Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Oncle' Tom Mulcair and the NDP More Dangerous Than the Bloc

It seems that with friends like the Ndp, Anglos don't need any more enemies. The old saying applies rather neatly to the party which represents a larger threat to English rights in Quebec and Canada than do the Bloc Quebecois.
By proposing and supporting Anglo-bashing legislation, the Ndp gives legitimacy to the French language supremacist agenda of the Bloc Quebecois and undermines English rights in Quebec and Canada.

The Ndp is a nasty collection of socialist wannabes whose message fluctuates according to the constituency. What little success the party enjoys is based on tailoring their platform to the local market, regardless if it jibes with national policy. As they say, different strokes for different folks.

In the west the Ndp  is more Green than the Greens, promoting a granola agenda of feel-good environmentalism. In Ontario, they are the socialist party of the union, the downtrodden auto workers and working poor. In the Maritimes, they are the party of entitlement, pledging money without the tedious requirement of commensurate labour and in Quebec, they preach French language supremacy, with increased powers to be bestowed on the provincial government.

How else could one possibly explain the election of a Ndp member in the snobby Montreal riding of Outremont, where wealthy, professional Francophones intellectuals rule the roost, as well as electing a brother in arms in Acadie-Bathurst, which shares but one common trait, the French language. While Outremont is beautiful urban and successful, the northeastern Acadian part of the New Brunswick riding is the complete opposite, ugly and poor and basically hick, the armpit of the country with one of the most unpleasant and needy constituencies in the country. The sitting NDP MP Yvon Godin won his seat over the burning issue of the Federal government's cuts to Employment benefits, the major industry of the riding. 
A trip through the Acadian part of the riding which includes the  towns of Shippagan and Tracadie is a thoroughly depressing experience, where the locals proudly fly their own version of the French flag and one can only wonder as to what they are so proud about. They speak French so poorly that Montreal Haitians sound like Harvard educated professors in comparison. The unemployment rate tops 40% in the winter and it seems that the main industry is scamming up enough weeks of work to score employment insurance. A local judge once lost her job for claiming that a poll in the Acadian peninsula would uncover more dishonest people than honest ones.

And so the Ndp says whatever it needs to, and supports whatever it has to, in order to eke out a living on the fringe of Parliament, seeking relevancy where there is none.

You'd think that the MP of this lovely riding, Yvon Godin, would have better things to do (perhaps stamp collecting, something he probably knows a lot about) rather than putting forth ridiculous proposals that would require all Supreme Court judges to be bilingual, another assault on English rights.

The proposition is so stupidly patronizing to French language militants that it defies logic. And so the  Ndp proposal supported by Bloc, forced the Liberals to side with the idiots, knowing full well that the bill will be shot down in the senate. Thank God Harper stacked the deck in the Senate, otherwise Bill 101 would soon apply across the land.

In a country where 80% of the people are not bilingual, making bilingualism a criterion for eligibility to the highest court is the height of folly, an effort to garner style points and nothing else.

The whole exercise is just an effort to hurt the government politically, with the residual effect of giving comfort to the sovereignist camp given no thought. Thanks to the NDP, whatever support sovereignty does have in Quebec is reinforced through this affair.

This isn't the only betrayal that Anglo Quebeckers have suffered by the insufferable Knee-dippers.
Led by the thoroughly loathsome Quebec lieutenant "Oncle" Tom  Mulcair, the NDP has supported an assault on English rights that is much more effective than anything the Bloc could ever put up, alone.

'Oncle' Tom has voiced a great love affair with Bill 101 and has supported the Bloc Quebecois proposal that Bill 101 be applied to federal civil servants working in Quebec. He himself has introduced a bill that would amend the Canada Labour Code to apply business "francization" rules of Bill 101 to companies operating in Quebec under federal jurisdiction.

