Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Update-- My Swine Flu experience

I am over the worst!

My fever has broken and I am on the path to recovery. I am not yet back to normal and am still suffering from a variety of ailments including stiffness, lethargy and headaches.

It is as the health officials promised - a couple of bad days and then recovery.

What they never mentioned is how terrible those couple of days are.

Do yourself a favour, run don't walk. Get the shot.

Incidentally, minutes after posting yesterday's piece of my Swine flu predicament, my blog was flooded by automated bots posting to the comments section, hawking all sorts of phony H1N1 remedies.
I removed them all, but sheesh, is there no decency out there?


  1. "is there no decency out there? " Hahahaha. Are you serious? You're on THE INTERNETS!!

  2. Glad to know youre better.

    I'm going to get to get the flu shot, well, when my turn comes. Hopefully, I won't get the flu before that...