Friday, November 6, 2009

Are Quebeckers More Dishonest?

There is a majority opinion in the Western part of the country that Quebec is the most dishonest province in the country.
The latest scandals don't help dispel these type of opinions. Last week's Macleans magazine article that bashed Montreal was well deserved, but according to me, there are other places more dishonest.

Crime statistics for Quebec are decidedly lower than in the rest of the country and when it comes to violent crime, murder and drunk driving, Quebec ranks at the bottom of the list (that's good.)

But when it comes to collusion in government contracts, nobody beats Quebec. It probably comes from the very complacent attitude that Quebeckers have about graft.

Tell me, if your neighbour was out doing yard work while boasting that he was collecting disability from the government, would you rat him out?
If your brother-in-law was collecting UI while vacationing in Florida, would you denounce him?

Not many Quebeckers would. It's a nature.
People in priggish places like Ottawa would jump at the chance to sell out a cheater. It's also nature.

Quebeckers have a soft spot for larceny, but recent revelations about construction industry fixing contracts have crossed the line and Quebeckers are now furious.

Here's a video, of an extract of a show called Les Bougon. It ran for two years on Radio-Canada and detailed the life of a thieving welfare family. Quite hilarious if you are are a Quebecker, infuriating if you live west of the Ottawa river.
Francophone are well aware of the show and have enjoyed the show or hated it. Not many Anglophones watch French TV and it's too bad, there's a wealth of great shows to enjoy. The problem is the vernacular, which is very hard for a non-native speaker to pick up on.

It took me over an hour to subtitle, so please watch it!!
If you're aren't seeing the captions, click on the little pyramid in the bottom right-hand corner.

So what's the truth? Did it make you laugh or scream??


  1. I laughed so hard I wet myself watching this clip. Then I looked into buying a DVD of the television series and found that it is only available in French so I am as annoyed as usual living in Quebec.

  2. @Anonymous: It's really sad that they didn't put subtitles in the DVDs. It is a really good show indeed!