Thursday, March 19, 2009

Only In Quebec- March Edition

And You thought that the Little Habs Flag on Your Boyfriend's Car was Embarrassing...
Yup......Here's the Habs biggest fan.
Photoshop you say? Mebbe...
The interior of this house (or the photoshopped representation), is also bedecked in Canadiens regalia. It's on display at my favourite and most fun Montreal Canadiens blog-

Cirque de Soleil Passes on Montreal
Last year there was talk that a new casino complex would be built down at the bottom of Peel Street that would include a permanent Cirque de Soleil. That project died when locals went on a NIMBY campaign. (Not In My Back Yard.) In a speech to the local chamber of commerce, Cirque President, Daniel Lamarre confirms that Montreal is no longer under consideration for a permanent show (like in Las Vegas.)
When asked why the Cirque is taking a pass, he replied rather succinctly;

"December, January, February and March"

Good Answer!

Hockeyville- Thetford Mines Pissed Off
The CBC-TV (Canadian Broadcasting Network) runs an annual contest whereby small towns across Canada compete to win the title of "Hockeyville." Small towns across the country put together all sorts of hockey-related projects in the hope of winning $100,000 in hockey arena upgrades and more importantly, the right to host a real live NHL pre-season game. Votes are cast in the American Idol style and the winning entry is announced during a live NHL game.

This year, the winner was Terrace, British Columbia. when the vote tally was announced, the Quebec town of Thetford Mines came in dead last (out of the five finalists). They were none too happy, claiming that they cast many more votes (millions) than were given credit for, claiming that contest was fixed so that this year's winner wouldn't go to a Quebec town again (last year the town of Roberval in the Lac St Jean region of Quebec won.) Read the story.

The CBC isn't commenting but had previously stated that suspicious votes would be disqualified, mindful of this year's NHL All-Star game voting fiasco. It seems some devilishly clever Quebeckers used automated dialing systems to stuff the virtual ballot box with votes in favour of Montreal Canadiens players. The NHL allowed the results to stand, but it was quite an embarrassment for the league as three or four unworthy players made the team. Read the story.

Beer Company Accused of Using Sexy Girls in Calender (Gasp!)
There is a Quebec organisation (with the longest name ever) complaining that a beer company is exploiting women by printing up a sexy calender with scantily clad female models. The calender was given away with the purchase of a case of beer.

The group, "centres d'aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel" (CALACS) is against all depiction of women as sexual objects in advertising and cite beer companies as being the number one offenders.

The company, Molson's, is already running scared and has pulled the online version of the calender from their site.

Me, I can't even imagine a beer commercial without a sexy girl.
I could tolerate their complaint if they called for equality and the demand for more sexy men, scantily dressed!

and in the same vein.....

Group Accuses Recovery Plan of Discriminating Against Women
Another feminist group 'Le Conseil du statut de la femme' is complaining that Quebec's recovery plan is 'investing in concrete' and discriminatory because it favours those jobs that are manned mostly by men.

Driver Acquitted of Flashing Headlights To Warn Oncoming Motorists of Radar Trap
A Montreal truck driver went to court to contest a ticket given to him by a Montreal cop. When cars were unexpanded slowing down as they passed in front of his radar trap, a cop investigated and found a truck driver, a little way off, was flashing his headlights as a warning to other drivers (We all know that universal signal!) Taking exception, the cop ticketed the driver for whatever.
In court the judge threw out the ticket. "It's no different than a radio commentator, telling people to slow down because of a police operation"


Barbie Doll Assailed as Bad Role Model
When the nightly newscast newscast took advantage of International Women's Day to congratulate 'Barbie' on the doll's 50th anniversary, someone took offense.
In a letter to the Quebec City newspaper 'Le Soleil' the writer objects on the grounds that the doll is a ''caricaturial representation" and proof that women have a long way to go.

Quebec- No Place For Creationism
The debate on the teaching of creationism or 'Intelligent Design' in schools rages across North America with religious types militating to get the concept taught as an alternative to Darwinisn.
Not in Quebec, where religion is virtually dead.
When a creationist speaker was scheduled to give a speech in a Sherbrooke college, a protest was arranged. A spokesman said that the school, while respecting freedom of speech, should not be a forum for 'crackpot' or 'scientifically debunked' theories.

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