Thursday, April 2, 2020

How Justin Trudeau Lost the Virus War

Dr.Theresa Tam.. Responsible for Wuhan Virus Debacle
It isn't Justin Trudeau's fault that Canada was unprepared for the Wuhan virus, that dubious distinction falls on Canada's Health Agency and its remarkably unfit Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam.

With a pandemic raging in China, our national health agency (along with other western nations) were lulled into a false sense of security by the World Health Organization which worked overtime to downplay the epidemic at China's behest.

It was a fatal mistake that is responsible for the utter unpreparedness of Canada.
That general unpreparedness and the refusal to close borders sooner than later directly led to the increase in Wuhan virus-infected individuals coming into Canada, unchecked, unverified and un-quarantined.

The proof that Trudeau was clueless about the potential danger is highlighted by the fact that his wife Sophie and his daughter travelled to London, England where she promptly caught the virus.
I cannot imagine that had Trudeau an inkling of the danger in Europe, he'd agree to such a trip.
It underlines what type of advice he must have been given by his experts over at Health Canada who failed to sound an alarm.

The fact that Trudeau is a globalist didn't help matters at all, surrounding himself with like-minded officials who parrotted the United Nations view of one-world

Trudeau lectured us like school children that unlike President Trump who ordered the border closed to Europe, Canada was confident that the drastic measure was unnecessary.
Here is a video I put together to forever remind us of the idiots who actually run Canada.

As we all know now, China obfuscated and outright lied about the pandemic in order to cover up the severity, silencing critics and controlling the message through it's mouthpiece the World Health Organization.
In relying on poisoned advice from the WHO, our federal officials made one wrong decision after another, leading us to where we are now.
The WHO is a politically-controlled United Nations agency that as the deputy Prime-Minister of Japan said should be renamed as the China Health Organization because of its total domination and control exercised by the Chinese Communist Party.

How tightly does China control the WHO?
Watch the deputy Prime Minister of Japan lay into the corrupted WHO.

To all you globalists still unconvinced at the idea that China really controls the World Health organization, watch this video by its deputy director Bruce Alyward, a Canadian who in an interview sang the praises of China. When faced with a pointed question about China he was so dumbfounded that he sat in stunned silence before hanging up on the interviewer. When the interviewer called back for clarification, he outright refused to give an answer.


And so let us get back to Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada.
How she qualified for the job is a mystery other than the fact that she checked all Justin Trudeau's boxes.
Female--- Minority--- Globalist.

Dr. Tam doesn't speak French at all and speaks English in a highly irritating accent. She speaks like a robotic automaton and is the antithesis of an official who should inspire confidence.
And no, her Chinese heritage is not an issue, it is her qualifications as a leader.
In news conferences, she defers questions asked in French to her deputy Dr. Howard Njoo, who speaks so poorly that it is nothing short of an embarrassment.
Although it is common practice to put a doctor in charge of health agencies, I'm not sure it's a good idea.
Doctors are generally one-dimensional with a narrow educational background and little patience for the hoi-polloi. The job of Chief Public Health Officer of a political, not a medical position and should be filled by a good communicator and inspiring character, something that Doctor Tam is not.

Parroting the WHO globalist line of open borders and Chinese misinformation about the severity, Tam misled Canadians as to the danger of the Wuhan virus. She totally misjudged the situation largely because she trusted those who should never have been trusted and thus directly led to Canada's under-preparedness.
Read the idiotic pronouncements she made leading up and into the disaster.
January 20, 2020
“It is important to take this seriously and be vigilant and be prepared, but I don’t think there’s any reason for us to panic or be overly concerned,” Dr. Theresa Tam said Monday in a call with reporters.

January 26, 2020
 Tam said the risk of human-to-human contamination is minimal, even for those who may have shared a flight or been in the airport alongside the Toronto patient.
“People transmit when they’re in close contact, particularly prolonged contact,” she said. “It’s really family members travelling with the patient who are at the highest risk.”
I won't bore you with the myriad of examples where over and over again, she blindly quotes the Chinese propaganda line, seemingly unable to to accept the false narrative she was fed.

January 31, 2020
Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, reiterated Thursday that the chances of an outbreak in Canada remain low.

