Friday, June 5, 2009

Study Shows Quebeckers Overwhelmingly Happy With Their Jobs

Not many people read the annual reports released by the various government departments and it's unfortunate that the press doesn't pay much attention to them.

Mostly self-serving and designed to put a positive spin on their operations, many interesting facts and figures can be culled, even with the most cursory of reads.

If there is any department that you'd think would put out a boring type document, it would be the Commission des normes du travail, Quebec's labour board, who's annual report is actually quite well-written, but alas only available in French, a disturbing trend for government documents today.

Buried at the end of the report is an interesting survey concerning job satisfaction.
I was quite surprised at the generally high level of job satisfaction and the improvement since the last survey. Here's a screen grab with my very rough translations in red.

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