Monday, June 15, 2009

With Friends Like this Who Needs Enemies

To say that Mario Beaulieu and the St. Jean Baptisite Society's decision to use it's muscle to oust English performers at a secondary celebration of Quebec's national holiday backfired, would be one of the largest understatements of the year.

The story which broke over the weekend and is now rapidly spreading across the web is going to humiliate Quebeckers big time.
Bullying is bulling and as headlines go, you can't get one much worse than this.

"St. Jean festivities: anglos not welcome"

The story is just too good to pass up and there's no putting this genie back in the bottle. I can't wait for the political cartoons.

Quebeckers are keenly aware and protective of their collective image as a progressive, liberal and open society. Regardless of political affiliation, they recognize bad P.R when they see it.
Even over at PQ headquarters, there must be some serious moaning and groaning. What will Pauline say? If ever there was a no win situation this is it.

In a hilarious interview on Radio Canada Mr. Bealieu makes a hash of defending himself and his organization. First he declares as defamatory the notion that he rejects anglos-"it's the language." Then he denies that it is he and his organisation that pulled the plug on the artists, but rather the organizing committee L’Association culturelle Louis-H├ębert de Rosemont et Saint-Michel. He does however admit that it was his organization that contacted the organisers (who didn't even know about that anglos were scheduled) and put pressure to dump them.
The interviewer, Simon Durivage then challenges Mr. Beaulieu that the committee is really independent as they share the same address as the Saint Jean Baptiste society.
"Aren't you one and the same?" "You didn't have to phone them, just walk over to an adjacent office!"
"Yes we are close" Mr. Beaulieu finally admits.
Another beaut- "They should sing in Westmount.' Ha Ha Ha.....

Nobody but the most rabid of language zealots will defend Mr. Bealieu, but it will be interesting to see who does and how the SSJB will handle the coming flak.
I hope suspect they'll brazen it out and make the situation even worse for them.

Does the nationalist/sovereignty movement benefit from it's asociation with this ethnocentric collection of yahoos. Not any more.
Is it time for the government to break off official ties. Yes

Who benefits from this nasty gaff-Premier Jean Charest and the Liberals who are going to make intolerence the theme of the week.
Who else;

The Anglo performers- Bloodshot Bill and the group Lake of Stew, who'll be fielding more offers they can handle;

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