January 26, 2020
Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam said despite the fact the number of cases in China is increasing, the export to other countries remains low and the risk remains low in Canada.
Tam said the reported case Saturday was "not unexpected."
"The health system is on alert to detect potential cases and to respond promptly when they are confirmed," Tam said. "It shows that our systems are working."

January 27, 2020
“Right now the World Health Organization actually advises against any specific travel restrictions,” said Dr. Theresa Tam, the federal chief medical officer.

January 28, 2020
Canada’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Teresa Tam, underlined the message that the general risk to Canadians remains low.
“Canadians should not be concerned they can pick up the virus through casual contact such as walking through the airport,” she said.

February 10, 2020
"Of course we will be evaluating all these measures on an ongoing basis, but right now we believe that is the right balance in protecting the health of Canadians," said Tam, noting that Canada's approach is in line with the World Health Organization's guidelines related to "inappropriate restrictions to travel and trade."

February 10, 2020
The risk to Canadians from coronavirus “continues to be low,” according to Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam.

February 11, 2020
Addressing reporters on Monday, Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, reiterated there are no plans to adopt a U.S.-style travel ban from China.

“Of course we will be evaluating all these measures on an ongoing basis, but right now we believe (the existing measures have struck) the right balance in protecting the health of Canadians,” Tam said. 
Feb 21,2020
However, when asked about the border screening process, Canada's chief public health officer, Dr, Theresa Tam, told media Friday afternoon that public health’s “layered response” is working well.
“Right now. What we have in place has been working,” said Tam.
Now defenders are saying that her failure was repeated all over the western world in countries like Italy and Spain, but that's not exactly true with many countries, even those badly affected better-prepared because plans to fight the virus were made in anticipation. Germany is the finest example of a country well-prepared as well as Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.

I read with interest an article in the Montreal Gazette about a Chinese Montrealer who went to China to visit family in January. When she saw the state of affairs she cut her visit short, returned to Canada and placed herself in isolation.
She was so alarmed by what she saw and so fearful for the future that she wrote a letter to Health Canada and the Prime Minister warning of the danger.
Read: Quebec unprepared for coronavirus outbreak, says Montrealer back from China
You'd think that if one non-medical person could accurately foresee the grim future, somewhere in Health Canada, professionals would raise the alarm, but alas they did not.

Our Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam must take responsibility for the utter and complete failure, a failure that is and will cost countless Canadians their lives.
We'd have been a lot better off with the above-mentioned Chinese Montrealer as head of the agency that is supposed to safeguard our health.

And so as the saying goes 'denial' is not a river in Egypt, it is a dangerous state of mind firmly implanted in Health Canada, much to the detriment of Canadians.

How many Canadians will die because of Dr. Theresa Tam's dangerously incompetent leadership remains to be seen, but there is more to this tragedy in that she hasn't been sacked and continues to offer her useless and dangerous advice.

Today Tam is telling us that wearing masks is useless, despite the fact that countries who have better faced down the virus all insist on masks in public.
She'll probably reverse herself on the subject in a matter of time.

 My best advice and probably that of the Chinese Montrealer who wrote to her warning of the danger is to ignore anything this foolish and dangerous WHO apologist has to say.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Montreal Jews Will Suffer for Covid-19 Arrogance

Emergency Testing Site in Cote Saint-Luc
I don't think that in my 1400 blog posts, I've ever had to write such a wrenching and personally distressing piece as what I'm about to pen here.

Although I'm not particularly religious, I do consider myself a Zionist and a member of the tribe in good standing.
I am the farthest thing from a self-loathing Jew, yet I cannot in good conscience stay silent in the face of the egregious and dangerously arrogant attitude of too many members of Montreal's Jewish community in regards to the current pandemic.

Because the non-Jewish community, especially the media  is reluctant to criticize us for fear of being branded antisemitic, that all too-often employed defence mechanism, the justifiable criticism over our community's behaviour had been muted.
And so it befalls me to say what isn't being said, that is that as a community we have acted shamefully, flippantly and selfishly thus endangering lives.

It is a sad fact that almost a third to forty percent of the coronavirus cases in Montreal are occurring in my Jewish community, largely because of the arrogance displayed by inconsiderate and selfish members who flouted the containment rules, both the spirit and the letter.