'Oncle' Tom told a Montreal Gazette reporter that protection is needed for the rights of French-speaking employees of companies under federal jurisdiction in Quebec, but not for English-speaking employees.  LINK

Of course the ever pliant Jack Layton supports anything his very own Quebec Anglo collaborationist  has to say, ever fearful of losing his toehold in the province. The pandering to Quebec nationalists at the expense of Anglos is deemed acceptable collateral damage in the Ndp's pitiful quest for a seat or two in Quebec.

And so the Ndp remains more dangerous to national unity than the Bloc. They are a ragged collection of petty politicians more interested in being heard and keeping a job, than of doing anything constructive. 'Oncle' Tom Mulcair is so dedicated to protecting his meal ticket that throwing Anglos under the bus and tailoring his campaign to the tweed, pipe-smoking sovereignists of Outremont is a given, after all it's the Ndp way.


  1. Uncle Tom is a pejorative term for a black person who is perceived by others as behaving in a subservient manner to white authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation.

    It's not surprising that you speak of "Anglos" as though they were a race.

    I'm surprised that someone so ignorant can read and write.

  2. I read your comments about the Acadians, it's a blend of total ignorance and simply racist opinion ! You insult the Acadians, the Haitians and all the human conscience !

  3. ''In a country where 80% of the people are not bilingual, making bilingualism a criterion for eligibility to the highest court is the height of folly, an effort to garner style points and nothing else. ''

    Dans la même logique, dans un Québec ou 80% et plus des gens sont francophones, exiger de servir les 10 % d'anglophones en anglais(canadien-anglais) démontre seulement la pensée obtus de certains !

  4. Some people here secretly dreaming of the Rhodesia ? Désolé ! C'est fini le temps de l'apartheid !

  5. Jack Layton - another recurrent TLMEP guest. His appearance on the show in February 2010 aside (this was after he went public with his condition -, a more memorable appearance was during the New Year’s edition of 2008/2009. I remember Layton sitting next to Duceppe (Marois was there too, if I remember correctly) and trashing Harper and the Conservative party. Harper happens to be another obsession of Lepage and Turcotte. Just watch the clip I attached from February 2010, and count how many times the evil “aauper” is mentioned.

    I'm no fan of Harper and this Conservative party, but the NDP is an equally sad case. And Mulcair is just an embarrassment, plain and simple.

    And it’s ok to criticize Harper, after all that’s what the opposition leader is supposed to do. But not in the company of Duceppe, Marois, Turcotte, and Lepage. You can be critical of Harper without associating with certain people, especially if those people are more deserving of criticism than the subject himself.

  6. "In a country where 80% of the population are not bilingual,,,,"

    Or in other words 20% are bilingual...? I actually doubt this very much. I am not sure what the recent number being bandied about by statistics Canada is, but I don't think it is that high. In any case I personally seriously doubt 10% of Canada's population is really bilingual. Please bare in mind that language statistics are self-reported. There is no verification. Its not like Ottawa sends out a team of language experts to ones' home to authenticate the claims of those who check off both languages on the census. And look at the question asked. 'Can you speak both official languages well enough to conduct a conversation?' That is a very soft, vague and ambiguous question. What KIND of a conversation? How LONG of a conversation? Remember Canadians have been brainwashed into thinking that bilingualism is a goodness that they should all strive for. Federal propaganda encourages Canadians to feel that they should be bilingual to be "good" Canadians. So I suspect many people who have no REAL fluency in French may check off yes simply because they can offer a few "Bonjours" and order a bottle of wine in French when they visit Montreal. I believe the true number of bilinguals in Canada is hugely exaggerated. It is also worth mentioning that the federal government has every incentive to fudge the numbers to convince Canadians that the expensive and irrational program is showing results. Even among those who CAN speak both languages (to say nothing of also being able to read and write both of them too) how many are really fluent and accentless in both languages? How many are really, really comfortable working or living in either language? Very, very few I suspect. There is also the issue of culture. Just because a person has learned the other official language doesn't mean they are bicultural or identify with the views and aspirations of the other language group. As Peter Brimelow explained in the Patriot Game, Anglophones who learned French to try to advance their careers had simply learned a foreign language. (Joe Clark chose to learn French instead of learning about the economy). They were no more culturally attuned to Quebec then Bulgaria. I seriously doubt a tenth of the Canadian population are really bilingual, to say nothing of bicultural, and they almost all are the usual suspects coming from that very narrow strip of geographical and cultural territory of Montreal and the shrinking bilingual belt. They are mostly Francophones and Montreal Anglos and are less and less representative of Canada every year.

