Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earl Jones Update

Not much has been said about Earl Jones' stay in prison and I haven't read anything in the newspapers, so I thought I'd give everybody a little update, based on information I've developed from a source who knows.

First of all, Earl is out of the infirmary, where he spent a good two months. Diagnosis- Cancer. What type and how deadly? Don't know, but he seems to be on the mend.

He's currently an inmate in a prison in St. Anne des Plaines, a MINIMUM SECURITY facility. The prison houses about 165 prisoners who sleep in two large dorms (like army barracks) but eight get to live in apartments. Guess where Earl is living? Yup, in an apartment! He scored one of the eight places in a condo like apartment.
In fact, he is already leaving the prison for escorted shopping trips, buying food which he can cook up in his own digs.

Tough gig, eh!

Here's a definition from corrections Canada as to what constitutes a minimum security prison.
  • The institution perimeter is defined but usually there are no walls or fences. There are no armed correctional officers, no towers, no razor wire or electronic surveillance equipment.
  • Restrictions on movement, association and privileges are minimal. Inmates are non-violent and pose very limited risk to the safety of the community. Many are on work-release programs that allow them to hold jobs during the day.
  • Inmates show the desire and ability to get along responsibly with fellow inmates with little or no supervision.
What Fun!!!!!! Need a vacation?

Sounds a lot better than the rooming house where Earl was living before being sent to jail.

He is likely to be released some 18 months from now, right before next Christmas, serving out less than one-sixth of his sentence.Yup......

In the meantime he continues to collect his  social security check, but his lawyers are grabbing it up for the fees he ran up during trial.

Earl Jones stole about $50 million dollars from about 150 clients.

Broken down by numbers, it means that for each individual client bilked by Earl, (each of which being robbed of an average of $300,000,)  he will spend approximately four days in jail.

Canadian justice at its best!


  1. Our penal system is a joke. Once it was serious and no-nonsense. And perhaps partly for that reason crime rates were low. Trudeau during the 1970's brought in a whole series of "reforms" that neutered it. My cousin is a "corrections officer" (used to call them prison guards). I'm always amazed at what he tells me.
    The Toronto guy.

  2. Canada's penal system is a joke.

    There is a time to be liberal, but not when it comes to the penal system. People who did wrong must feel that they are being punished, not sent to a beach resort.

    Otherwise, they will keep laughing in our faces. And we, the "honest folk" working "honest jobs" will feel demoralized and cheated.

  3. Good heavens, the justice system didn't throw a parade with taxpayers' money? Tsk tsk tsk! Where IS the justice?

    America seriously proseecutes its larcenists. Canada throws them parades. I'm still waiting for (former Nortel CEO) John Roth to have the key thrown away on him for cashing in over $135 million worth of Nortel stock options exactly two days before the stock dropped $24.55 in just ONE day. It pays handsomely to be a fraudster in Canada--and people are going for it--BIG TIME! Just DON'T DEAL with Americans!