Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First, Do No Harm.

Do-gooders and social engineers should be interested in the article in Le Journal de Montreal concerning the new healthy menu served in Quebec high schools. It appears that the change to healthy food in school cafeterias is driving students to McDonald's and other fast food restaurants. School administrators are concerned about the perverse effect of this healthy food edict. It seems that you can lead students to the salad bar, but you can't make them eat.
As for solutions, one spokesman put forward the idea of more legislation. The area around schools should be designated junk-food free, where fast-food restaurants would be barred from operating.

We should take heed of the law of 'unintended consequences'. There's been talk of banning the sale of bottled water. The question is, what will it be replaced with. Social engineers would have us believe that we'd all drink from the water fountain when in reality we'll probably just buy soda pop. Not a great advance by any standard.
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