Friday, July 24, 2020

Teflon Trudeau Survives Thanks to Trump-Like Liberal Support

If there's one thing that Justin Trudeau's liberal supporters have in common, it's the undying and visceral hatred of Donald Trump.

Whether you're conservative or liberal, it's likely that your Facebook timeline is filled with hateful, scornful and outright bizarre anti-Trump posts from Canadians who by all rights don't have much skin in the game of American politics, yet continue to rant as if Mr. Trump is choking them by the throat.

If I had to put a recurring theme to these missives, it's the utter incredulity of these anti-Trump posters that Americans actually continue to put up with his wacky conservative politics, his antics, lies, fantasies and mean spirit.

Over and over again the anti-Trump Canadians shake their head in utter disbelief, yet these are the very same people that blindly support Prime Minister Trudeau who is cut from exactly the same cloth.
Trudeau supporters are actually as blind as Trump supporters, ideological fanatics, just on the opposite side of the political fence.

Fanatical supporters of Trump and Trudeau continue to support their men because politics are more important than personality and a flawed President or Prime Minister that supports what they believe in is preferable to a more honest and upstanding rival of the opposite political persuasion.

It's that simple.

And so American Trump supporters and Canadian Trudeau supporters continue to blindly follow their man because ideology is the only thing that counts.
There is nothing Trudeau or Trump can do, short of murder that can shake their indomitable faith and support.

The latest WE scandal underlines this fact whereby liberal support remains relatively unshakeable despite the latest ethical lapses of the Prime Minister and his finance minister.
Liberal supporters continue to justify the lapses in judgement with the mantra that it was a case of good intentions gone awry in a time where speed was of the essence, an updated version of the old bromide that the ends justify the means.

Liberal supporters have turned a blind eye to Trudeau's ethical failings for years, either offering up weak-ass excuses or pretending that it's just no big deal.
Sound familiar?
Replace Trump's name for Trudeau's and the argument is the same for those who blindly support Trump and forgive every peccadillo.

The only difference is that Trudeau's ethical lapses have been much more serious than Trump's and it's fair to say that if a photo of Donald Trump sporting blackface emerged or rumours of a sexual liaison with an underage student, Trump would have been ripped to shreds by America's conservative press.
In Canada, Trudeau benefits from a docile press that leans heavily liberal and refuses to ask uncomfortable questions of their man.
While Trump directly lies and obfuscates, Trudeau deflects, refusing to answer any uncomfortable question, especially in Parliament where he makes a mockery of Question Period by mouthing moronic platitudes worthy of a con artist.
All the while the press refuses to investigate Trudeau's personal foibles. While the state of his marriage may be out of bounds in the name of decency, pretending to live apart from his family for quarantine reasons is more deceit, a deception that supporters are quick to pardon.

And so Teflon Trudeau survives in an era where the high and mighty are destroyed over the flimsiest of allegations.
The stink of scandal and dishonesty sheds off Trudeau like water off a duck's back. His survival is stunning in an age of instant 'cancellation' where a whisper of impropriety or unsubstantiated accusation of racism or sexual misconduct destroys public figures faster than you can say "ME TOO."
Yet Trudeau endures one personal calamity and ethical lapse after another. Incredible!

A sizeable portion of artists in Quebec have had their careers instantly destroyed over such allegations.
Our Governor-General Payette has become a dead woman walking over allegations that she's not a nice person and countless other public personalities cringe in fear that they too will be 'cancelled,'

Not Trudeau.

As for the latest scandal, it is satisfying that while Trudeau's Teflon coat will protect him, the We charity at the center of the affair will probably not.
The slimy Kielburgers have employed every classic trick in the book to curry favour with the Liberal government including offering deluxe free travel to the Finance Minister and his family and the hiring of Teflon Trudeau's family to 'speak' at WE events for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Let's be honest. What does Margret Trudeau have to say to a bunch of students that is at all interesting or worthwhile?
The same goes for Trudeau's brother.
It is a classic device to pay a politician's family instead of a direct bribe.
The same goes for hiring finance Minister Bill Morneau's daughter, a classic influence-peddling device.

But WE will not survive, the empire will be 'cancelled' abruptly, not only becoming toxic overnight but downright radio-active.
Telus and Virgin have already cancelled partnerships and the rest of the money pipeline will dry up faster than you can say 'Gotcha.'
The fall from grace while not quite of the scale of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, the disgraced American televangelists, is nonetheless as immediate.
Both Craig and Marc Kielburger are goners, best advised to dismantle their empire quickly and slink away with the money.