Now it is not a condemnation of the entire Jewish community, because it only takes a few idiots to cause havoc and mayhem and sadly in this respect, this tiny minority of scofflaws appear to be higher in our community, leading to the inevitable situation whereby we are seeing a disproportionate number of infected.
The idiots in our community who ignored and perhaps continue to ignore the containment rules actually transcends the Jewish subgroups and those who might be inclined to point the finger at one particular group, be it Sephardi, Ashkenazy, religious or ultra-religious are wrong.
We are all among the sinners.

Let us review some of the transgressions;

After sending out a message to close schools and limit gatherings the police were actually forced to dispatch cars to patrol ultra-religious schools in Outremont in order to force them to submit to distancing or closure rules.

Ha! Probably the closest these boys have ever been to a woman.

Here from a CBC story;
"Twenty young people stand on the doorstep of a synagogue in Outremont, in Montreal, a worrisome look.

Several police cars are circulating in the neighbourhood and one of them stopped here on Hutchison Street, at the corner of Saint-Viateur Street.

Two police officers try to chat with the young people in an effort to warn them to be careful during these pandemic times, the policewoman explains to us, returning to her car.

Community police will follow up, she added. Montreal police also had to intervene in a large Orthodox Jewish wedding in west Montreal earlier this week."

Côte-Saint-Luc adopted measures the day after this event to limit gatherings on its territory to 10 people or less, in particular because of the large number of places of worship found there.

For many very religious communities, social distancing may be more difficult to implement than for non-believers. 

If we stop praying, will God help us stop the virus? asked a Hasidic lady crossed in front of another synagogue in Outremont, which was still open on Monday, insisting that only prayer can save us. 

While we'd expect the ultra-religious Jews to flout the rules, it is, in fact, their modus operandi, it is perhaps more disappointing that the mainstream community including the clergy are guilty of wilfully negligent behaviour.
At any rate, the virus is confirmed to be spreading in the Hassidic community with this announcement.
"Montreal's first confirmed COVID-19 death is a 67-year-old Hasidic man who showed symptoms Sunday night, ultimately succumbing to complications caused by the coronavirus Wednesday night."
This time of year represents the wedding season for Jews with many, many weddings scheduled.
Almost all of these celebrations were cancelled and put off, much to the bitter disappointment of the families involved, where plans and arrangements were made months and months in advance.
But the vast majority did the responsible thing and postponed the event or got married in a tiny ceremony.

Unfortunately not so for all. Several Jewish weddings did go on despite the limitations proposed by the government.

Weddings, especially Jewish weddings are the perfect storm for virus transmission with hundreds of guests, many from out of town all pressed closely together. The traditional Hora dance has a circle of strangers dancing hand in hand, coupled with hugging and kissing. Just one positive Covid-19 case among the hundreds of guests can lead to disaster and that is just what happened.

I'm not going to call out all the offenders, except for those who went public to defend their decision to hold these events.

Montreal's most prestigious synagogue held a huge wedding on the evening of March 12,  this after the morning's announcement by the Premier banning large gatherings of 250 people or more.
"Hundreds of people attended the wedding on March 12 at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim on Kensington Ave. The ceremony took place the same day Quebec Premier François Legault banned all gatherings of more than 250 people in the province to limit the spread of the coronavirus."   Link
The rabbi of the Westmount's Shar Hashmoyim defended himself and the synagogue;
“We simply did not have enough time to adjust,” Scheier said in his email to congregation members, a copy of which was obtained by the Montreal Gazette. “In fact, the celebration was just about to get underway — the bridal party was having photographs taken — when we learned” of the premier’s comments.
Bullshit, Mr. Rabbi...
The Premier made his announcement in the morning and at 11:30am, newspapers had already published his directive banning gatherings over 250 people.  Iheart radio, including Montreal's CJAD all covered the announcement at 11:27 am.
The announcement would have alarmed everyone involved in the wedding and to pretend that you didn't know about the announcement until it was too late in the afternoon is not credible.

COVID-19: Legault calls for cancellation of all events larger than 250 people

Published Thursday, March 12, 2020 11:26AM EDT Last Updated Thursday, March 12, 2020 5:51PM EDT   LINK
In fact, every media outlet published or broadcast news of the banning of events of more than 250  people before lunch. The wedding went ahead that evening.

