Wednesday, November 18, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Line Jumpers are Despicable

Sunday, Quebec's most famous H1N1 line jumper made an appearance on the French CBC TV's most popular talk show, to do some damage control.

Claude Dubois is a famous Francophone singer who was called to task by La Presse reporter, Patrick Lagacé for jumping the line and vaccinating himself and his entourage at a Laurentian CLSC.

Mr. Dubois and his troupe literally used the back door of the medical facility to avoid the lineup. Had he used the front door, he would certainly have been recognized and would have likely been called out, since he wasn't entitled to the shot.

Stupidly, Mr Dubois made up an excuse, telling reporters that he was already at the facility for an appointment to get shots for a trip abroad.

"Liar!" replied Mr. Lagacé, in a second article, published the next day. The CLSC according to research done by the reporter, doesn't even offer these type of vaccinations.


In the televised interview, Mr Dubois used a variety of devices and excuses to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He tried to cast aspersions on the reporter in question and questioned his journalistic motives. He tried to blame the system and he even brought the vaccination booklet of his daughter to show that he had nothing but good intentions.
"A misunderstanding that I regret" was about all he would admit.

What's worse, is that by the end of the interview, the audience applauded him.

Of course, in Quebec, the story wouldn't be complete without someone bringing politics into a simple matter of a cheating celebrity obsessed with entitlement.

In a published article Robert Barberis-Gervais writes;
"The attacks by Patrick Lagacé against Claude Dubois reminds me of his vehemence against Pierre Falardeau, when he was defending his friend, Julien Poulin, concerning the incident of the waving of the Hezbollah flag.
What binds Claude Dubois and Pierre Falardeau, is that they are two independence activists. That is why Patrick Lagacé tries to depict them as errant. He is (Lagacé) of course, the faithful servant of his master, Paul Desmarais."

Just to show you that I am an equal opportunity complainer, I must take the Jewish General Hospital to task for undertaking a shameful program of offering the vaccine to rich donors as a perk.
In all respects the act was even more shameful than that of Mr. Dubois, because it was undertaken organizationally.
What were they thinking!

Of course like all the H1N1 cheaters who are caught, it's a case of lame-ass excuses instead of honest regret.
Too bad our Health Minister didn't order an inquiry. Someone deserved to be fired at the JGH, as was the case in Alberta, where heads rolled after the scandalous story of the Calgary Flames inoculations.

By and large Canadians have been playing fair, waiting their turn in line.

It's outrageous to see rich people and celebrities use their position to jump the line. Instead of sweeping these incidents under the rug, these people should be pursued to the full extent of the law and be made examples of.

How else can authorities expect us all to follow by the rules?


  1. "What's worse, is that by the end of the interview, the audience aupplauded him".

    At Tout Le Monde En Parle (and in Quebec in general), nobody really has the guts to boo people. In the first season of TLMEP, they received a guy who was against death penality.

    The guy fleed from prison when he was supposed to be killed soon. He was a robber and killed a police officer in duty (a father of a family). He was proud of what he did and said that he did not regret this behavior at all.

    I was at home frustrated while everybody in the audience applauded him.

  2. "Instead of sweeping these incidents under the rug, these people should be pursued to the full extent of the law and be made examples of"

    I couldn't agree more.

  3. Tout le monde en parle does tend to be a love-in. What can you do? All TV shows vet and cheerlead their audience-members. Some people don't applaud, as you may have noticed. I guess folded arms are the new 'polite protest' when in someone else's 'house'

    That said, certain Québécois are indeed too intimidated to buck the racists, bigots, etc.

  4. If you think that he is the only star, aunt, grand-mother,friend, get preferential treatment, you are all naive.