Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bagel Debate Rages On

I read an interesting article written by a New Yorker writer that once again compared Montreal bagels to those insipid New York produced rolls that have falsely absconded with the appellation of "BAGEL"
New York 'bagels' are as true to the original as California "CHAMPAGNE" is to the nectar of the Gods created in France and France alone.

But I have no preference, ahem, and in the interest of fairness, read the article yourself. LINK

Better yet, read the comments.

I can say this about New Yorkers, they may not know crap about food, but they sure can write. I can't remember reading as well written, lucid, emotional and thought provoking comments.
"As an expat Montrealer, ensconced in New Jersey for more than a decade, I can share this: We are stamped with preferences based on childhood, and they’re mighty tough to shake."— Gary K
The real problems with the New York view of bagels is the perception that they are a 'platform.'
"I was raised on NYC bagels, eating at La Bagel Delight in Park Slope and going to H&H for a once in a while treat. I tried these so called “bagels” from up north. They’re okay, but they’re main problem is that their flimsy construction can’t support a full schmear, an appropriate amount of lox, plus tomato and onion."— Dan Kleinman

Right there is the problem!
A bagel must be enjoyed as the centrepiece. Everything you place upon it (if anything) is meant the highlight the bagel's delicious taste.

The real taste test is this- Can you eat a New York bagel with absolutely nothing on it? Eccchh!!!

New Yorkers and Americans in general cannot understand the food concept of 'Less is More'

It is like putting Cassis or orange juice into Champagne (a travesty, unless the Champagne is Californian.)

The best accoutrement to bagels is butter or margarine (as a second choice), whether toasted or freshly baked out of the oven. Anything more than a tiny of bit of cream cheese is as an abomination, as sickening as ketchup on eggs or steak.

But don't those sophisticated New Yorkers do that too?

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