Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun At The Oliphant Enquiry

Everyone seems to be having a great time at the Oliphant enquiry, everyone except Brian Mulroney, who is a sweating bullets as he spins his implausible defense.

This morning Justice Oliphant regaled the audience with a most interesting adventure (argh..) of missing his flight from Winnipeg and his relief that the replacement flight was not an Airbus.

Ha! Ha! Tres drole.

One of Brian Mulroney's lawyer's then wasted time when he took to the lecturn to gleefully announce the birth of the Commission's first baby. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he detailed the facts of the birth of a baby girl to one of the staffers.
If I was Mulroney, I'd of fired him on the spot for having such a good time on my dime(actually, the Privy Council's dime.)

Fun Fun Fun.

You'd be having fun too if you'd be billing out by the hour or collecting a fat per diem as are all the principle players in this pitiful exercise in futility.
Judge Oliphant gets to fly cross-country, whenever he wants, all on the government's dime. Everybody gets top dollar and everyone wants to milk this charade for as long as they can.

How much money have Commission lawyers spent cranking out the many volumes of binders filled with photocopied agenda notes and day planner pages? A lot.
While the volume of material is impressive, it's too bad they uncovered nothing new and certainly no smoking gun. Not much value for the money.

Try as he could, the holes poked in Mulroney's improbable story haven't been wide enough to shake the former Prime Minister.

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

Commission lead counsel Wolson has failed to pierce Mulroney's armour because he brought nothing new to the table.
It's painfully obvious that the Commission won't have an 'Aha!" moment and Mulroney will leave with his tarnished reputation intact.

The public has already made up their mind on his guilt or innocence and the Commission provided nothing new but an expensive re-hash of events.
Since it's obvious that no charges will result, it's time to pack it in.
Let the feeding trough be closed. Send out the clowns.

That we actually entertain the ridiculous defense spun by Mulroney is a testament to our naivete.

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