At any rate, Trudeau will survive as always, thanks to his Trump-like followers who will forgive anything.
While the rest of the world has recognized Trudeau as an emperor with no clothes and dismissed him as a fraud, Trudeau supporters remain blindly committed which is their right, fair enough.

But what these Trudeau supporters cannot do in good conscious is to denigrate Trump and his supporter as abhorrent because they themselves are exactly that.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Racist Police? ...Look No Further than Montreal!

 Clown outfits demonstrate lack of pride in the SPVM
Premier Legault doubled down on his claim that Quebec is not a racist society, all with a straight face.
"Premier François Legault said Monday he "stands in solidarity with people who denounce racial violence" — though he denied, once again, that there was a systemic problem in Quebec.
"I think that there is some discrimination in Quebec, but there's no systemic discrimination, no system in Quebec of discrimination," he said, adding "it's a very small minority of the people who are doing some discrimination." Link
I don't know if the Premier honestly believes what he says but frankly, it's a crock of bullshit.
Sadly, Quebec remains the most racist province in Canada where discrimination exists on a societal level where minorities, especially blacks are discriminated against by landlords, police, employers and certainly the government and the civil service itself.

Worst of all is the police and specifically the Montreal police which by any standard is a disgraceful organization that very well may be the most racist police force of any major North American City.

That's right, I'm not mincing words.

The Montreal police force is as racist as it comes with officers regularly targetting people of colour, natives and Muslims for 'special' and unfair treatment.

It is an organization stuck in the 1960s built on racial profiling and rough treatment of potential suspects and arrestees.
The SPVM is largely unprofessional, corrupt, racist and downright thuggish, where the lack of pride in themselves and their organization is manifested in its treatment of citizens.

This lack of pride is underlined by the police union desecrating their own uniforms in adopting camo pants in a pay dispute, rendering themselves a laughingstock in the eyes of the public, like sad-sack clowns thoroughly unprofessional and untrustworthy.

The story of a Montreal cop filmed having sex in his cruiser was not a story of a one-off rogue cop, his partner was in the back seat with another girl. It is a testament that this unprofessional and disgusting behaviour is rampant. In true form, the officers were never identified and their punishment (if any) never released to the public, undermining the public's confidence in the organization.

And who can forget Montreal's most infamous cop, the egregiously violent, racist and cruel Stéfanie Trudeau, better known by her badge number "728" She was filmed making a violent arrest in a stairwell in east-end Montreal. She was also famously filmed gratuitously pepper-spraying peaceful demonstrators. She was finally fired for many acts of depraved police brutality and racism.

Problems of corruption were so bad that the Chief of the Montreal police was fired and the corps put under trusteeship after charges of gross misconduct and falsifying of evidence and documents were shown to be rampant.

Montreal police have never given up the discredited tactic of 'rousting' or as it's referred to in New York, "Stop and Frisk" or Carding as it is known in the rest of Canada where mostly minorities and particularly Blacks are stopped based on a flimsy excuse like jaywalking, spitting, loud talk and other such nonsense. The idea is to check the unfortunate detainees for outstanding warrants, drugs or perhaps illegal weapons.
New York's 'Stop and Frisk' policy ended in 2013 after the courts intervened and despite whining by politicians and police who claimed that their hands were being tied, the demise of the policy had no effect on the crime rate.

Here's a chart describing the unwarranted stops made by the SPVM.


Now before I continue I'd like to address those who are okay with rousting criminals on contrived grounds as long as honest law-abiding citizens are left alone.
And therein lies the rub.
Many, many minority and coloured law-abiding citizens are constantly stopped and humiliated by this policy which is an affront to their civil rights to be treated equally under the law. It is or should be offensive to all of us who believe in fairness and equality.
While the policy is rightfully on the trash-heap of history in most jurisdictions, it lives on in Montreal where police make unwarranted stops of not only criminals but law-abiding minorities as well.

Let's go back to the death of Fredy Villanueva, the most famous of all rousting incidents gone bad, which led to the death of his brother Danny after cops confronted a group of known miscreants in a city park over the trivial act of dice-playing.  The confrontation escalated quickly and the rest is history.
The subsequent outrage over the death didn't rise to the level that we see today in the United States over the death of George Floyd but that's probably because the general public in Quebec was not too disturbed by the police action.