So Mr Rabbi, let us not pretend.
A decision was made to hold the event despite the interdiction, a decision that led to an elderly attendee catching the virus and bringing it back to her senior residence in Cote Saint-Luc where two other elderly residents have already caught the virus.
In fact, the same Westmount synagogue held another wedding on the weekend, swearing this time that there were no more than 250 people, including staff in attendance. How responsible!!

There were many other big weddings held, one downtown and one in the west end.

Here is another example of the utter contempt some had in the face of the ban.
This wedding which was obviously responsibly cancelled by the venue was downsized and moved to a kosher restaurant that didn't have any problem holding the event.

Read this Facebook post.
The restaurant defended itself by saying that it didn't break any law because its capacity was much larger.
But as I said before, with dancing, kissing and embracing the many diverse invitees that a Jewish wedding involves, the transmission of the virus is inevitable.
By the way, the comments under this post were devastating, reflecting the furious reaction of most Montreal Jews.

CSL Mayor bravely sounds ominous alarm
Cote Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein was so alarmed by the rampant disobedience in his town that he begged the Quebec government to put his city under lockdown.
"We just want to highlight the fact that we have a bad cocktail in Cote-St-Luc that is going to be explosive," he said. "It started already and because of the fact that so many gatherings have taken place over the last few weeks, we know it's going to not be great."
There's plenty of blame to go around with mostly superior-minded Askenazi Jews returning from Florida and other snowbird locations ignoring the 14-day isolation rule in too large numbers.
"Apartment and condominium dwellers email Côte-St-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein or call him to inform him that there are snowbirds in their buildings just back from Florida or other warm climes who are circulating freely as if it were business as usual, seemingly oblivious to the fact that we are in the grip of a pandemic, that COVID-19 has affected nearly 220,000 people worldwide. 
Our callous disrespect as a community has not gone unnoticed, prompting this sad advisory;
"The province’s director of public health is urging Montrealers to stay out of the city’s west end, where the number of COVID-19 cases is growing.
“Try and minimize, if you’re not from that place, to go over there from other regions,” Horacio Arruda said at Premier François Legault’s daily briefing on the pandemic."
 The situation is so serious that the powers that be set up a special testing site located in the formerly-named Cavendish mall reflecting concern over the propagation of the virus in the area.

How bad the situation remains to be seen, but the propagation of the virus among Montreal's Jewish community has been enormously exacerbated because of the willful and derelict conduct by too many careless and arrogant individuals and too many religious institutions and clergy that thought themselves above the law, perhaps channelling the Hebrew National hot dog company's motto of  "Answering to a higher authority"

After this is over, there needs to be an accounting.


With over 30,000 views so far, this blog post seems to have touched a nerve and has certainly sparked a vivid reaction in the comments section with a lot of readers ticked off.

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Anonymous comments will no longer be published.
If you'd like to say mean things to me, go ahead under the condition that you have the fortitude to identify yourself.

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Government is Handling Covid-19 All Wrong...

All the experts and all the health professionals know that we cannot stop Covid-19 dead in its tracks, that ship has sailed or never even was in port.
Restricting foreigners at airports may stall the propagation somewhat, but the virus is already here and will work its way through the population, no matter what.
The shutdown of public gatherings is useful only because it will slow (but not eliminate) the spread, giving our limited medical resources more room to react.

But the government is not facing the elephant in the room and the simple measure that would have the greatest mitigating effect.
A frank and measured response can keep the epidemic manageable if only the government made some hard and perhaps unpopular decisions.

Let us consider the facts.

Covid-19 is deadly to older folks and the immunocompromised, those with underlying health situations. The virus poses only a slight risk to healthy adults and is not at all dangerous to children.
These are the COVID-19 mortality rates by age calculated by the Chinese CDC:
  • ages 10-19:  .02% deaths
  • ages 20-29   .02% deaths
  • ages 30-39:  .02 % deaths
  • ages 40-49:  .04 % deaths
  • ages 50-59:  1.3 % deaths
  • ages 60-69:  3.6 % deaths
  • ages 70-79:.   8 % deaths
  • ages 80 and over: 14.8% deaths
Of the 5,000 Covid-19 deaths so far, attributed by age
  • ages 10-19:             3 deaths
  • ages 20-29             3 deaths
  • ages 30-39:            3 deaths
  • ages 40-49:        235 deaths
  • ages 60-69:        654 deaths
  • ages 70-79:      1,437 deaths
  • 80 and over:  2,662 deaths
Simply stated, 95% of all deaths due to Covid-19 occur in those over 60 years old.
Clearly, we can see the real problem.

