Friday, September 18, 2009

Montreal Marathon Fringlish

'Fringlish' = Mangled English (usually humorous,) written by a Francophone badly in need of a translator=ed.
(Please note, I only cite cases from sources that are "official," those who should know better and have the budget to do so. Private sites and blogs on a small budget are to be complemented for making any effort to translate any language to any language..)

To honour last Sunday's running of the Montreal Marathon I humbly offer this pearl from the official Montreal Marathon web site;
"At 8:43 this morning, Race Director Bernard Arsenault in the presence of the Mayor of Montreal Gerald Tremblay and Jean Gattuso, p.d.g of A.Lassonde, gave the starting signal to the thousands of runners of the half-marathon, follow-ups at 9:00 by the marathonians. Gone of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge under the rain ( first raining day since 1991…!), runners went through the streets of the city and ended up in the Olympic stadium of Montreal."


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  1. UH?

    IMHO, they were lazy. This looks like a translation done with Google Translate or the Alta Vista Babel Fish. These tools usually end up creating comedy pieces!