Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fearless Prediction --Bergeron Will Win Montreal Mayoralty Race

It's always easy to comment about why this one or that won an election after the fact. We all know the old chestnut about hindsight.

This week many people have asked me who will win the race and truthfully I wasn't sure until I saw the poll released this week that called the race to close to call.

Richard Bergeron had a stunning rise in support that turned the two horse race into a decidedly three-way affair.

Most Montrealers are sick over the choice between a separatist and an incompetent.
There is absolutely no justification for re-electing Mr. Tremblay, in consideration of the recent appalling revelations of corruption. But voting for a sovereignist is a cup of poison few federalists just can stomach.
A guest (I can't recall who) on Friday's Tommy Schnurmacher Show on Montreal's CJAD radio pointed out;"Between a mobster and a separatist, I'll go with the Mob!"

Richard Bergeron is a lefty new age candidate who is more known for his kooky conspiracy theories (he's a 9-1-1 Truther) than his political platform.

But recently, people are starting to make allowances. After all, our illustrious Prime Minister McKenzie King was nuttier than a fruitcake, holding séances and such not while ruling the country.

Mr. Bergeron has Judge Gomery on his side and nobody has a more honourable reputation for honesty than he, especially in Montreal. He also has a pretty good command of English. So what if he's kookoo.

People who were looking to reject Harel and Tremblay, needed a viable alternative. The latest poll will catapult those sitting on the fence over to Bergeron's side.

I therefore boldly predict that he will win the election with close to 40% of the vote and become Montreal's next mayor.

I can live with it.
The alternatives are worse.

By the way, if I'm wrong, I will make no apologies.

Have a good weekend!

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