Monday, August 10, 2009

Interesting Montreal Social Demographic Notes

The City of Montreal published it's 'Profil sociodémographique' which profiles Montreal and Montrealers. You can find the report (in French) HERE
Here are some highlights that you may find interesting;

  • The city boasts a population of 1,9 million, up 2.3% since 2001
  • There are 9.6 females for every 9 males.
  • Last year 23,000 people were born and 15,000 died.
  • 20% of the population is under 19 years old and 15% is over 65.
  • Of the 500,000 Montreal families, 20% are mono parental
  • Of the 400,000 families that are couples, ¼ are not married.
  • Of the married couples, 58% have children while only 37% of unmarried couples have children.
  • Of families that do have children, the average number is 1.7.
  • Of mono parental families, 83% are headed by the woman and 17% by a man.
  • 38% of Montrealers live alone. Only 2% of dwellings have 6 or more people.
  • Of the 800,000 individual dwellings, 67% are in apartment buildings.
  • Only 12% of dwellings are detached individual houses.
  • 62% of the dwellings are occupied by renters and 38% by owners.
  • The average rent for an apartment is $661
  • For those who own, the average value of the dwelling is $306,000
  • Of the language spoken at home, 50% speak French, 23% speak English and 19% speak some other language (Italian, Spanish and Arabic are the most common)
  • 5% speak more than one language at home
  • 56% of the population can speak both French and English
  • 30% of the population speak French only (that means that 40% of the French Montrealers can't speak English
  • 11% of the population speak English only (that means that less than half of the English Montrealers speak French)
  • 3% of the population don't speak French or English.
  • At work, 62% of people speak French, 31% English and 9% speak both French and English.
Citizenship and Race
  • 63% of Montrealers were born in Quebec, 4% in other parts of Canada and 31% are immigrants.
  • Of the immigrants, the largest group is Italian (10%), Haitians (7.4%) and then French and Chinese (5%)
  • 25% of Montrealers are members of a visible minority, the largest group being black (28%) followed by Arabs (16%)
  • Of Montreal's total population, a little over half work for a living.
  • For those who work, the average remuneration is $39,000 for men and $27,000 for females (30% less than men).
  • Family incomes average $74,000

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