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Is Kent Hughes a 'Québécois?'

If you have French please enjoy the  original French version by following this link.

Out of respect for the writer I offer this translation without comment;

The appointment of the new general manger of the Habs  sparked all kinds of reactions this week, some skeptical, others laudatory, and still others who deplored… the English-sounding name Kent Hughes. 
“All that remains is to replace Ducharme with an anglophone and bingo! A hat trick, ”wrote columnist Lise Ravary on Twitter, a post that quickly went viral, prompting a few “likes”, but many more negative replies. 
Are you saying, Madam Reporter, that Kent Hughes is less Québécois because his name is not French-sounding?, asked several Internet users. Do you mean outright that he is not… a Québécois?
No, no, no, not at all, she replied. “As Parizeau said, anyone who has an address in Quebec… But it would have been a plus if his name had identified him as speaking French without having to search his CV. 
Hmm… Who is Québécois, who is not? The question is delicate and to be handled with tact. We have also had evidence of this in recent weeks with the government's famous advertising campaign to "end prejudice" which seemed straight out of Bye-Bye. "In Quebec, a man from South America with tattoos running in the street, we call that: a Quebec neighbour", for example. “A group of young black people gathered in a park at nightfall, we call that: friends from Quebec. " And so on. This clumsy campaign full of stereotypes has aroused unease. Especially when we realized that in English, “Québécois neighbour” was simply “a neighbour. And the "Quebec friends", simple "friends". A blunder that we then sought to correct, but which nevertheless reveals the difficulty of handling the term 'Québécois'.
It's a difficulty which to be honest, on which the government does not have a monopoly. How did the Habs introduce its new CEO on Twitter last Tuesday? “Québécois Kent Hughes.  But in English, he suddenly became “the Montreal-born” Kent Hughes… 
A columnist stumbles. 
The government stumbles. 
The Habs  stumble. 
And quite frankly, they are not the only ones: we also occasionally stumble over this delicate question at La Presse. As recently as last October, the language advisor of La Presse, Lucie Côté, whom you like to read every Sunday in the Context section, pointed out that we tended to reserve the word Québécois only for French speakers. of 'pur laine.' Completely unconscious. In our texts, Leylah Fernandez is often from Laval, for example, not from Quebec (although we write the Ontarian Bianca Andreescu). Same thing for Farah Alibay, who is said to be Montrealer, because born in the metropolis, rarely Quebecer. Lucie also pointed out that in our texts, we sometimes define those who have come from abroad to settle here by the country they left, as if that defined them forever. And this, regardless of the number of years you have lived in Quebec. As if involuntarily, at La Presse, the fact of being Quebecois became an ethnic origin, whereas all the people who live in Quebec are in principle Quebecers, of course. 
In order for us to do better, Lucie Côté dug into the question and offered us guidelines so that we would be more inclusive in the future. Then a word was sent to all of the 200 journalists and artisans of La Presse to make them aware of the importance, when writing, of always asking themselves why they choose such and such a way of presenting a person. Why, for example, is Dick Pound often referred to as a “Montreal lawyer”? And Leonard Cohen as a “Montreal poet?  
Journalists are then invited to ask themselves if it is not necessary, sometimes, to modify their text, so that it is more inclusive towards all Quebecers, whatever their name, whatever their origin. or their language. 
Which brings us back to Kent Hughes, whom we have therefore well and truly presented as a Québécois in recent days. Because he is very Québécois. He was born in Beaconsfield. He played minor hockey with the Lac Saint-Louis Lions. He was a member of the Patriotes du Cégep de Saint-Laurent. "He's a guy who has always spoken French, whose parents spoke French too, noted Enrico Ciccone in an interview with our journalist Richard Labbé. He's a guy from here who ended up going to the United States for his career, like many others have done. Martin Brodeur also did that, and do we say that he is not a Quebecer? We should stop with that…” And we should also stop having to detail the CV of a Quebecer, as I have just done, to make sure that he is indeed one.

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Hope And Hate Greet New Habs General Manager

It It isn't surprising that the reaction amongst Quebec's nationalist element was decidedly negative towards the announcement that the Montreal Canadiens' new General manager would be a west island anglophone named Kent Hughes.

In his introductory press conference, Hughes spoke in superior, though decidedly Anglo-French. His comprehension of questions put to him in French was pretty remarkable considering he's lived outside the province for over two decades.

