Friday, October 9, 2009

Honeymoon Already Over for Habs Coach Jacques Martin

It took just four games into the season for reality to set in for Montreal Canadiens fans. The humiliating 7-1 loss in Vancouver on Wednesday burst the bubble of anticipatory hope for a successful season. I fear it won't be long before we'll be hearing calls for the sacking of Habs coach Jacques Martin and I understand that just a soon as the new ownership takes over the ship, they will be running these ads on Craigslist.
NHL Head Coach Position Available
  • Must be Francophone.
  • Must have previous experience as a NHL coach (but not with Montreal Canadiens)
  • Must have some English skills.
  • Reading and writing skills not necessary.
  • Term of Employment - Up to Two years.
NHL General Manager Position Available
  • May be Francophone or Anglophone. No Europeans.
  • Must be prepared to hire Francophone players only.
  • Must be prepared to withstand hostile work environment.
  • Term of Employment - Up to Five Two years.
Me thinks it's going to be a long season.


Sportswriter Yvon Pedneault quoted new Canadiens defenceman Hal Gill; "You know you're in a real hockey town when the homeless street people greet you by name!"

I watched last week's opening game from the Air Canada Arena in Toronto on CBC and noticed that when the second and third period started, the expensive seats (the first eight rows) were relatively empty. It happened again this week when I watched a bit of the Leafs/Senators snooze-fest. It took up to ten minutes of playing time for most of these rich folks to return to their seats and some never came back at all.
I guess its understandable. One period of Leafs hockey is enough for anyone, but its an awful large amount of money to spend on tickets if your going to spend the time in the bar.

Check out the empty seat phenomenon next time the Leafs are on TV at the ACC.

Hold on, I think I know another reason why nobody wants to come back for the third period. Look a the ACC's alcohol policy


Shutdown time? No beer after the third period starts ?????

It got me thinking about what would it would be like to attend a double overtime playoff game, without beer?

....and then I remembered.. - Leafs/playoffs. Ha Ha!!!

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