Friday, May 22, 2009

Interesting Montreal Police Stats

Leafing through the 2008 annual report published by the Montreal Police department provided these nuggets of information;
  • Montrealers made over 1 million 911 calls.
  • The police answered 37 thousand alarms, of which 94% were false, resulting in over $2 million in fines.
  • 23 shots were fired by police officers, 8 of them in one incident by a deranged officer shooting up a gym and 6 in the Freddy Villanueva affair.
  • All 8 bombs handled by police were diffused with no explosions. In 2001 there were to 24 incidents.
  • Police used pepper spray 68 times, shot rubber bullet 25 times, used tear gas 4 times, expandable baton (beat stick) 38 times and fired their tasers 22 times. Al incidents were deemed justified.
  • There were 96 car chases resulting in 3 suspects and 3 civilians being injured. There were no deaths. 21 police and 9 civilian cars were smashed as a result.
  • There were 650 complaints by citizens against 983 police officers, but only 5 officers were called before the disciplinary board.
  • 115 officers were were the subject of an internal police investigation file, resulting in a total of just 12 days of suspensions and 16 reprimands.
  • Internal Affairs opened just 5 files resulting in just one resignation and no firings, but they did suspend officers for a total of 167 days.
  • The average police car lasts about 5 years and drives about 150,000 kilometers. The service burns 4½ million liters of gas a year.
  • The police force consists of 4,600 officers. For every 32 men, there are 13 women officers.
  • 2,000 people were arrested for DUI.
  • The police issued 315,000 tickets for moving violations, 150,000 for speeding and 145,000 parking tickets.
  • The Green Onions gave out over 1 million parking tickets.
  • Police investigated 29 murders, 29 attempted murders, over 1,000 sexual assaults and 6,000 robberies.
  • Police investigated 1,000 arsons, 15,000 B&Es, 10,000 car thefts, 42,000 thefts, 14,000 mischief complaints and 5,000 frauds.
  • Police made over 500 prostitution arrests and almost 3,000 drug arrests.

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