For years we've been told by the likes of racist anglophobes like Réjean Tremblay, the doyon of the Quebec's French sportswriters, that Anglophones or Europeans who play or work for the Habs are remiss in not being able to communicate with fans in French.
From Saku Koivu to André Markov to Carey Price, Tremblay showered scorn upon those who he believed should learn a third language before fans learned a second.
He complained bitterly that the choice of Hughes was made before the other francophone in the running were given a chance. As for Hughes' French, Tremblay wasn't enthusiastic.

As for Jeff Gorton, he remains livid that he was hired as the real big boss over Hughes.

"Geoff Molson is the one who made the biggest mistake. Meeker Guerrier asked the President a question in French. He was no doubt counting on an answer for his report on Noovo. Molson told him he would answer in English so that Jeff Gorton understood what he was saying.
Fuck Roberval!, fuck Rimouski!, fuck Matane!, fuck Baie-Comeau!, fuck Quebec! More colonialist  than that and you'd blush with shame. We find ourselves water carriers forced to speak English at a table because one Anglophone out of the ten guests does not understand French. Simultaneous translation exists. A pair of headphones and Big Boss Jeff would have it all figured out. Otherwise, let Molson answer in French and translate or have his answer translated. That way he respects Roberval, Rimouski, Matane, Baie-Comeau and Quebec. Otherwise, it will always be the same horrible bouillabaisse. There are already enough players who don't care about the fans, a vice-president, a senior officer of a company who depends on the tickets and the ratings of the good people to get rich, well that's another story..

 Now fans who care about the team and not about language politics were more open to giving Hughes and Gorton a fair shot and the comments under the various stories in the French press reflected the very real difference of opinion in the two camps;

Jean Ross
His French isn't the best but we can understand him as well as we understand our coach.
Now we have to concentrate on hockey.
Speaking of French, let's talk about Ducharme who has difficulty putting together a complete phrase.

André Lauzon
We didn't have enough Québécois talent to fill the job? We needed to find an expatriate chum of the unilingual Jeff Gorton?  What a lack of respect!

Adam Cobb
Hughes est quebecois.
Jacques Thériault
Kent Hughes est Québécois

Jean-Pierre Pineau
To be 'Québécois' is not simply an accident of birth, nor just growing up here. We'll see if he settles here and pays taxes. We know his kids don't speak or understand French. We're going to have a team of strangers with no attachment to the people.
For a winning team you need the best talent and language has nothing to do with it, even in the LHJMQ, English is spoken by the Swedes, Germans, Russians, Slovakians and Americans. Your vision is more attuned to a garage league team rather than the NHL. If the directors succeed in fielding a winning team, the Bell Centre will be full, anglophones as well as francophones.
Thomas Usine Lachine
The NHL has been a 
racist organization towards francophones for a long. It's an old tradition that's perpetuated here.

Gilles Millette
His French isn't perfect but resembles the French we'll probably all speak in 20, 30 or 40 years as Anglicization does its job in Quebec. We're far from the teams of old that represented the specificity of Quebec with management and star francophone players. We're sadly condemned to accept these  things.
With names likes Molson, Gorton and Hughes, we cannot feel more like 'owners.'
Jean Ross
For those worried about their language, does Coach Ducharme actually speak French?
Very good first impression. It's good to see a Canadiens GM with presence and aplomb.  As for his French, it is already very good.

André Lauzon
What an embarrassment to forgo francophone talent to hire an ex patriot anglo with bad French.
Not choosing Patrick Roy indicates a profound disconnection with reality. RIP Canadiens.

Nelson Jacques
For the moment everything is positive, nice personality, a lot of experience and skill in negotiation, he knows the field well. Personally I believe in him and that the CH was not mistaken.  
Best of luck to the team.
Stephane Therrien 
Over the last 10 years with francophones like Bergevin, Ducharme, Therrien, Julien, Martin, Carbonneau, Drouin, etc. the team  struggled not  to finish last, so why not change the recipe a bit? And whether you're Russian, Slovak or wherever you're from, hockey is in English. 
Jean-François Breton
Bizarre to hire a player agent. Instead of negotiating for higher salaries, he'll now negotiate for lower salaries!
Andre Parent  
Reading the comments, it seems to show that the attitude Canadiens fans is that of the of eternal loser. 
 Roméo Bouchard.
The Canadiens turn their back on the Quebeckers who pay for the tickets at the Bell Centre.
You have to be a masochist to believe that the Canadiens respect their fans. Hockey has become an American game, controlled by Americans, for the profit of Americans. 
After they stole our name, our country, our national anthem, our maple leaf, our nationality, Anglos have definitely stolen our hockey Canadiens team and excluded us.
Wow, what a mixed bag!

