Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Para Olympic Closing Cermonies a Humiliating Failure

Every now and then, I like to go off on a tangent and discuss something that has nothing to do with Anglos in Quebec, but something that piques my interest.  It's a benefit that the independent blogger movement enjoys and one that mainstream journalists are not afforded and so, I don't care if I get a million negative comments,  I'm going to bitch about  the closing ceremony of the Para Olympic Games in Whistler.
Everyone in the mainstream press is too goody-two-shoes to pan an event celebrating para Olympians.

The closing ceremonies of the Para Olympics were so bad and so cheaply put together that it was nothing short of an unmitigated embarrassment for Vancouver and Canadians in general.

From beginning to end, there was a distinct lack of effort, talent and budget and the show was so hard to sit through that without the benefit of the TiVo fast forward function, I would have never made it.
I think Quebeckers should be happy that there wasn't any French to speak of, other than official announcements, because to be associated with this travesty would demean our province.

I have only one word to describe the mess.

The national anthem, uninspiring with the 'novel' idea of a giant Canadian flag being passed through the crowd must have truly wowed the world-wide audience. The speeches were long and boring and the singing talent consisted of a couple of unknowns, except for Chantal Kreviazuk, a C-Lister, who while somewhat known in Canada, is hardly a marquee name. Also the song that she sung, sucked quite badly.

The only passably entertaining act, was a wheelchair dance number performed by the Russians, who were pushing their games in Sochi, in 2014. Notwithstanding that the routine was plucked right out of an episode from the television show "GLEE," it was at least watchable. But alas, the follow-up act consisting of a blind Ukrainian singer, was also a painful assault on the ear.

I sat through the presentation of two Canadian native performers with my jaw wide open. I can only  describe both acts excruciatingly painful.
 I understand that VANOC (the organizing committee) foisted a Native fantasy theme upon us all, in order to buy social peace for their games, but putting on these dubious acts as representative of Canadian culture is nothing less than humiliating.

If you think I'm exaggerating, watch these two videos, which I defy you to sit through the clips to the end.

The first act consisted of an Indian doing a jig with a bunch of yellow Hula hoops, which truthfully, I never really associated with traditional native culture. At any rate, a twelve year old girl would have manipulated the hoops better. The headache inducing screaming and banging on the accompanying drum reminds me of a classic scene of toddlers torturing their grandparents with a tom-tom.

 That the Prime Minister and the Premier of BC smiled through the performances, is a testament in their ability to lie.

Now watch this. It is by far the worst performance I have ever seen in my life. A combination of orgasmic screams coupled with dog-like noises, it defies logic that nobody stood up and screamed that the "Emperor hath no clothes."

How much would you pay to see them perform locally?
How much would you pay to get out of seeing them perform?



  1. FOR THE REGULAR WINTER OLYMPICS I THOUGHT THEY went Ridiculously overboard with those native dancers at the opening ceremony. It was overkill, but that's political correctnes..

  2. That was hilarious. I wonder what that girl must sound like when she's having sex.

  3. That native Indian woman's throat song should be the national anthem of Quebec if and when it separates!! :D

  4. How about getting paid for enduring that.


    I don't get that joke about the national anthem of Quebec? Am I dumb or what?

    My belief is that the author of this blog comes from Quebec, do you want him to go as well?

  5. ''Anonymous said...

    That native Indian woman's throat song should be the national anthem of Quebec if and when it separates!! :D
    March 24, 2010 4:11 AM "

    What is the joke ? Maybe it's the real tolerance face of Anglos ?

  6. The joke is an independent Quebec (or just Quebec in the state it's in now) deserves an anthem that is a joke. Something that is just ear piercing noise. :)

  7. @anonymous,

    I got the joke at first so no need to explain and add insult to injury. I'm less dumb than you think.

  8. It would seem that to the olympic committee in Canada, aboriginals can do no wrong. No act, no matter how horrible is unworthy of praise and media overkill.