Monday, February 23, 2009

Habs Party On

Sunday night Jean Perron, the ex-coach of the Habs and popular commentator on CKAC radio in Montreal visited ' Tout Le Monde en Parle', the wildly popular Sunday night talk TV show on the French CBC. He shed some light and provided some background vis-a-vis the recent not so positive headlines concerning 'Nos Glorieux'.
Mr. Perron is not only famous for winning a Stanley Cup with the Habs in 1986, but also for his honest and hard-hitting commentary on the CKAC radio, as well as his witty catch phrases which have entered the lexicon of modern Quebec vernacular. Mr. Perron has a lot of good sources and knows a lot of stuff about the players that is unflattering. He clearly knew more than what he was willing to divulge, but just the same gave out some interesting tidbits.
If you're not interested in Habs dirt, stop reading, otherwise--carry on!

First of all he cleared up mystery concerning Ryan O'Byrne's arrest in Florida for 'stealing' a purse. It seems Ryan was trying to retrieve a telephone from somebody's purse in order to erase a compromising photo of a team mate. M. Perron made it clear that he did not know specifically if the picture was of Cristobal Huot, the only married member of the group. Methinks he doth protest too much!
He went on to say that Cary Price, Sergei K and Chris Higgins are partying and carrying on to the point where their performance is being affected. He even called Bob Gainey to fill him in on the goings on.
He said that their behavior is much worse than '3 Amigos' as they were known, (Ribero, Theodore, Dagenais) ands who were shipped off because of off-ice escapades.
He predicted that something bad may explode.
His conversation is highly nuanced and if you understand French watch it here.

If you want some great dirt on the Hab players , by all means go to the blog where you'll find some great off-ice photos and stories. The site is not mean spirited at all and is great fun. Congratulation to them.

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