Here' is just a few interesting incidents of racial profiling and the Montreal police.
There are many, many more documented acts of police profiling;
"Following this week’s protest, here is a partial timeline of Montreal police interventions that have raised questions of racial profiling and sparked calls for change."

Months after they complained of being violently arrested by Montreal police for talking "too loud" a biracial couple now has video of the incident as taken by an eyewitness. 

Kerwin Clarke was pulled over in Verdun last weekend by Montreal police officers — and he says, for no clear reason.
The Saint-Lambert resident was in the car with his daughter, Quinn, in the back seat when they were stopped.

 Two Montreal Alouettes football players said Thursday they are considering filing a racism complaint against Montreal police in connection with an incident on Monday night.

Lateef Martin was walking along Messier Street in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood around 1:30 a.m. Saturday when he was ticketed for not using the sidewalk.

A black Montreal high school teacher arrested while waiting for takeout food has accused police of racial profiling and abuse.
Montreal police stepped in after the bar tried to book a performance by a group of hip hop musicians.
Police say the event was targetted by street gangs, and even though the show was cancelled, the Department of Alcohol decided to yank the bar's licence unless it agreed to never again host hip hop or rap acts.

Former high school teacher says he was roughed up by two officers in 2010 while waiting for take-out

Bernard’s positive attitude toward the police force changed dramatically last February after he says he was unlawfully arrested, handcuffed and ticketed while working as an Uber driver.
“I know this would not have happened if I was white,” Bernard said in an interview Monday.

 The organization Quebec Native Women (QNW) has filed a complaint alleging systemic discrimination and racial profiling by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Racial profiling: Montreal police release damning report that reveals 'systemic bias' by its officers

"An independent study commissioned by Montreal's police department reveals that its officers stop people from visible minorities far more frequently than they stop white people.
The study, which focused on a three-year period from 2014 to 2017, found that in Montreal an Indigenous person was 4.6 times more likely to be stopped for a "street check" than a white person, and that a black person was 4.2 times as likely to be stopped. Arab Montrealers were twice as likely to be stopped as white Montrealers. ("Street checks" are interactions with police that do not result in an arrest). "
How did the Montreal police react to this report?
Montreal police have no plans to end street checks, despite concerns 

Recently Montreal police Chief Sylvain Caron told the media that the SPVM is committed to eliminating any practice of racial profiling, but the announcement of this supposed policy has been put off time after time.
It is amazing how out of touch with reality and modern policing techniques Canada's second-largest police remains.
In 2017 the Montreal police adopted a pilot program where officers were outfitted with body cameras but rejected the idea after officers complained that they felt they were being monitored.
I'm not kidding.
"After a year-long trial by 78 officers, the SPVM has concluded body cameras have little impact on interventions, present logistical challenges — and leave most officers who have to wear them feeling as if they're under surveillance.
Not only do police dislike wearing cameras, outfitting all 3,000 patrol officers  with them would cost $17.4 million over five years, according to a 215-page report to be presented to Montreal's public safety committee Friday.
"The project did not unequivocally demonstrate that portable cameras promote the transparency of police interventions, strengthen trust between the police and the citizen and ensure the safety of police," says the report, which is already up on the SPVM'
website." Link
 Sadly, the Montreal police is a dinosaur organization that has little desire to change its racist culture and because the Quebec public is largely sympathetic, there is little impetus to change.

Next time you hear complaints about police racism and brutality south of the border understand that Montreal's police are right up there with the worst, the saving grace being that the only reason violence is less pronounced here is because criminals are less violent.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

French Language Fanatics Humiliate Quebec Again

In the midst of a deadly pandemic exacerbated by poor planning by the government which has and continues to lead to the wholesale slaughter of seniors in Quebec-run nursing homes, some French language fanatics are complaining about the lack of French on emergency protective equipment being brought in on an urgent and ad hoc basis by a desperate government.

I'm not kidding.
If not so sad, it would be amusing, another humorous incident of language excess like "Pastagate."