    The Toronto guy.

  7. @Toronto Guy: you seem to confuse biculturalism and bilingualism - two completely different things. Or are you saying that bilingualism is not enough? Why should anyone identify with the needs and aspirations of another group. Knowing and understanding should be enough, no?

  8. Socialism doesn't work because it denies human nature. To deny human nature is to deny reality. To deny reality is essential to be an NDP supporter. If that "League of Idiots" ever got into power they'd either implement their moronic policies or realize that their policies were too moronic to be implemented. Either way, there is never any reason to vote for them.
    One thing to note: the NDP hasn't for years really been the party of the "downtrodden autoworker". A lot of those guys were, with overtime, making over $100,000/year and smart enough to realize that their interests were better represented by the Conservatives or at worst the Liberals, than the "kill the rich" socialists. Whether the new reality visited upon the CAW will bring their members back into the NDP fold remains to be seen.

  9. "I read your comments about the Acadians, it's a blend of total ignorance and simply racist opinion ! You insult the Acadians, the Haitians and all the human conscience !"

    Oh please, the human conscience?! Get over yourself and don't be such a windbag! Are you about to suggest that either of the two groups top the list of productivity or education??? Since the inception of this new Quebekkk with its Franco first policies and its selective immigration based only on garnering votes for a yes win, this place has become a sewer pit compared to the ROC. The very existence of 101 really just ensures that the unqualified and lazy who have lived in North America for centuries but still can't speak the language, are promised a chunk of pie that's shouldered by the rest of this country. It's socialism for the rural alabama-esque Quebeker who sits around whining about the ethnics and the English, while they work to provide him with his unemployment benefits and his welfare checks under the French apartheid system that denigrates and scapegoats anyone not belonging to the class of individuals that feel everything is entitled to them because they are a part of the fucking uber fleur de lis society.
    This province needs a plunger.

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  11. Anonymous said...

    " It's not surprising that you speak of "Anglos" as though they were a race.

    I'm surprised that someone so ignorant can read and write. "

    It should be even less surprising to a francophone. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard Jean-Charles Lajoie (ckac jack-ass) compare the number ( or lack there of ) of francophones in the NHL to the Harlem Globetrotters. Globetrotters were formed because there were no blacks allowed in pro basketball at that time. They formed an independent league as a sign of protest and to prove that blacks were equal to the whites. Comparing language to black suppression in the USA is far more insulting. But JC does not think that Anglos or Allos are listening to his show because there is no way we can understand french, and because he and many francophones think this way he is constantly coming out with stuff like this.

    Ignorance is bliss, and even more so when you when you think unilingualism is the best way to go.
    May 6, 2010 4:05 PM

  12. Soupdragon:

    My point was to show how artificial bilingualism in Canada really is. It has no underlying cultural foundation. People who freely choose to learn another language usually do so because they have a natural interest in the culture and society of the language group in question. But not in Canada. Middle-aged Joe Smith in Vancouver decides to learn French because he can move no higher in the civil service without it. He is only learning French for personal gain, not because he feels any interest or attraction to the Quebecois or its insitutions. French and English-speaking Canadians do not share any of the common experiences that would make them a common people. They ARE two solitudes. Or as Peter Brimelow noted, the queen of England can speak French, but nobody has ever mistaken her majesty for a Quebecois or an Acadian. Just recently I toured Gettysburg and saw whites from the north and south and blacks too. All agree that the history of America belongs to all of them. The 150th anniversary of this great battle is three years away and they are planning a major rememberance of it. Contrast that with the battle of the Plains of Abraham.

  13. Your rant about the Acadians is the lowest vitriol I've seen in a while.

    Some fine thinker you are....

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