If we were to remove the highest at-risk group mentioned above,  Covid-19 would be dangerous, but completely manageable.

The fact is that the average age of those who have died from the virus so far is 80 years old and the average age of hospitalization due to the virus is 60 years old.
Hospitals in Italy and around the world  are jammed with so many elderly patients that the system cannot cope, leading to diminished outcomes and contributing to deaths that would perhaps be avoided had the system enough resources.

Governments around the world are trying to contain the virus by restricting public movement, a losing battle that won't be won because no western government could ever impose the draconian all-encompassing quarantine that saw tens of millions of citizens in China in lock down for about two months.

But there is another path, one that would allow us to manage the outbreak and preserve our  hospitals to reasonably cope with the outbreak.

We must immediately impose a self-quarantine on everybody over 65 years old and those in vulnerable health categories.

Seniors would be obliged to go into home self-quarantine where they would be forced to ride out the storm. Senior residences would be put on lock down with no visitors and employees would be restricted to working in just one senior residence, reducing contamination from one home to another.

Not all seniors live alone in their own abode or a group home or residence, but for the majority in this category, such is the case.
Locking down these people will not only save many of their own lives but liberate our hospitals from being jammed up with serious and resource-hungry cases that will overwhelm our ability to fight the epidemic.

A support group of volunteers and mobilized government workers can see to those who need food delivery, medication and sundries and for those still working, immediate employment insurance.
While we cannot lock down our entire population as in China, we can take the most vulnerable and at-risk segment of our population and take them out of the firing line.
Taking care of seniors at home who require support is vastly cheaper than allowing them to get sick and cannibalize medical resources.

Nobody likes to discriminate over age, but in this case it is in everybody's interest.

As for the rest of the population, slowing down the progression is what the government should concentrate on so that our health resources are not overwhelmed. With the senior population safely quarantined and public restrictions in place, we can manage the situation.

As for myself, I'm going to be taking my own advice. I've laid in enough supplies for two months, both food and disinfecting materials and plan on placing myself in self-quarantine in my home.

The severity of the outbreak is squarely on the shoulders of seniors like myself, a group that will make or break our response to the outbreak.
It is time for the government to take real measures that can beat this epidemic and it can be done.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

How Liberals Killed the CBC

The CBC was conceived in an era where our vast country was largely unconnected, not so much transportation-wise, but rather whereby Canadians across the country lived their lives locally, largely unconnected to those outside their region or province.

And so the CBC was created to foster a national persona that all Canadians could embrace, strengthening the dominion and leading to a more cohesive country rather than a collection on separate societies.
It was a noble attempt to unify the country but much as the National Film Board was created to tell Canadian stories fostering an identity separate from the overpowering cultural tug of our American neighbours to the south, the CBC is largely a spent force.

As the twentieth century closed, the relevance of the CBC faded and with the advent of the Internet its fate was largely sealed, viewed by Canadians as out of touch, uninteresting and an institution that is still attempting to form Canadians into the Liberal mould that remains its undying philosophy and raison d'etre.

I'll not discuss the French version of the CBC here, it is equally Liberal and dysfunctional, but serves largely to overfund Francophone 'culture' and provide much-needed jobs to Quebec artists who could never make it in the real world.
I'm not even going to get into the funding where the CBC proudly tells us that polling reveals that Canadians are fine with the billion-dollar subsidy.
The 45% of those who say they want to continue the CBC's funding are never put to the test by being asked how much of their own cash they'd actually pay each month to be personally connected to the CBC, like Netflix.
Having the government pay for the CBC is one thing, but how many of us would pay $15 a month to have access to the CBC?
Would you?

Like all government bureaucracies, the CBC's hallmark is waste, featherbedding,  low productivity and inferior products, with employees enjoying a leisurely pace because ratings and revenue don't matter.

Let's start with the CBC news division which is arguably the only thing worth saving as it provides a Canadian take on news events nationally and internationally or at least it's supposed to without journalistic bias.
 For many years Canada nightly news was presented by Lloyd Robertson over at CTV and his worthy counterpart, Peter Mansbridge at the CBC both who both performed the news anchorman anchorperson duty admirably. However, at today's CBC neither man would ever be considered for the job, because they represent the most reviled demographic of all, being white, heterosexual and old.

