories and Grits cringe and bend to try to appease Quebec often alienating the rest of Canada in so doing. Those precious Quebec votes mean too much, but Harper finally learned bending over backwards has not paid off. With all those useless Bloc Québécois members wasting space and resources, the federal parties have had enough, esp. the Tories. Sadly, they still need all those Quebec seats for a majority, but they can't get them, so they'll have to work within the structure in place.

    With over 1/3 of the seats in Ontario, I don't understand why Harper isn't working harder to appease Ontario voters to obtain their votes.

  6. ...and secularization is bad because? Sorry, I just can't see how forcing religion into the private sphere where it belongs is a bad thing. It's not a matter of freedom when people are still free to practice their religion.

    When one considers all the atrocities that have been committed in the name of God and religion, I support Beaudoin in this!

  7. Soupdragon: Let me say that I'm an atheist, and I couldn't care less about religion personally. In fact I agree about all the detrimental aspects of religion and think we'd be better off without it.

    Still, the saying, "to each his own" applies here. If someone wants to practice or show their religion, let them, so long as they do NOT try and force it upon me. Or act out against me physically or verbally for not following their religion. Apart from extremists in places like the middle east, that's pretty rare.

    The point here is taking away FREEDOMS. People should be allowed to do and choose what they want, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. When the government starts controlling people and taking away their basic human rights, that is dangerous. The Quebec government is not so much a "government", it's more of a hate group that calls itself a government. That's ONLY in Quebec.

    And yes, go listen to Beaudoin's take on Catholic religion in Quebec. That CANNOT be touched, that is okay; but ever other religion must be eliminated. Just like language, every language EXCEPT French should be abolished.

  8. A few posters here have mentioned that Quebec could not get away with this if it was America. A moot point at best. If Quebec WAS an American state it would have been assimilated a long, long time ago. Anybody think Louisiana is going to make French an official language, let alone its only one? The Toronto guy.

  9. ''Montréal a enregistré le plus faible taux de crimes haineux parmi les dix plus grandes régions métropolitaines du Canada en 2008. ''Tiré de la Presse canadienne --Pas pire pour une société supposément fasciste (voir dans Le Devoir http://www.ledevoir.com/societe/justice/290912/crimes-haineux-montreal-a-le-taux-le-plus-faible-au-canada) Et voilà, une autre preuve que vous devriez vous occuper de vos affaires au lieu de casser du sucre sur le dos des québécois et du français en général !

  10. Re: Anonymous June 15, 2010 9:24
    “Montreal recorded the lowest rate of hate crimes” because the Quebec fascists are in control of the record keeping; the same way they keep track of their twisted version of history “je me souviens” and indoctrinate our children with Quebec propaganda through their Ministry of Education approved Mandatory Relativistic Ethics course, a course of cultural preservation obsession.

    What about the non-recorded hate crimes of the way Quebec destroyed the many boxes of orchestrated stolen votes of the 1995 referendum? How about Quebec’s continued rationalization of stealing the rights of parents, children and immigrants for the preservation of la langue Français? Quebec’s anti-burqua Bill 94 for upholding women’s rights, now really, what loving concern for our fellow human beings?

    What about the actual statistics of the hospital bed situation in Quebec hospitals emergency rooms; elderly dying in the waiting rooms and secret corridors where patients are kept from the journalists? I wouldn’t trust anything “recorded” that comes out of Quebec. It is twisted, hidden and manipulated to keep the real scandal that lurks within the Quebec borders. If that is the best proof, that Montreal records the lowest rate of hate crime, why not start revealing the actual number of the 40% of Bill 101 high school drop outs in Quebec. Exactly how many Quebec students is that? Is this Love for our own Quebec children, that we have such little regard for their future well being that we limit their educational options to stifle their growth to unilingual Français due to the insecurity of militant language zealots? Do we record these as hate crimes? Do we apply linguistic shackles to our own French children chaining them to the confines of the Quebec borders for a life sentence, when no crime was committed? Is it criminal? Maybe you should start taking care of your business of your own insecurity instead of “casser du sucre sur le dos” breaking the sugar on the backs of your Quebec children.

  11. Re: the low rate of hate crimes in Montreal.

    Montreal is already half non-Francophone, and it is projected that in 2016 Francophones will become a minority on the island. So any stats about Montreal cannot be extrapolated just to the Francophones.

  12. Mitch: OK you make a good point (or several, I should say). Let's see them take down the crucifix in the National Assembly (though I won't hold my breath...).

  13. The USA did have a group of States that didn't cooperate. They where kicked out, and war was declared on them.

    Canada needs to do the same. Kick Quebec out of Canada. Remove all the seats in the House and Senate that are for Quebec, and then have the remaining government of Canada declare war on Quebec.

    Time for Canada to wake up.

    I'm a Montreal allophone, and I cannot believe the amount of Human Rights violations are being done through the Quebec government.

    Appeasement will not work with people who have no intent in being with Canada. So, why should the rest of Canada be stupid enough to accept Quebec.

    The major problem is that the CBC and the other National English media have dropped the ball. They fail to properly report what is going on in Quebec to the rest of Canada. If Canadians knew what we know in Quebec, they would freak out.

  14. "-the de-subsidization of private religious schools.

    -the de-subsidization of religious day-care. "

    These seem like perfectly reasonable goals to me, especially since some of these institutions (ie. Catholic schools) discriminate against non-believers in their hiring. There is no reason for the tax-payer to fund these businesses.

    "-Removing tax status of religious organizations"

    While this may be going too far, religious organizations should not have any special privileges that charities based on other philosophies do not.