I'd like to address two issues, the first which applies directly to the last comment where the writer claims that the historically French Habs have somehow been stolen by an anglo cabal, an idea that remains popular despite it being utter nonsense.
With the cognitive dissonance of a Trump supporter claiming that the election was stolen, no amount of facts or evidence can convince these people that the Habs have always been a largely English organization.
It is true that the team was historically French on the ice, due to the NHL giving the team a monopoly on Quebec players for decades, but the modern era with the inclusion of Americans and Europeans to the league, coupled with the loss of exclusivity rights to Quebec players has altered the face on the ice dramatically.

But as for the management coaching and ownership, the Habs have always been largely anglophone.
In the 112 odd year history of the team;

The Canadiens have had an Anglo general manager for 71 years or 65% of the time.
The Canadiens have had an Anglo head coach for 63 years or 55% of the time.
The Canadiens have been owned by Anglophones or groups led by Anglophones for almost 90% of their history and exclusively since 1940.
Of the 24 Stanley Cup won by the Habs, 19 were won while the team had an English general manager and 19 were won with an English coach.
 The idea that the Montreal Canadiens were a French team stolen by 'les autres' is a popular fantasy.

The last point I'd like to make is the notion among francophones that Patrick Roy would make a good General manager for the Canadiens.
Roy notoriously quit the Canadiens in a fit of pique by walking out of his last game in Montreal after a disastrous outing where he let in nine goals in half a game. He famously disrespected the Habs president Ronald Corey on his way out of the rink and true to his word left the team via a forced trade.

His tenure as coach of the Colorado Avalanche was short-lived as he once again quit when he didn't get his way.
Former NHL defenseman Brian Engblom was an Avalanche television analyst who now works with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He had this to say about Roy.

“Patrick never lacked for opinions, right?” Engblom asked. “He’s always been that way, as a player and coach. This looks and smells like issues between he and the other people in the front office that they had differences in opinion, and he’s like, ‘OK, that’s it, I’m not doing it that way, ‘.

“That doesn’t surprise me. He never minces words or lacks conviction. He thinks what he thinks and he knows what he knows. And if it doesn’t work, that’s fine. He’ll walk away.”

 Never mind hiring a guy who embarrassed the organization big time, does he sound like GM material to you?
This will remind you of the sorry end of Patrick Roy in Montreal, a nasty piece of work with a hair-trigger temper, ill-suited for the calm and calculating demeanour required for the job of genera-manager

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Meet Quebec's Nastiest Racist!

 I'm going to start this post with a bit of a preamble because of the nature of the inflammatory, racist and ethnocentric ramblings of the quoted articles.

I'll bet that when you read the translated passages below you'll agree that I wasn't exaggerating with the title of this blog post., but I'm not offering these translations as any proof that Quebecers are in general more racist than Canadians.
And so, are Quebecers more racist than Canadians?
I actually think not. 

I've spent my entire 35-year career travelling the province of Quebec from one end to another managing a chain of retail stores, working and interacting almost exclusively in French in communities large and small from La Sarre in the northwest to Sandy Beach in the Southeast.
As an anglophone and a Jew, you'd think I'd encounter a lot of racism and mistrust but the opposite is actually true. I have always been treated with respect and can honestly say that racism was never a concern.
So for me, the idea that Quebec is the most racist province doesn't ring true. In fact, my first incident of racism occurred not in my home province, but actually on a business trip to Alberta. While these interactions are anecdotal, they do form the basis of my conclusions.

What is true is that Quebec is, or more to the point was an insular sort of society, formed by a government and a powerful church that reinforced and consolidated its power by instilling a fear and loathing of forces outside the majority.

It would be normal and understandable that Quebec society, bathed in this sort of propaganda and conditioning would become xenophobic and racist, which it actually was to some extent. 
But the rapid modernization of society that occurred in the sixties with the rejection of the Church and reactionary politics of the Duplessis era style politics changed all that rather quickly.

So is Quebec racist?
Of course, but I don't think it is more racist than anywhere else in the country and this despite an organized effort to demonize anglos and ethnics by the French press and our own provincial government.
While running ads decrying racism, our Premier acts and speaks like an ethnocentric racist to the applause and support of a sycophant media.

