Monday, March 22, 2010

Law & Disorder Volume 1

Alleged murderer might benefit from indemnity
The Society of the Quebec Automobile Insurance may by law, be obliged to indemnify the father of the three daughters found dead in a car at the bottom of the Rideau Canal in Kingston. In an interview, former Justice Minister, Marc Bellemare, has confirmed that Mohammad Shafia, accused of murdering his three daughters may be eligible to receive $49, 000 for each of the three deaths, even if he is convicted of the murders! LINK(fr)

Sixty days in jail for $3.37 theft
"A young man will spend the next 60 days in jail after stealing a beer from a convenience store in Quebec. He stole the $3.37 beer to celebrate having just gotten out of jail." LINK

Stop the Deportation of Dany Villanueva !
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) began the process of trying to deport Dany Villanueva from Canada, by attempting to remove his permanent residency status. You'll recall that he was at the center of a Montreal police arrest attempt that led to a confrontation wherein his brother Fredy was shot and killed. The career criminal is a member of a Montreal North street gang and is currently facing more criminal charges. He is being supported in his efforts to stave off deportation by an anti-police organization known as the "Coalition contre la Répression et les Abus Policiers" (Coalition against Police repression and abuse.) The group is better known by its acronym - "C.R.A.P." Yup, no joke! LINK(fr)

Swift justice for some, but not all!
A 31-year-old man became involved in a mid-air altercation with a fellow passenger aboard an Air Canada flight which resulted in a forced landing at Montreal's Trudeau International Airport.
The very next day he appeared in court and was sentenced to a 30-day jail term for disturbing the peace. That was quick! LINK


  1. The Canadian justice and penal system is a disgrace and has been for a long time. If anyone can be singled out for this it must be Trudeau. During his reign he brought in a slew of changes ("reforms") that defanged these institutions.

  2. I say kick Dany Vilanueva (Villeneuve in spanish) out of Canada.