Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Note About Comments

I welcome all comments whether they express support, an alternative view or outright disagreement. There is only a couple things that I will not publish and it has nothing to do with opposing views. That includes advertisements, vulgarity or swearing of any sorts, ad hominem attacks and anything racist in any matter.

For Francophones who read my column, first let me congratulate you on your language ability. You represent a far larger percentage than Anglophones who can read and write French.

Please feel free to comment in French as long as you observe the above-mentioned guidelines.

I don't usually respond to comments as I prefer to let them speak for themselves, with the readers as the final judges.


  1. I will.

    Je vais faire ça.

  2. I don't comment often, I know, but I do like your blog a lot! Malgré le fait que je sois francophone, j'aime mieux répondre en anglais. It helps me to improve my skill... One step at the time! =) Merci à toi pour écrire ce brilliant blog =)

  3. Désolé, je ne parle pas anglais à l'intérieur des frontières nationales québécoises,