Saturday, April 25, 2009

Montreal Airport Green Project Insult to the Enviornment

Airports in Montreal and Vancouver will take part in a $14-million pilot project involving hydrogen-powered vehicles that will be used to ferry passengers and move luggage and equipment.LINK
I don't think that officials see the irony in the choice of the airport for a environmental test project.

Running a 'green' project at the airport is akin to a slaughterhouse converting it's cafeteria to a vegetarian menu.

When it comes to the environment, airplanes are that grandaddy of polluters. Per passenger mile, air travel is 3 times more polluting than cars and 7 times more polluting than buses.
The airport project that will convert vehicles over to hydrogen, will save less greenhouse gas in a year than is emitted by just one round trip trans-Atlantic flight by a 747.

Wouldn't it be infinitely easier to just cancel just 1 of the over 100,000 annual flights that go in an out of the airport and save the 14 million dollar cost?

This project is another example of our obsession with nonsensical and empty-gesture environmental projects that have zero lasting impact.

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