But it's not amusing on any level, it's a disgusting display of the out-of-touch fantasy world in which they live where scoring cheap political points trumps public safety.
"I think this information should have been communicated to Quebecers. A government that says it is concerned about the linguistic situation in Quebec authorizes the purchase of equipment that does not respect the Charter of the French language. An explanation by Minister Simon Jolin-Barette is essential."
Christine St. Pierre, Liberal party MNA
"It makes no sense! It is contempt for French speakers and a real danger to public health. Ottawa must correct the situation," Alexandre Boulerice- NDP MP Link{fr}
 "Nothing justifies the non-respect of our two official languages". "It is a public health and safety issue," - Senator René Cormier.
"If we accept it, we open the door to the fact that once the crisis has passed, the authorities tell us that ultimately bilingual labelling is not that necessary. The COVID-19 crisis should not be used as an excuse to throw our values on the back burner..."- Jean Johnson (president, Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA)  Link{fr}
Writing in the Canadian Journal of Political Science,
Talk COVID to Me: Language Rights and Canadian Government Responses to the Pandemic
"Since the COVID-19 outbreak, a gradual loosening of linguistic obligations in public institutions and governments has been observed in various jurisdictions in Canada. This paper argues that in addition to legal requirements to provide minority language services, it is not justifiable for governments to suspend or curtail such services in an emergency situation, for reasons pertaining to public safety and public health."
by  Professor Stéphanie Chouinard and Martin Normand

Now I've combed through the comment sections under the various articles that did have one and was a bit surprised to find that about one-third of the commenters shared the above views that the situation whereby emergency personal protective equipment is allowed into Quebec (even under a temporary and emergency basis) is unacceptable.


I guess this comment which I found summed it up best.
"So do you prefer to face a Covid positive patient without a mask rather than  wear an English-language N95 mask?"
I would ask all of those language fanatics above the same question.

If a partner, parent or child of yours was in the intensive care unit stricken with Covid-19 and the only ventilator available was a loaner from Alberta with English only labelling, would you refuse service?

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quebec Virus Death Rate Twice as Bad as the USA

A snapshot of the situation around the world yesterday shows a shocking state of affairs in Quebec where deaths attributed to the coronavirus is among the highest rate in the world.

Because Quebec is a province and not a country, the dire situation here is largely understated and unpublicized on the world scale, but there's no hiding the level of the disaster.
When Quebec's mortality rate is compared against other countries in the world, only Belgium is worse off.
That's right, if Quebec was a country, it would be the second worse off out of the 195 countries that make up the world.

If one was also to include New York state as a separate entity as well, Quebec would slide to third place, cold comfort indeed.

The table above compares Quebec to the rest of the world and includes the USA as a whole and the USA minus New York state, as well as Canada as a whole and Canada minus Quebec.

You might question whether making a comparison based on just one day is valid, but it does represent the here and now, and even comparing numbers over the last week or so hold up Quebec as a world-class disaster.

As the world bemoans the huge amount of virus deaths in the United States, it is largely based on the brute numbers because of America's size.
But the rate at which Quebecers are dying is actually twice as bad as that in the USA, 12.5 deaths per million in Quebec and 6.0 in the USA.

When Quebec is compared to Rest of Canada, the death rate due to the virus here is a shocking 5.7 times as large, which means that a Quebecer is almost six times more likely to die of the virus compared to someone living in the ROC!

And sadly, we are nowhere in sight of the end because the virus has implanted itself firmly in over 300 nursing homes and senior residences where seniors are being slaughtered at a rate of close to 100 a day.

Premier Legault has described the situation in Quebec as two solitudes, whereby the situation in the senior homes is ruinous, while the situation in the general population (where citizens have dutifully isolated themselves in their homes) quite manageable.

In his latest news briefings, the Premier's frustration and indeed panic was palpable, describing the uncontrollable out-of-control reality.

As the virus rips through the senior homes, the nursing staff is either out sick with the virus or have abandoned the job themselves in fear of getting sick.

The skeleton staff remaining are unable to properly tend to residents, who are in many cases left for days without food or water, something unimaginable in our modern age.
Hospitals have complained that many patients transferred are not virus-positive, but rather dangerously dehydrated and malnourished.

What is worse in all this that attempts to remediate the situation by calling for altruistic Quebecers to volunteer to go into the homes to lend a hand have failed miserably and considering Quebecers' reputation as Canadians who do the least amount of voluntary charity service, it's no surprise.

