Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quebec's National Day of Procrastination

In Quebec, December 15th is the last day by which all motorists must have their cars outfitted with snow tires. Tire shops across the province are jammed today with some staying open until midnight to accommodate the back log of those who perpetually leave things to the last minute.

As I drove through the west Island of Montreal this afternoon, it was apparent that there was also a run on Christmas trees. With Christmas just ten days away it's a case of better late than never, as panicked shoppers (mostly men) finally get it in gear.

It would be useful if Quebec would mark the date, December 15, as an unofficial holiday, to be known as "PROCRASTINATOR'S DAY."

Those with an inclination to leave things to the last minute, would have a date that they could reference, one which would serve as a reminder that it's just nine more days until Christmas Eve, their favourite shopping day!

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