Monday, November 30, 2009

Quebec versus Canada - Some Statistics

Here is a collection of statistics taken from various sources comparing Quebec to the Rest of Canada (ROC).

Family Income
Quebec = $53K
ROC = $65K

Cell Phone Penetration
Homes with at least one wireless phone-
Quebec = 65%
ROC = 77%

Babies born out of wedlock
Quebec - 62%
ROC - 30%

Quebec has the second highest rate in the world (Iceland=66%). The rest of Canada is at the low end of the scale with Germany, Italy and Ireland. Japan is in a class of it's own with just 2% of babies born out of wedlock. Link

Household net worth
Quebec families are worth aproximately 45% of British Columbians.

Suicide Rate (per 100,000 people)
Quebec = 27
ROC = 17

Number of Christians attending weekly church services
Quebec = 6%
ROC = 20%

Murders rate per 1,000,000 people
Quebec =12
ROC = 20

People who smoke (over the age of 15)
Quebec =25%
ROC = 20%

Average price of a home
Quebec =$232,00
ROC =$360,000

Workers who take no vacation days
Quebec =4%
ROC =11%

Workers who admit to falsely calling in sick
Quebec =47%
ROC =23%

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  1. Interesting. Mmh. But I don't really know what to think about these stats. What are YOUR thoughts?