Saturday, April 11, 2009

Canadians 'Reject' Cell Phones

In reading a story in the Financial Post on cell phone use in Canada, I came across a term that I never heard of before.
Apparently, those people aged between 16 and 6o who do not have a wireless phone and do not plan to buy one over the next 12 months, are referred to in the industry as 'REJECTERS,' as opposed to 'users' or 'prospects.'

It's reported that 22% of Canadians aged 16 to 60, fit the 'rejecter' category.
By itself, the number doesn't seem overly large, but it's huge when compared to other nations.

First of all, Canada's mobile penetration at 70%, is substantially below the global average of 86% and pales in comparison to other western countries such as the United Kingdom, (97%) and the United States at (91%.)

Canada is actually on par with places like Vietnam and Mexico.

Canadians also spend a lot less when buying a phone, paying an average of $126, 41% less than the global average of $211.

The statistics are actually quite comforting. Who says Canadians are followers?

Although I am a 'user', I think it would be cool to become a 'rejecter'. Most people are badly addicted to their cell phone, others like me, wish they didn't need them at all.

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