But I remain pleasantly surprised that considering Quebec's nationalist media and populist politicians' obsession with culture, race, immigration and anglos, that there isn't more racism in general.
It's a testament to the nature of Quebec's francophones, who generally distrust their own leaders who lecture and hector them on how to act and what to think. They remain defiantly independent in thought, perhaps a product of their past betrayal, by not Anglos, but rather their own Church and government.

Quebecers' view of racism mirror
Canada's closely

That being said, there remain pockets of extreme racism and xenophobia, mostly in the older generation yearning for the good old days and in the ranks of some devoted sovereigntists that see minorities and anglos as an obstacle to independence.

Sadly the sovereigntist media has invoked the spectre of cultural and French language destruction as the last issue to militate for sovereignty, a pivot made necessary ever since the economic argument for independence collapsed with Quebecers coming to the overall conclusion that Canada represents a good financial deal.

A lot of hate, racist screeds, ethnocentric rants in Quebec's official and unofficial media go mostly without reply or rebuttal because few on the English side pay much attention to the garbage being spewed in both the mainstream French media and blogosphere.
I remain dumbfounded at the nasty, racist and ethnocentric themes and opinions that are being propagated not only on websites like but in the mainstream media which allows commentaries and insults by nationalists that clearly cross the line of honest debate.

In this and hopefully more following posts I'll give you a glimpse of the most egregious examples of excess, allowing you to make your own judgments and come to your own conclusions.

Let me start with whom I consider to be Quebec's most racist xenophobe, a certain Réjean Labrie who writes the most egregious screeds on the website an ultra Quebec nationalist website, long associated with racism and xenophobia.
Mr. Labrie subscribes to the Nazi doctrine of ethnic purity, denouncing and  threatening all who are not  'pur laine' He unashamedly calls for Quebec anglophones to be deported from Quebec and demands that "impure" immigrants be banned,
If you think I'm exaggerating, I encourage you to read some of his hundreds of articles, most tinged with racism, ethnocentrism and unabashed depravity.

I'm sure that there are some equally vile websites in the ROC, but I'm not sure any have the reach of the above-mentioned Mr. Labrie boasts of having over a million views of his some 600 hundred articles.

Now there are countless Quebecers named Réjean Labrie, throughout the province, it is a not uncommon name, so do not make the mistake of drawing conclusions to others who share the name.
This certain scoundrel, a retired civil servant according to his bio comes from Quebec City and proudly proclaims to be a pure eleventh-generation Quebecer. 
Here is but a snippet of what he has to say;
All the translations are mine.

Non-Western immigration destroys the Identity of Nations

Let's start by defining what authentic Quebecers are not:  
Quebecers are not Muslim Arabs, so why would we let Muslim Arabs into Quebec by the tens of thousands? 
Quebecers are not Africans, so why would we let tens of thousands of Africans and Haitians into Quebec? 
Quebecers are not Hindus, so why would we let tens of thousands of Hindus into Quebec? 
Quebecers are not Asians, so why would we let tens of thousands of Asians into Quebec? 
Quebecers are not Latinos, so why would we let tens of thousands of Latinos into Quebec? 

No, Quebec is not their country, and it never will be, because they will never succeed in blending harmoniously with the rest of the population.
We see this very clearly in the overly cosmopolitan metropolis, which no longer resembles the Quebec outside of Montreal.
Authentic Quebecers desert it, and certainly not just because of the orange cones (and who said anything about the daily ethnic shootouts?).
Here are 13 solid reasons to oppose it;

