Monday, July 17, 2017

Conservatives Better Hope for Russia Interference in Canada's Next Election

First of all, let me say how amused I am at America's visceral reaction to Russian hacking shenanigans in the last presidential election.
It appears that the master election manipulator that America is, has been schooled in the art of election interference by Russia and squeals of Congressional outrage ring as hollow as the pot calling the kettle black.
The CIA has been interfering in foreign democratic elections for over fifty years and in over 80 instances and this doesn't even consider the outright orchestration of successful and unsuccessful attempts at regime change through force. In fact the long-time American policy of engineering regime change was made official  with the implementation  of the "Eisenhower Doctrine under which the U.S. announced that it would intervene to protect regimes it considered threatened by international communism."  Link
Read:  A History of U.S. Meddling in Other Countries’ Elections

As recently as the last Israeli election, Obama tried to sink Prime Minister Netanyahu's re-election by funnelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to opposition groups;
"The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday." Link
No doubt Russia taught America a painful lesson that two can play this dirty game and protestations by various American politicians is pathetic, like crooks who complain bitterly that their stash of stolen loot has been pilfered or a longtime schoolyard bully who finds himself bullied.

Considering some of the stuff America has done in other countries to trigger regime change, what Russia did in the US presidential is mild by comparison. The Russians hacked the Democratic party and exposed some very damaging and embarrassing emails that Hillary wrote, revealing that her nasty private persona is nothing like what she presents in public. Should it have been a a disgruntled DNC employee, one who objected to Hillary's conduct, who leaked those same documents, he or she would be have been considered a hero by the American press.

But I digress...
Returning to the topic of the day, my premise that if the Conservatives hope to unseat Justin Trudeau in the next federal election they'll need some sort of Russian interference or otherwise divine intervention, because the numbers just don't add up and barring a miracle, Justin will get his second majority government.

Canada is generally much more Liberal than Conservative and there is just two ways that Conservatives can win power. They could sweep Quebec and carry the west like Brian Mulroney did in 1984 or take advantage of a serendipitous split of the left-leaning and separatist vote between the NDP, Liberals and the Bloc, exactly how Stephen Harper won and remained in power.
The key of course is Quebec where Bloc Quebecois or NDP success robs the Liberals of the necessary seats to form a government.
But when Justin Trudeau broke the dominance of the NDP and the Bloc in Quebec in the last election, he made the breakthrough that won him and the Liberals a majority government.
It proves once again the delicate balance that a three or four Parliamentary parties bring to the table, where the margin between winning big and losing big is razor thin.

So Justin Trudeau's election was a foregone conclusion once the massive shift away from the NDP occurred in the last federal election. And the likelihood of it happening again seems almost certain.
Well, the Bloc Quebecois seems to be a spent force, with it's base down to old-time traditional die-hards who are fast dying out. The current leader of the Bloc, ex-PQ and now independent member of Quebec's National Assembly is Martine Ouellet, who after losing her leadership bid for the PQ, shifted her attention to the Bloc. She was elected leader, mainly because nobody with any sort of a profile wanted the job. She is reviled by most Quebecers for cynically refusing to give up her seat and salary in Quebec's Parliament and is wildly disparaged by the press who mock her ceaselessly, not exactly a formula for success.

As for the NDP, it's fall from grace in Quebec cost leader Thomas Mulcair his job, as expectations of perhaps forming or participating in a minority government were dashed rather cruelly.

A Quebec resurgence with a new leader seems out of the question with the current NDP leadership campaign drawing frowns from the Quebec media.
The NDP seems to be flirting with  Harjit Sajjan for leader, a turban wearing Sikh who is absolutely toxic in Quebec. Should he be elected leader, the NDP would in all likelihood lose every single seat it owns in the Province.
Quebecers are so fearful and resentful of those who wear their religion on their sleeves (or in this case their head,) that the backlash would be devastating.
How much do Quebecers dislike Sikhs and their dastardly daggers?
Last February, when Canada's defence minister, the turban wearing Jagmeet Singh visited the work-site of the re-building of a defence installation in Quebec city, the contractor, received a warning letter of admonition from Quebec's workplace safety commission for allowing the minister onsite without wearing a safety helmet.
The depth of Quebec's animosity towards Sikhs is pervasive, with the adherents' insistence on flouting safety regulations for religious purposes absolutely unacceptable to the vast majority of Quebec voters, who don't want to see that type of agenda thrust upon them.
No Siree....The NDP would get more votes with Don Cherry as their leader.

Even though Sajjan is unlikely to win the NDP leadership, his presence in the race and the surrounding publicity which may work to the NDP's advantage in the rest of Canada, would be devastating to the party's Quebec fortunes.

As for issues that will rally the country to the Conservatives, I am sorry to say that there doesn't appear to be any, even the egregious $10 million payment and apology made to Omar Kadhr won't impact the election greatly as it will be but a distant memory come election time.
The deficit issue doesn't interest Liberal voters because it's easier for them to pretend it isn't there, rather than face reality.
Ask a liberal supporter about Justin's piling on the debt that future generations will have to pay and their eyes gloss over, their reaction like someone who has just bought a stolen X-Box off the back of the truck, and called out on it. They'd rather just pretend not know that where the stuff came from rather then face the reality that they are participating in a theft.

It is true that Canada is doing alright economically under Trudeau, but it is all based on a theft, like a breadwinner who goes out each day and steals to provide for the family.
Will any well-fed and well-dressed family ask the hard questions as to how the money was obtained?
Such is the simple and devastatingly effective Liberal strategy to keep the money flowing and until voters mature and face the dishonesty, he will maintain power.
Unfortunately, it ain't going to happen.

And so the Conservatives better hope that the Russians or perhaps more likely the Americans, dig up some horrific dirt on Trudeau, because short of that, the outlook is bleak.

There is one course of action left to the Conservatives, one which my old organizer persona would suggest as the only way to possibly defeat Justin.
Read about it in my next post.

How the Conservatives can Defeat Justin Trudeau.


  1. You mixed up Singh and Sajjan.

  2. I think I might be alone in thinking that Trudeau will win a minority at the next election.

  3. "The Russians hacked the Democratic Party...", writes Philip.

    Has that been established? Not sure.

    Regardless, I am still scratching my head as to why the MSM isn't giving greater coverage to the unmasking of and dissemination of (by executive decree, apparently) of incidental names of Trump supporters through wire tapping. Thus is the stuff of Watergate (actually, Watergate X 10). This is using the levers of government to thwart and influence the outcome of a presidential election. One thing for the Russians and Wikileaks to do it; quite another when it is the government in power.

  4. The Democrats got what they deserved. Sleazy, dishonest and corrupt much like the Republicans, they were too stupid to realize that a computer hooked up to the internet can be hacked. If they'd been fair and honest then nothing found on the hacked computer could hurt them. I never send any email with out thinking about how I'd feel if it became public. No sympathy for them at all. If the Canadian parties are smart, they'll learn from it. I don't expect them to, though.