Friday, January 15, 2010

Are Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Really this Sad?

Where are all the Leafs fans?
Apparently,  they must be in the upper reaches of the Air Canada Centre, because they're not down below in the ritzy seats.

Here's a screen grab of the scene in the Air Canada Centre in a recent game between the Leafs and the Flyers. This isn't a view of the dying seconds of another familiar loss, it's actually quite the contrary.

This was a good game where the Leafs ended up winning by a score of 2-0, so it's puzzling to see all these empty seats in the rich people section down by the ice. By the looks of the picture, you couldn't be faulted in assuming that the game was being played in Phoneix.

I noticed this phenomena a couple of times before, it's not an aberration.  Check it out on TV yourself the next time the Leafs are playing at home.

This screen grab was taken at the start of the second period and it seems that the rich folks are in no hurry to get back to their seats.

Perhaps a stint a the bar is more important than the game. Dunno.....

This couldn't happen in any other Canadian city, that's for sure!

Leafs Nation- FOR SHAME!!!! Are you real fans????

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