1- Their cultures are too distant from ours. They never end up adopting ours and remain confined to their own. Far from enriching us, these remote cultures impoverish us. There are not enough points in common for it to be possible to get along well. 
2- Many have mores and customs that clash with ours and which we do not want spread here. Their value system contradicts with ours. 
 3- Often the influence of their religion controls them to the point that they are incapable of adopting our superior and more advanced values ​​than theirs. They show themselves incapable of separating the spiritual life from the civil life as we conceive it for the proper functioning of things (one need only think of their negative reaction to Bill 21, however desired and supported by the population). 
4- Many come to join a community that has opted for English, jeopardizing the survival of the French language. 
 5- Many have a galloping demography, which has the effect of gradually replacing the historic Quebec nation with the appearance of a destitute Third World.
 6- Several of these communities practice communitarianism and live voluntarily cut off from our world, on the margins of our society. They are only there to take advantage of social benefits paid by the State. 
7- Nationals of the most underdeveloped countries on the planet display a higher rate of crime, fraud, corruption and violence per capita, causing the enslavement of society, the multiplication of barbaric acts and the general insecurity of our good people. 
8- Several ethnic groups resentful of our way of life and our choices of society have taken the bad habit of systematically contesting in court all the laws supported by the people and the government which represents them, even pushing the insult by being financed by funds from the anti-Quebec federal Liberal government. 
9- Several third world ethnic groups do not correspond to the historical face of the population, which is one of the integral characteristics of each nation. The general appearance of a people is part of its assets and which, as such, must be protected. A country is made up of people who look alike. If you go to Scotland, you naturally expect Scots to look like Scots, not Tamils ​​or Taliban. If you go to Corsica, you naturally expect Corsicans to look like Corsicans, not Senegalese or Congolese. 
10- Several ethnic groups bring the current home-country conflicts here, and spread them in the public square by making noisy demonstrations which do not concern us and which poison our lives in an unjustified way. 
11- Excessive cosmopolitanism unravels the host nation, it shrinks us, turning us into a minority in our own country. We no longer feel at home, a basic condition for the feeling of collective well-being and security. 
 12- Several of these ethnic groups do not show any kind of solidarity with we the people of Quebec by helping us achieve our major objectives: the birth of a country of our own, the consolidation of the French fact, more equality for all . 
13- The mixture of foreign races and ethnic groups gradually destroys the historical collective identity of the nation. The established society is divided and scattered, it is moving away from its roots, from its secular foundations which have enabled it to successfully face the trials over time. It loses its bearings, becomes different, empties itself of its contents of its nourishing sap; in short, it dries up like a dry spring.
.....It is up to us not to allow ourselves to be de-civilized by massive Third World immigration. Western societies have been able to progress and maintain their high standards of civilization and advanced society by keeping the Third World at a distance. 
.... Speaking of uninvited immigration, we cannot avoid the analogy: you've seen the recent ravages committed by the monstrous Asian hornet which arrived here in containers imported from where certain viruses also come from...
...It is in no one's interest to encourage overpopulated peoples to come and overpopulate western countries. Do not let them come to propagate the state of constant stagnation and renewed conflicts that they maintain at home.  
....Quebecers are of Western, European and Caucasian extraction. Hence the vital importance that this element be part of the priority selection criteria for any candidate for immigration. We are not just anyone from anywhere, and we take just pride in that. 

 You can read the original French post HERE

Mr. Labrie may also be the most vocal ethnic cleanser in Quebec, proposing that Anglos be deported in another missive published on

In Montreal,  to hear less English, we require fewer Anglos.

We do not want a Quebec with Anglos capable of speaking French to the Francos when necessary, but who speak in English and live in English in their English culture the rest of the time. 

It's not living the Quebec way, it's continuing to live the Canadian way.

No, we want everyone in Quebec to speak French and live in French in Quebec culture, all the time. 

As a result, Anglophones (and allophones who opt for English - basically they all would like to) must be considered too numerous and must for this reason be encouraged to leave Quebec to settle somewhere in Justin Trudeau's vast Canada. 

Government and citizen measures must be taken so that this series of moves is initiated with the aim of reducing the number of Anglos in Montreal by 90% within 10 years. 

He goes on to suggest Quebecers adopt these slogans which even if you don't understand French you can surmise

   Alcool au volant, tolérance zéro. Anglais à Montréal, tolérance zéro

“ Tous ensemble, combattons les gangs de rue, le crime organisé, l'anglais à Montréal 

   By the way, did you know that at the end of the 19th century, the majority of the inhabitants of Quebec City were English-speaking? Mind-boggling, isn't it? But despite such a handicap, we finally managed to get rid of them to make the national capital the most proudly French-speaking city in America. So, let's roll up our sleeves and do the same for Montreal. If it worked then, it could work now. 

Not making this up. Here's the LINK

And here is his solution to the immigration 'problem"

Immigration quotas for harmful minorities.

1- We could establish that Quebec should not be made up of more than 2% Africans, 2% Hindus, 2% Arabs, 2% Asians, 2% Latinos, etc. As soon as we reach this maximum percentage in relation to the total population, we close the floodgates.

