Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jewish General Hospital Changes it's "Jewish" logo.

On a recent visit to the hospital I noticed that the logo has been changed. A big screen TV, heralding this change, described the emblem as a "Tree of Life", inclusive of all.
Gone is the Hebrew writing and the Star of David that adorned the old logo. It seems that the hospital is out to hide it's Jewish identity.
Or is it?
Upon closer inspection this supposed "Tree of Life" is nothing more than clever rendition of a traditional "Menorah", a candelabra used by Jews at Passover celebrations.
How deceivingly clever, those Kabbalists. Well played!
Now, those opposed to overt religious displays in public institutions won't feel the oppressive weight of being in a Jewish institution, while the Jews can smirk in silent satisfaction.

I did however, notice a disturbing lack of effort by the hospital in preserving it's Jewish identity.
As I waited by the operating theater, I noticed a lovely elderly Italian woman reacting to some good news from a surgeon. She crossed herself in an overt display of her Christian faith, in plain sight of a security guard, who did not intercede!
Tut! Tut!
Soon they'll be serving bacon and eggs!

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