Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Earl Jones Got $30,000 Bail.

Those affected by the Earl Jones scam are scratching their heads in frustration in light of Earl Jones' $30K bail and his quick exit from jail.

Sources close to the investigation shed a somewhat different light than what you are reading in the newspapers.

As soon as Earl Jones had his investment scheme blow up on him, he knew that the jig was up. He could of flown the coop, but instead went to see his lawyer, Jeffrey Boro at the Place D'Armes office near the Montreal courthouse.

Mr. Boro informed the police as to Mr. Jones whereabouts, but there was no arrest warrant issued because prosecutors had not developed a case. During this time Mr. Jones travelled to the States to visit his daughter with the full knowledge of the police.

Mr Jones made several visits to his lawyers office during the three weeks when he was supposedly on the lam.

During this whole time, the police (and Earl's family) knew exactly where he was. That is why there was no manhunt and no comment from police concerning his whereabouts. Those who felt police weren't doing much to search for Jones can now understand why.

The investigation was hampered by the key member on the law enforcement side being unavailable for over a week (out of town).

At any rate these investigations usually take months to complete before charges are ever laid.

But as the public pressure mounted, the situation became untenable and even the police themselves, not wishing to appear inept, demanded that the crown go forward with charges even if a case hadn't be made as yet, so they could make the arrest.

Mr. Boro wrung several concessions from the police, including the one where Mr. Jones would be arrested in his law offices, instead of on the street. This actually suited the cops and they made the arrest dressed in their Sunday best, secure in the knowledge that their picture would appear in every newspaper in Canada.

Because there was never any question of flight and Mr. Boro delivered Earl as promised, prosecutors could not in good faith oppose bail, in fact the amount and the conditions were negotiated beforehand.
It wasn't magic that the $30,000 bail money was ready and waiting in court and Earl was out the door in a matter of minutes.

The rushed charges against Earl will be followed up with more charges once the complete investigation wraps up. That won't be before the next appearance in court where prosecutor's will be forced to seek another delay. But that may not happen at all, with the more likely possibility that Earl will take a plea.

It was clear from Mr. Boro's comportment that Earl won't be mounting much of a defence.
I don't think I've ever heard a defence lawyer state that it was time for his client to ' face the music' before charges were even laid!

Mr. Boro has stated on more than one occasion that Earl is in a precarious state of mind. This fact is absolutely true. Sources who know, say that he is completely freaked out and dangerously unbalanced.

His rough treatment at the courthouse, as he was bustled into a waiting car couldn't help that situation.

We are headed towards a guilty plea with no trial.

Earl has no desire to face his accusers. His consternation is real.

I also believe that prosecutors will not not accord the usual courtesy of a reduced sentence for the plea, he may get between eight and fourteen years, but alas, will probably be out in under three years.

It seems that for once the justice system is bending to public pressure as evidenced by the hurried and incomplete way charges were laid by prosecutors.

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