In presenting only one nightly news anchorperson, the CBC could not satisfy its woke representation of Canada, so it made the light-bulb decision to install four anchorpersons based on diversity and inclusion.
Of course, this experiment was an utter failure as the tried and true formula of one news anchor that has been successful ever since the time of Walter Cronkite was ignored.
The big three American networks continue to staff the premiere nightly news with one person, a white man at ABC, a black man at NBC and a white woman at CBS. Canada's privately-run CTV network is anchored by a woman. At these networks, quality and relatability are the standards and who the anchorperson is, is more important than what the anchorperson is.
Of course, the CBC news experiment is a failure, as ratings plummetted, another liberal experiment that has CBC producers comforting themselves in the fact that at least they tried.
In fact, that should be the motto of the CBC... "AT LEAST THEY TRIED"

As for CBC Radio, it is a vast wasteland of utterly uninteresting and politically left-wing programming that nobody listens to.
CBC radio is, of course, a paradigm of left-wing political correctness, where on its website it promotes rap artists with the warning that some of the lyrics contain explicit language. You know what music I'm talking about, the urban trash I like to call bitches'n hoes" music.
This while the CBC announces that it will no longer play the Christmas classic "Baby it's Cold Outside" because it is too sexist.
CBC radio hasn't had an interesting on-air personality since the infamous Jian Ghomeshi whose sex escapades and harassment were tolerated by CBC managers because he was their only bone fide star.
This despite the myriad of insanely expensive layers of anti-harassment and human resource tools that all woke enterprises employ.

Typically CBC Radio's two main stations pull in about 10% of the listening audience, an audience that is small and diminishing each year.
If the CBC radio was privatized and charged $2 a month to subscribe, you could count the subscribers on your fingers and toes.
There was a story about one station that mysteriously went off the air for several hours and not one listener complained.
All this for $200 million in subsidies a year.

CBC television drama suffers from the left-wing delusion in portraying historical Canada as it wished it was rather than how it really was.

Murdoch mysteries is a long-running show about the adventures of a catholic Toronto detective and is chuck full of diverse characters including a gay/Jewish detective, a woman doctor, a black female medical examiner, a female newspaper reporter and a black policeman.
All this at the dawn of the twentieth century when Toronto was as racist and sexist as one can imagine.
The idea that these characters could exist in these contexts is a liberal fantasy and a dangerous portrayal of a Canada that did not exist.
It is in fact, insulting to the groups represented by these characters, groups that were invisible back then and ones who did not exist in the fantasy world portrayed

Now I understand that many of you will argue that the show is a gentle tongue-in-cheek affair, not meant to harm or misinform but I'd ask you how would you react if German television portrayed life in Hitler's 1930's as an idyllic setting for minorities like Jews, Blacks and Gypsys.
How would we appreciate an American network portraying a police department in 1900 Atlanta with Black and Jewish detectives working hand in hand with whites?
All of a sudden the dramatic license isn't so forgivable.

The same goes for Frankie Drake Mysteries, a show set in the 1930s and cut from the same cloth as Murdoch Mysteries where all the lead characters are female, being a private detective, her black sidekick, a cop and a medical examiner. The absurdity of creating shows that falsely portray Canada as liberals wish it had been is the hallmark of woke liberalism, creating a fantasy and demanding that we accept it.
Most of the historical dramas would be better presented on the Syfy channel. 

As for the documentary and science side of the CBC we have the insufferable liberal David Suzuki hectoring us for years on how badly we treat our environment and what a disaster we are, all the while enjoying a wealthy lifestyle and carbon footprint that probably amount to what 20 average Canadians consume.
The rest of the documentaries focus on how bad white people are and how badly we impose ourselves on minorities, especially native Canadians who blame us for all their failings.
The refrain goes on and on at the CBC.

The biggest error that the CBC makes is assuming that its liberal agenda can and should be imposed on Canadians via its programming.
Despite the barrage of liberal propaganda, a good many Canadian hold conservative opinions that the CBC rages against.
For a good 40% of Canadians, the CBC is trash and for another 40%, it is irrelevant, leaving the ultra-left wing minority to support and promote the institution.

