Friday, January 1, 2010

Journal de Montreal Hits a New Low

The sad story of the death of five Canadians in Afghanistan weighed heavily on the hearts of all Canadians....well most Canadians anyway.
While every other major daily newspaper in Canada placed the story on page one, not so for Montreal's Journal de Montreal.

How many deaths does it take in Afghanistan to make the front page of the Journal de Montreal?
Apparently five is not enough.

What story was more important? HOCKEY + NATIONALISM

As you can see, the newspaper ran a photo montage of the four Quebeckers who were named to Canada's Olympic hockey team, alongside a larger photo montage of Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis who were left off the team much to the consternation of hand-wringing nationalists.

By the way, the story on the Afghanistan deaths was on placed page 3 with the death of the journalist as a headline.


  1. I don't see why newspapers should profit from Afghanistan deaths, nor do I see why should readers entertain themselves with Afghanistan deaths. But I guess it can't be helped, since it's human nature to enjoy others' troubles.

  2. Le Journal de Montréal isn't a newspaper--it's a rag. The sports pages and the sexy woman of the day (well, sometimes) featured somewhere in that rag are about all the paper has to offer. I'll only look at it when I'm in from Toronto and I get peckish for un 'ot-dogue, frites (or poutine, if I really want to test the limits of my arteries) et Pepsi at the neighbourhood Lafleur's or La Belle Province. Think of le Journal as junk food for the eye. That's why free copies are abound at these khazerai* joints. *Yiddish word meaning pig feed, a.k.a., junk food.