Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cote de Liesse Overpasses Unsafe?

After the fatal collapse of the de la Concorde overpass in Laval , the Ministry of Transport undertook a safety review of Quebec overpasses and ramps. A list of a 153 at risk overpasses and ramps was released, but has since been removed from the website. Notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure that the only installation on the Highway 520 (the Cote de liesse highway that links the airport to Decarie and the Metropolitain) was the overpass directly adjacent the airport. It was even closed for a short time as they shored it up.
Back then, I noticed that all the overpasses along the route to the airport (Cavendish, Montee de Liesse, Autoroute 13, 43rd Ave and 55th ave.) were reduced to one lane by means of temporary barriers. At that time I assumed it was a temporary measure, but just before this winter the barriers were replaced by permanent ones blocking one lane. These overpasses were never on the list and have never been classified as 'at risk'. The Ministry has never commented, nor announced whether they will be repaired or replaced.

The dishonesty is appalling.
Think about it as you drive under them.

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