Friday, March 12, 2010

*** "Not Available in Quebec"

Years ago, my wife and I descended from our cruise ship to try our luck at a local casino, in one of the Caribbean islands (I can't recall which.)  A very pleasant black taxi driver drove us over and in the course of the conversation, we learned that locals were banned from entering the casino (likely to save them from ruin.) The driver told us that he had no interest in going in, but objected that white islanders weren't denied access. Hmm... It made me feel a bit queasy.

A couple of days later when we returned to our disembarkation point in Miami, I bought a chocolate bar and noticed that the candy company was running a contest which was described the terms on the back of the packaging. I was disappointed to spy the depressingly familiar disclaimer, in the tiniest of print at the end of the contest conditions.


Sheesh, all the way down in Florida and we're still reminded that Quebec is different, more often than not, not in a good way. Perhaps we are as needy of protection as the aforementioned taxi driver.

We who live in the province are used to being excluded from all sorts of opportunities, contests, toys, deals, shopping opportunities and product offers, all because of the famous disclaimer.
For this we have to thank the various branches of the Quebec government who wish to protect us from the evils that lie outside our provincial border. Heaven protect us!!!

If you're an Anglo Quebecker, don't tell me you've never read an offer that interested you, only to be frustrated by the ubiquitous disclaimer which always comes at the end, after you've read the whole damn thing!

Loto-Quebec is the Quebec government corporation in charge of anything that has to do with gambling, contests and promotions that occur in the sacred territory of Quebec. Ostensibly, this oversight insures fairness and protects contest entrants by making sure that any prize offered, is actually awarded. For this, the agency exacts a fee from the contest holder, even from national and international organizations.
For most, it's just easier to exclude Quebec than go through the hassle and expense of dealing with the government bureaucrats.

Another reason we are excluded from so many opportunities, is that most everything sold into Quebec must have either a French version, and/or French instructions. It leads to the unfair situation where Anglophones can't enjoy products, services and offers made in their own language.

Financial institutions also fall prey to overzealous regulation and so credit card deals or special mortgage financing is subject to the famous disclaimer as well.

Here's but a smattering of examples.;

Who can apply for a Citizens Bank VISA*?
You must be of legal age to apply for a VISA.
You must be resident of Canada.
Citizens Bank VISA accounts are not currently available to residents in the province of Quebec.

This from a video game bulletin board;

"I was like ''wtf?''

Then I went on playstation network to see if there were any new demos, but it says:

''This service is not availble in your country or region'' then I was more like ''WTF!?!?!?!?!?!YOU MOTHERF***ING PIECE OF GOD DAMN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

So I called many of my friends, and they all had the same problem.

Conclusion: I think no one in Quebec can actually play online.
My guess is that this due is to law 101 on french language... fuck."


Moving Service: "Our qualified and insured employees can make your move easy, we provide this service to commercial and residential customers. Currently Not available in Quebec."

Construction Sub Contractor Factoring
"Specialized factoring financing for Canadian construction subcontractors. We are one of the few firms in the nation that offers this service in most provinces (this service is not available in Quebec)"
"Our experienced team of legal professionals have prepared thousands of Canadian divorce papers which the courts have........"...accepted in every province and territory (not available in Quebec)." (Ha! Ha!, that last part a good one!)

 I know you can find literally thousands of web sites with similar disclaimers, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that this one takes the cake;

** For visitors 18 years of age or over who have reserved a package through one of our tourism partners. This offer may be changed without notice and may not be combined with any other promotion. Any abuse related to this promotion, failure to respect the conditions or use deemed fraudulent may void this offer and the member's Casino Privilèges Club membership. One original Privilèges passport per person per package, up to a total of two passports per year. The Privilèges Passport is non-transferable. All amounts specified are in Canadian funds. Exclusive offer valid until March 15, 2010.
*** Offer not available to Québec residents.
The offer is called 'Sweet Deal' and is offered by none other than Loto-Quebec's Montreal Casino!!!
Can you believe that? We're even banned in Quebec!!! WTF!!!