2- We could establish a maximum of 15% of non-Westerners in Quebec in order to preserve the historical face of the nation, its natural demography, and the aspect of its native population

3- We could establish  a maximum of 3% Muslims in Quebec, the only effective way to counter the hegemonic will of conquering Islam

4- We could establish a maximum of 10% of allophones of the total population for the sustainability of our official French national language

5- We could establish a maximum of 10% of native English speakers in Quebec, the excess being relocated to other provinces

6- We could establish a maximum of a total of 15% of people not born in Quebec at all times 

Again, not making this up. Here's the LINK 

Are you shaking your head yet?

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Racist Anti-Chinese Screed on QUB Radio... Just Par for the Course

It was a meeting of the minds of two of Quebec's most popular haters on a radio segment that illustrates the comfortable and natural state of racism in Quebec.

Gilles Proulx and Richard Martineau went off on the Chinese community in Brossard, Quebec, a Montreal suburban enclave that hosts a significant Asian community.

Gilles Proulx is an old-time hater who unabashedly unloads on everything Canadian, native and the non-pur-laine element of Quebec, making frenzied racist characterizations that I must admit are sometimes entertaining.
His paranoia, pain, outrage and hatred is all-consuming and watching him or listening to him 'lose it' over language or anglo oppression or native indulgence is sometimes entertaining in a schadenfreude sort of way 
What he says on the air has me shuddering to think what he says off the air.

To his credit, he also unloads à la Mordechai Richler on his own francophone community sparing them no quarter with his acerbic and nasty characterizations of a people too weak to defend their culture and society in the face of this perceived Anglo oppression. 

But Richard Martineau has none of the flair, charisma or smarts of Gilles Proulx. He is just plain nasty, racist and simplistic.
I don't know if he dumbs down his columns in the Journal de Montreal to suit his low-brow audience or if he is a product thereof.
His one-dimensional racist screeds offer no subtlety or nuance and his simplistic view of Quebec as under mortal attack by Anglos, ethnics and Canadians are tinged with a Trumpian sense of enemies and us/ them themes.
However, putting the two together on a radio show is a recipe for excess and believe me if their exchange would take place in English, there isn't a media outlet in North America that would air it.

For those who have French, take a listen to the gratuitously racist exchange about Quebec's Chinese community that includes insult after insult, including Mr. Proulx using a hideous and mocking Chinese accent to make his point. Who actually does that today?
I'm sure Proulx would take offence at being called a racist. "I no tinkee so, me likeee them
but if the shoe fits....

....  ....

Here are some of the highlights translated.
Oh, Gilles, you're gonna flip out over this...... From a flyer from Royal-Lepage in Brossard. (Now speaking in English) On one side is a picture of the agent,"Buying or Selling Your house? I can help" The other side is in Mandarin so it's in two languages Mandarin and English.

It's not the first time I've seen this on the south shore of Montreal, which is a Chinese kingdom. Brossard has completely transformed itself and there's nobody in charge like an elite or the OQLF to intervene when you complain. A friend of mine got into a dispute over a cancelled transaction. The Chinese seller sent him a letter in English. I told him to complain which was a waste of time he explained because the OLF wouldn't intervene, which we can call  a 'death by a thousand cuts'....
...The good little Chinese are now our dominators and future dominators of the Earth..
(Proulx continues in an demeaning and burlesque Chinese English accent.)
"Chicken Fried Rice, chicken pineapple wit dat?"

Martineau:  (laughing at Proulx's mocking)
Ha! Ha! The lady is named (doxxing removed) who writes (now speaking in mocking English)  "I am here to help you find the perfect house'
Proulx:  (In mocking English)
Yes I am here to help you, you fucken French-Canadian! You're a bunch of idiots and cannot stand on your legs.

Royal Lepage will say that it's a private enterprise and we're here to make money. Our future customers are Chinese and English, so we don't give a hoot about French.
(now in mocking English) They don't give a flying fuck!

I'll repeat what I said before, Canada is a racist country. which I accuse of trying to destroy this tiny village of Quebec.

These are the same hypocrites who complain about the Canadian media's so-called Quebec-Bashing.

Making insulting fun of ethnics and Anglos is par for the course in the Quebec media which is shielded from scrutiny because nobody in the rest of Canada or North America pays any attention to what is said in Quebec's French media. The CRTC is too timid and intimidated to intervene and since nobody in the ROC listens or hears the racism spewed, considers that it's better not to rock the boat.

