Monday, December 7, 2009

Corruption and Crosswalks- It's a Quebec Thing

What do crosswalks and corruption in Quebec have in common?

Sadly, they are both roundly ignored.

Few Quebeckers would step off a curb into a crosswalk without looking both ways, it's a sure ticket to the hospital. It's a wonder that municipalities bother painting the lines at all, we'd be better off without the false sense of security.
Why are crosswalks ignored by motorists? Enforcement, or rather the lack thereof. Have you ever heard of anyone getting a ticket for violating the sanctity of a crosswalk? If you did, it's mighty rare, police are just not into it and so crosswalks are roundly ignored by motorists.

It's the same way with corruption, as long as enforcement is virtually non-existent, it will flourish.

I recently returned from a short vacation in the States and was intrigued by how the nightly local and national news was filled with stories about dishonest elected officials being variously charged or being convicted in cases of bribery, misappropriation of funds and other corrupt practices.

Here's just a small sampling of stories about elected officials getting their just rewards for their  corrupt practices. Note that all these stories are culled from just one week. Imagine what fifty-two weeks of stories would look like. (Note- most judges in the US are elected.)

Dec1  Dallas City Hall corruption case
Dec2  Pennsylvania judge faces corruption charge
Dec3  New York State Officials Took Payoffs from Equity Fund
Dec3  NY Supreme Court judge convicted of trying to shake down lawyers 
Dec3  Former Jersey City Deputy Mayor faces with five federal corruption charges. 
Dec3  Georgia judge gets probation, fine for corruption
Dec4  Former Secaucus Mayor arraigned
Dec4  Ohio Judge Charged with Honest Services Mail Fraud
Dec4  Two suspended Levy County commissioners (Fla.) found guilty of federal bribery charges
Dec5  California mayor convicted of voter fraud
Dec5  Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official convicted of taking bribes
Dec5  Baltimore Mayor convicted of gift card charge
Dec5  Florida statewide grand jury empanelled to investigate public corruption.


  1. From what details you have given of the CEGEP director, she would be relieved of her position in the US after a suspension/investigation process. Her actions are unethical. A person with that amount of responsibility should be intelligent enough to choose appropriately when faced with simple issues of right or wrong. She choose wrong FOUR times: in Arizona when she decided to make the illegitimate charges, when she wrote her expense report, when she submitted it, and again when she lied about the charges when questioned. She is stealing from her employer and she is setting a horrible example for her students and the other faculty/staff members. Dismissing her behavior is not the resolution this society needs to see.

  2. you forgot to mention that the quebec justice system is in itself corrupt.