Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sovereignist Web Site Protesting English- Has English Only Ads

The nationalist web site AmeriQuebec.net ran an article about a demonstration held in front of the Immigration and Refugee board. The Mouvement Montréal français (MMF) and the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal (SSJB) were protesting the fact that the board had ruled that certain evidence, in a certain trial, didn't need to be translated into French (the case is actually more complicated.)

In demanding vigilance in defending and safeguarding the French language, it seems AmeriQuebec, doesn't include itself.

Three out of the four ads that appear on the same page as the article, are strictly in English.

Whaat!! Yep....ENGLISH ONLY!!!!!!

Strangely, two of the ads are promoting emigration to the United States. Wonderful!

I know that the ads are auto generated, but perhaps they should take their own advice and make a better effort to have their own website frenchfried frenchified.

Otherwise, shut up and stop giving out gratuitous advice.

You must admit, the whole thing is sweetly ironic.

AmeriQuebec, HEAL THYSELF!

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  1. Don't know where you're from, but in Québec City all the ads that are shown on the website are in french. It's even showing ads about imigrating in Québec so..

    Google Adsense has geotargetting so if you're anywhere but in Québec or other french countries, you'll mostly get ads in your language.

    Google may also target ads with your browser language settings.

    Also, it's not possible actually to filter ads by language, and one can not be aware of all the ads that can be shown on a website, especially if the visitors come from another country.

    It's ok to complain, but one need to take in consideration all the facts about google adsense geotargetting before bashing again on quebeckers.

    Ameriquébec admin.

  2. Woah woah woah, wait just a minute Ameriquebec admin. Are you trying to say that this post, which simply was trying to point out the irony in your website having English ads and advising you to try to francicize your site, is "bashing again on quebeckers." That sounds like you're trying to say that any criticism of your organization is the exact same thing as criticism of Quebecois society, which is certainly not what this post is saying. While your comments about Google adsense being dependent on the location and possibly the browser settings of the visitor are certainly fair and reasonable, I think you're just being a bit ridiculous with your last paragraph.

  3. To Ameriquébec admin.
    Thank you for your comment, all are appreciated.
    I'd like you to look at this exchange of letters, concerning English ads on French websites.


    I stand by my post.