The basis of this racism is the underlying notion that Quebec belongs to old stock French-Canadians alone with minorities, anglos and even natives considered interlopers with no legitimate right to help shape society.
The idea remains that these 'foreign' elements in Quebec society owe fealty and respect to the French Canadian majority and are obliged to mimic and integrate, abandoning their religion, language and heritage in order to satisfy the will of the majority.

That dear readers is the definition of ethnocentric racism ...

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Five Lies Separatists Spread about Bill 21

I've watched the unfolding drama of the debate over Bill 21 with abject fascination. The separatist media is conducting a  dishonest and surreptitious disinformation campaign, an attempt to ignite an internecine war between Quebec and Canada, all in the promotion of the sovereignty option.
Bill 21 itself is of no matter, it is just a phony excuse to mount another battle against Canada in the ongoing war for sovereignty.

For years the argument that Quebec was disadvantaged economically by remaining in Canada was the plan, concocted and promoted to convince Quebecers that their interest lay outside of Canada. 
It took years, but in the end, the gambit failed as evidence mounted and the public realized, perhaps begrudgingly, that the opposite was true and that Canada represented a good economic deal.
A deal too good to give up.

So sovereigntist militants needed a new tack, clearly, it was time for a 'Plan B.'
That coalesced around the idea that Canada represented an existential threat to the French language and Quebec culture.
And so here we are, facing off over a manufactured conflict and confrontation over identity.

For sovereigntists, the debate over Bill 21 is a Christmas present wrapped neatly in a bow, an issue that checks all the boxes meant to raise the enmity between Canada and Quebec.
The few Muslim women who will lose their jobs or be refused a chance to teach because of the hijab interdiction, are but inconsequential collateral damage.

And in order to keep the fires of this manufactured controversy and the Canada/Quebec head-butting going, sovereigntist journalists have mounted a ferocious disinformation blitz that includes these five pernicious lies that I'd like to examine.

1. Hijabs are a problem

Your neighbour knocks on your door and asks you to sign a petition to place a traffic light on the corner of your street because it's dangerous.
"Really," you ask, "What's the problem?"
"Too many pedestrians struck by cars"
"I haven't heard of any accidents. How many have happened exactly?"
"Er...I can't really say."
"Then piss off with your petition!"

The government, the school boards and the media have never explained the amplitude of the so-called Hijab 'problem.'
Are there 10, 100, 1,000 or ten thousand evil hijabs being flaunted in the schools?
Why haven't we been told?
Likely because if we were told, we'd realize that it is but a trifling number leading us to conclude that with so few cases, a draconian law that contravenes both the Quebec Charter and the Federal Charter of Rights would not be in order, especially if it entailed the invocation of the dastardly "notwithstanding clause" 
In other words, the cure is worse than the disease,

2. 70% of Quebecers support Bill 21

Utter nonsense pedalled by dishonest and frustrated separatists like Richard Martineau who sell this assertion in print in the Journal de Montreal and on QUB radio as if it's an uncontested fact.
Mr. Martineau never provides links or attribution to the poll, but I found some mention of an internal CAQ web poll that indicated 65% of Quebecers supported the bill. Here
Web polls are utter garbage that no legitimate politicians or journalist should use seriously and which the public should take as seriously as horoscopes.

How accurate are online polls?

"At worst, online polls can be seriously biased if people who hold a particular point of view are more motivated to participate than those with a different point of view. A good example of this was seen in 1998 when AOL posted an online poll asking if President Clinton should resign because of his relationship with a White House intern. The online poll found that 52% of the more than 100,000 respondents said he should. Telephone polls conducted at the same time with much smaller but representative samples of the public found far fewer saying the president should resign (21% in a CBS poll, 23% in a Gallup poll, and 36% in an ABC poll). The president’s critics were highly motivated to register their disapproval of his behaviour, and this resulted in a biased measurement of public opinion in the AOL online poll."Pew Research

 Online polls rely on highly-motivated internet users to answer the question and therefore have thoroughly under-weighted 'undecided' element to the poll.

Readers should always be wary of polls created by political parties or special interest groups because they are notoriously easy to fix.

Pollster: "Madam, are you in favour or opposed to Bill 21?
Mada:     "Er, never heard of it"
Pollster: "It's an anti-Muslim law.
Madam:  "Then I'm in FAVOUR!!"

By the way, in the radio discussion, Mr. Martineau likened a teacher who wears a hijab to that of a teacher wearing an FLQ T-shirt....yup!