  1. Totalement d'accord avec moi.

    Au moins pour les jeux, généralement on peut se pencher vers Ebay ou carrément Ils n'empechent pas la livraison de produit anglo ici.

    La loi sur l'affichage des jeux vidéos m'a vraiment fait chier. Moi, aujourd'hui, si je suis capable de lire ton blogue (et je serais capable d'y répondre en anglais aussi), de voyager en anglais c'est principalement grâce aux jeux en anglais que je jouais quand j'étais jeune.

    C'est vrai que y'avaient certains jeux qui étaient traduits en français mais qu'ici on avait pas la traduction (et ça c'est con). Mais forcer toutes les traductions c'est aussi stupide.

  2. It also affects Anglos outside Quebec. Many American companies do not offer their services in Canada because they can't be bothered with bilingualism requirements - even when they are not going to be operating outside Quebec.

  3. Exactly, it DOES indeed affect Anglophones outside of Quebec. Odd, incidentally, that the English population outside of Quebec should be labeled "Anglos", considering French persons (if you exclude the province of Quebec) make up less than 3% of the population in Canada!

    Quebec's politics are a cancer. They have been growing out of control since the early 70's and have now totally destroyed Quebec. It's a lost cause. Now that cancer is slowly spreading to the rest of Canada and will eventually consume it too. Quebec needs to be AMPUTATED like cancerous limb, it has no function and dead, and killing to rest of the body. I truly feel we've past the turning point for saving Quebec, it's now about saving Canada.

  4. "Now that cancer is slowly spreading to the rest of Canada and will eventually consume it too. Quebec needs to be AMPUTATED like cancerous limb, it has no function and dead, and killing to rest of the body."

    I tend to agree but am far more pessimisstic than you. At this point, I hope the whole damn country gets annexed by the US so Quebecers can learn what assimilation is really all about.

  5. Que de racisme sur cette page. C'est affligeant. Sans la loi 101, vous seriez incapable de lire et de comprendre le françcais même si plus de 80% de la population est de langue françcaise à Montréal. C'est pour ca qu'on a cette loi: autrement, votre paresse et votre mauvaise foi nous aurait fait disparaitre depuis longtemps...
    Je vous plains d'être aussi fermés. C'est d'une tristesse. Et de vivre avec autant de ressentiment ne doit pas être facile. En même temps, c'est un choix que vous faites. :)

  6. Bill 101 was never necessary to "protect" the French language in Quebec. There are significant populations of Francophones in New Brunswick and Ontario. They don't have such a law to "protect" them and they haven't disappeared.

  7. ''Totalement d'accord avec moi.Au moins pour les jeux, généralement on peut se pencher vers Ebay ou carrément Ils n'empechent pas la livraison de produit anglo ici.''

    Non, tu peux acheter des livres, de la musique, des films, tout ce que tu veux en anglais. Je ne crois pas qu'on cherche à empêcher les produits de consommation en anglais, on demande la traduction, en respect pour la population majoritairement majoritaire ! Coudonc, c'est quoi votre point ? Je propose d'envoyer les instructions de tout ce qui est fabriquer dans les pays francophones en français dans les autres pays, question de voir quelle sera la réaction ? Non mais faut être tarte pas à peu près écrire des trucs de ce genre !

  8. I have no doubt that there would be restrictions or bans placed upon English books, music and films - as well as English radio and television - in a separate Quebec. They would use the so-called threat of assimilation as an excuse.

    I have no problem with Francophone countries printing French-only instructions with their products. I simply wouldn't buy them.

  9. I recently tried to open an Ally Financial account, you know to profit from their higher rates.

    I always thought that the government was out there to look after the best-interests of their citizens. Apparently, our government doesn’t want us to earn more with our savings.

    Oh wait, they don’t have a French website yet. I get it. D'épargne en français? C'est délicieux !

    -- Marco

  10. Encore Une Loi stupide .je veux commander un jeu en Anglais, je le veux pas en français on me force de l'acheter ailleurs qu'au Quebec ..intelligent :\ une belle gang de trala des fois .Aye je veut mes jeux en ANGLAIS moé!