Friday, February 5, 2010

Montreal Gazette's Separtist Hypocrite

The Montreal Gazette, in it's ultra-liberal zeal to honour all points of view, employs the talents of separatist Josée Legault, who writes a thoroughly uninspiring and vapid weekly column. Perhaps on orders, or because writing about sovereignty with decidedly pro attitude would likely bring on the wrath of the paper's exclusively Anglo readership, she avoids the subject assiduously and prattles on about the most boring of subjects- Quebec politics, without mention of sovereignty. And so reading her stuff is about as interesting and stimulating as getting your teeth cleaned, once a week.

By the way I wonder if the Journal de Montreal or Le Devoir would ever consider giving Howard Galganov or Will "Pit Bull" Johnson a column in their own paper?

I gave up reading her column faithfully after laughing at the thoroughly ridiculous and infantile piece she wrote last year, concerning the controversy over the Order of Canada award  to the good doctor abortionist Henry Morgentaler.
With two out of three Canadians agreeing with Dr. Henry Morgentaler's appointment to the Order of Canada, it's getting awfully difficult to condemn his nomination on the basis that he's one of Canada's most divisive public figures. Link
 According to Ms. Legault awarding a controversial and divisive figure the prestigious Order of Canada is fine, as long as the majority of Canadians agree with the selection. On the surface, it's an eminently defensible position, but if the nomination offends up to one third of Canadians, should it really go forward?

I'd like to ask Ms Legault to substitute Dr. Morgentaler's name in her piece, with that of Don Cherry and see if she'd reach the same conclusion.

Mr. Cherry is a champion of Canadian hockey and tireless promoter of the Canadian brand. He's more popular in English Canada than anyone I can imagine. I once sat beside him (by happenstance) on a airplane trip to Moncton and was amazed at the recognition factor, with the stewardess forced to control passengers who approached him seeking a handshake or  an autograph (ostensibly for their children.) The mob scene was repeated in the baggage claim area, and even the airport personnel swarmed him. His record of charitable work is extensive, so why has he been blackballed from receiving an Order of Canada?

Ms. Legault can tell you.
It's because of a few injudicious remarks made about Francophones and Quebeckers in particular. As much as he is loved in Canada, he's generally reviled in Quebec.

But no matter, according to Ms. Legault, he should receive his medal, because, well, a verge large majority of Canadians are in favour of it, notwithstanding Quebec's universally negative view of him. I'd bet the farm that overall, his nomination would be supported by a higher number of Canadians than those who supported Dr. Morgantaler.

Of course I'd like to put the question to her and no doubt, she'd find some sort of twisted argument to reject Mr. Cherry's nomination. Clever debaters, these nationalists.

It's a Quebec tradition to make twisted and semi-logical arguments to argue the impossible, reminding me of the old story where a young man, after killing his parents, pleads before a judge for mercy on the basis that he has been orphaned.

At any rate let's go on;
While her Gazette article is thoroughly devoid of separatist, nationalistic and anti-English politics, not so her articles in the French media, where she doesn't need to hold back.

In an article she recently wrote, reprinted on the militant French language site Mouvement Montréal français, Ms. Legault parrots French language militants' current mantra that holds that Montreal is going English.
She invites readers to submit pictures of signage that contravenes the language law so she can create an exposé.

I wonder if the Gazette is interested in publishing the results?


  1. As you might be aware of, Josée Legault writes in the journal "Voir" and her column almost always has a Québecois nationalist-separatist twist to it.

    As we say in French, deux poids, deux mesures or when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

  2. "It's because of a few injudicious remarks made about Francophones and Quebeckers in particular. As much as he is loved in Canada, he's generally reviled in Quebec."

    Amazing although that everyone is saying that but no one can actually pinpoint even a single comment that would apparently be hateful to French Quebeckers.

    The one that is always pointed out no only single out French Canadians but also Europeans who would, bluntly said, be chicken-shit to wear the visor which is a dumb comment but I still wonder where the racism is in there since he used statistics to prove his point.

  3. "I wonder if the Gazette is interested in publishing the results?"

    Yeah right, Josée Legault likes to have her cake and eat it to and make others pay for her free ride.

    Is she taking a shot at people to prove how dumb they are or does she really think that no one will notice that she writes in English for the English people in the Gazette and that she writes against them everywhere else in French?

  4. But the question is: Who is still taken the Gazette for a serious newspaper ? Always independantist bashing, but for sure you are for the freedom in Tibet and all other country except here, true ? :)