3. The Government must remain 'neutral' with regards to religion in public institutions.

On one side you have those who want to wear religious-type clothing in schools and on the other side, there are those opposed to all religious symbols in school.
The government claims to be "neutral" but bans religious articles, clearly siding with one side.
Pretending that banning hijabs demonstrates neutrality is a farce.

A mother is faced
with a question from her two daughters.
The first daughter proposes that all the women in the family wear red dresses to the family Christmas party.
The second daughter suggests that all the girls should wear blue dresses.
The Mother looks at them both and with the judgment of Solomon replies;
"Girls, as your mother, I need to remain strictly 'neutral,' so we're going to wear red dresses...


4. Using the "Notwithstanding Clause" is legitimate because Quebec never consented to a Constitution that was imposed upon it by the ROC

But Quebec did create its very own Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms which pretty much says the same thing as the national version.

3. Every person is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association.
10. Every person has a right to full and equal recognition and exercise of his human rights and freedoms, without distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, colour, sex, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age except as provided by law, religion, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social condition, a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handicap.
Discrimination exists where such a distinction, exclusion or preference has the effect of nullifying or impairing such right.
13. No one may in a juridical act stipulate a clause involving discrimination.
16. No one may practise discrimination in respect of the hiring, apprenticeship, duration of the probationary period, vocational training, promotion, transfer, displacement, laying-off, suspension, dismissal or conditions of employment of a person or in the establishment of categories or classes of employment.
While the defenders of Bill 21 attack the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms as illegitimate, have you ever heard any of them comment on the fact that the law contravenes Quebec's own charter?

5. Canada unfairly "Bashes" Quebec

This is my favourite nose stretcher because it is meant to feed and nourish Quebec's general paranoia, hopefully raising resentment of Canada.
In the debate over Bill 21, it is actually Quebec doing the bashing of Canada with journalist after journalist describing Canada in the most unflattering and insulting terms.
Aside from one University of Ottawa professor who was quite mean in his assessment of Quebec's Bill 21, the articles written attacking the law in Canada's mainstream newspaper have been pretty much respectful.
Compare that the vicious attacks made against Canada and Canadians by Quebec journalists using insulting terms like "Rhodesians, " "Colonizers" "Colonialists" "Enemies"

“ This is what Quebec has become in the eyes of many of our compatriots in the ROC. A scarecrow that they wave to avoid questioning the excesses of their crazy multiculturalism. Link{fr}

When English Canada enters a debate like this with its big boots and its money, it damages the quality of the debate in Quebec.  Link{fr}

Quebec is alone. We will have to fight with uncompromising and fearless energy and will. We must admit that our enemies are more devious and more hypocritical than we are inclined to believe.   Link{fr}
Canada is no longer a country culturally distinct from the United States.

The violent reactions of English Canada should hardly surprise us. Link{fr}

The Rhodesian spirit once fought against by René Lévesque wears the face of militant multiculturalism.    Link{fr}
It is an old habit among radical Anglos, who have always behaved like local Rhodesians, criminalizing our collective aspiration to protect our language and to place it at the heart of collective life.   Link{fr}
The clash of values between English Canada and  us is massive and frontal. 
There are two countries in this country.  Link

 And as firebrand anglophobe Gilles Proulx wrote in Le Journal; 

“ English Canada wants a fight. It will happen.

What are we still doing in this madhouse? 

The recurring theme in all these articles is the disparagement of Canada and Canadians meant to paint Quebec as a victim, unloved and misunderstood with a not so oblique subtext that Quebec has no place in Canada.

At any rate, not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid.

I'll leave with some words of sanity by Quebec journalist Michel C. Auger,

Does a single case in two years pass the test of a "real and urgent goal"? Was Bill 21 intended to solve a major and urgent problem or was it not rather a fairly transparent attempt to gain political capital? Prime Minister François Legault certainly does not help himself by often repeating the fact that Bill 21 is popular.   
The fact is that the Charters of Rights exists precisely to protect minorities against unjust laws but which are popular with the majority. An opinion  poll, in court does not weigh very heavily. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, there is mounting pressure on the Trudeau government to intervene in court, which it will no doubt do when the case goes to the Supreme Court. But what is certain is that the legal debate is far from over and that new players and arguments will be added in the coming months. And these will not necessarily be twists and turns that will go in the direction that the Legault government wants.  Link{fr}

If you read French read this thoughtful piece from La Nouvelliste;

Bill 21: A retreat and a denial of the achievements of the Quiet Revolution

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!