Incredibly, Quebec has actually shanghaied workers on the provincial payroll to work in these homes, forcing them against their will under threat of dismissal.
The situation is so desperate that the Premier has been forced to play his very last card, which is asking for help from Ottawa in the form of the Canadian army.

For a desperate Francois Legault and his government, begging Justin Trudeau for help is as Ayatollah Khomeini described signing a ceasefire with hated enemy Iraq, 'like drinking a cup of poison."

For Quebec, the end to the ongoing disaster is not yet in sight as the virus fire rages through our tinderbox senior homes unabated.
And so when you see the Quebec media doing sleight-of-hand and misdirection, emphasizing President Trump's virus disaster in America, remember that we are sadly in twice as bad shape.

Friday, April 24, 2020

No End in Sight to Quebec's Virus Catastrophe

Quebec's Covid-19 catastrophe has gone from bad to worse to nightmarish proportions, with no end in sight as the killer virus rips through nursing homes and senior residences with the speed and deadly effect of an out-of-control runaway steamroller.

The calm, confident and measured daily briefings by Quebec Premier Francois Legault have degenerated into a panic-filled pleas for help from any and all, including the Canadian army which represents a humiliating last choice for a nationalist government hitherto vaunting Quebec's autonomous and independent nation-like status.

How bad is it all?

Well, I don't think I'm exaggerating in saying that Quebec is living a dark moment in its history, second only to the Spanish Flu pandemic which swept through Canada in 1918-19 leaving 14,000 Quebecers dead.
The premier at the time, Liberal Lomer Gouin, replied: “Nothing was overlooked in this painful circumstance. The province is doing everything it can to fight the Spanish flu.
“The population must be grateful, they must rejoice when they see the results. This was possible mainly thanks to the cooperation of doctors, especially doctors and nurses, who showed the greatest dedication and the most admirable zeal to fight the epidemic,” he continued.
Sound familiar?
It seems nothing has changed in a hundred years.

How bad are things now? I'm not sure it can get worse.
The virus has spread into 300 senior residences and even though the Premier has told us that it's not that bad considering the other 2,300 senior residences don't have any cases of the virus, it is of cold comfort to the families of those living in these hellholes.

It's easy to get lost in the statistics so I'll just describe the situation of the last six days where about 500 seniors living in residences were killed by the virus or virus-related causes.

 During those six days, new cases in senior residences rose from 3,500 to 4,800. If you include those who died over these six days and who have been removed from the stats, it means that there were actually 2,100 new cases or about 350 new cases each day. With a mortality rate of about 20%, it means that over these last six days 500 new residents who contracted the virus are doomed to die. Those presumed deaths cannot be avoided or mitigated. They will happen.

What is more distressing is that the situation is deteriorating, not improving. 10,000 health care workers have left their jobs, mostly in these senior residences.
While 4,000 of them are themselves out with the virus, the other 6,000 have abandoned the job, fearful of catching the virus.
They should not be condemned too harshly, they are underpaid and poorly equipped with personal protective equipment. With a family to support on $15 an hour, would you risk working in these conditions?

And so, many seniors are dying of neglect because there are not enough workers to offer even the basest level of service, with no food, water or sanitation provided over days.
The Jewish General Hospital of Montreal reports that some patients they received from the nursing homes suffer from starvation or dehydration, and not the virus.
How's that for our modern, autonomous and capable Quebec?

Now the senior homes that did lockdown are not out of the woods. Family and friends are barred from visiting, which means that many who come on an ongoing basis to provide their loved one with baths, exercise and other services can no longer do so, further straining the already burdened system.

I get the feeling that we are watching our family home ablaze, totally engulfed in flames with firefighters trying to stem the damage to the adjacent homes because ours is a lost cause.
The fire will burn until there's nothing left to consume.

With plenty of still healthy residents literally trapped in senior homes ablaze with Covid and without a viable way out, the die is cast.

What puzzles me is Quebec's media's desperate attempt to downplay Quebec's dire situation.
On every newscast, Quebec's situation is minimized by displays of America's stricken and dead.
The numbers tower over Quebec, but if the proper math is applied Quebec's situation is 95% as bad as that in the USA and that difference is narrowing each day where soon we'll be worse off.
At any rate, Quebec's Covid catastrophe will play itself out and the only thing that is sure is that the body count will rise dramatically and that when it is over, the government will pat itself on the back and tell us what a wonderful job they've done.

That part, I guarantee.