At any rate, I'm glad that the CBC is failing.
I'm happier that the billion dollars of taxpayer money is just being flushed down the toilet wastefully rather than successfully being employed by the CBC as an effective tool for the imposition of its liberal agenda.

What heartens me is that the liberal fantasy that the CBC weaves and the false reality of what and who we are is utterly rejected by Canadians who are turning off the CBC drivel at an unprecedented level.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Harry and Meghan Won't Make it In Canada

For the most part, Canadians are indifferent to the Royal family with almost half believing that the institution is passé. As for hard-core royalists, the number stands at less than 20%.
This is what we expect of royals. Who knows what we will get?
To characterize the Canadian view, ambivalence might be the best word to describe our attitude and even in Quebec where the monarchy is least popular, the level of opposition is minor, where most believe that the Royals are not that important and not an issue to fuss over.

That being said, those who love the monarchy represent an interesting minority whereby the romantic pomp and circumstance is the stuff that feeds dreams and something which has done so long before stories like Cinderella that set young girls' hearts aflutter with dreams of bagging their very own Prince Charming.
Supporting the monarchy costs each Canadian less than the cost of half a paperback romance novel, so complaining about the cost is rather cruel and cheap. The government pays for all sorts of cultural things that only a minority of Canadians enjoy, like museums, festivals, Canadian content on television, subsidies for artists and writers and a plethora of stuff that only a few of us enjoy.

So supporting the monarchy is value for our tax money, whereby those who enjoy following the royals, while a minority, are still a significant number.

But in that implicit bargain is that the royals conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain that interest, in other words acting royally and providing the mystery and pomp and circumstance that those who follow expect and enjoy.

For Meghan and Harry to propose a hybrid change in that compact whereby they will sometimes act royally and sometimes act like private citizens will wear thin on those who do support the monarchy.

We already have royals who act as private citizens in Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, daughters of the now-disgraced Prince Andrew. These princesses have real jobs and earn their own money, unsupported by taxpayers. They do show up to royal functions as members of the family but are not required, nor do they publicly represent the monarchy.

Good on them, but the reality is that these princesses are of little or no interest to us, having forsaken the glamorous and mysterious life of Royals.
A visit by either of these princesses to Canada wouldn't raise an eyebrow or create any sort of stir.

Those are the waters that Harry and Meghan are now testing, waters that are dangerous and cruel.
Not to put too crude a point on it but they'd both be advised of the old adage that it's not possible to suck and blow at the same time.

As for the cost of their security, at $10 million it may be peanuts in the great scheme of things, but regardless of the cost, taxpayers will have none of it.

The idea that RCMP protection officers will accompany Meghan on a paid acting gig or provide security for Harry while he gives a speech for which he is paid $150,000 is outrageous.

We've already seen portents of this future with the candid video of Prince Harry begging Disney president Bob Iger for a voice-over job for Meghan who pretended not to be aware of what was going on while chatting with Beyoncé
It was an unseemly and decidedly un-royal spectacle. LINK

Canadians are a kind and generous people, but they also have an inane sense of fair play and decency. While we have a lot of varied opinions, when you see 73% agreeing that we shouldn't pay for Meghan and Harry's security, you've reached a consensus.

The erstwhile in-and-out royals should take heed, Canadians aren't going to support their private/public lifestyle, it just will not fly.

Up till now, even amongst non-royalists, Harry and Meghan have enjoyed a decent amount of respect, but that will all change if they believe they can foist their re-invented royal/non-royal life on our dime.

If our government does provide security in the face of overwhelming public opposition there will be Hell to pay, not only for our Prime Minister but Harry and Meghan as well.

For the first time in his life, Harry will face a certain public rebuke and an outspoken opposition that will not remain silent, something that he will be shocked to endure

For Meghan, not really one made of sterner stuff, the criticism will be as painful as what chased her out of Britain.
Canadians are willing to accept Meghan and Harry with open arms, free to live the lifestyle they prefer but on condition that taxpayers aren't on the hook for a dime.

I'm betting they haven't really understood that their choice to step away from royal duties has consequences and that once the royal cachet is gone, they are nothing more than celebrities, subject to the whim of popularity.
As the couple ages and their glamour and good looks fade, the royal family with all its trappings will look better and better.

Faced with this unexpected criticism the royal/un-royal couple will likely decamp to Los Angeles, where they will probably fare even worse.