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2010 Dubious Distinction Awards -

Here's a humorous cartoon of Jonathan Duhamel being greeted by the Quebec Tax Man on his return to Quebec after winning nine million dollars at the WSOP Main Event Poker tournament in Las Vegas.
Funny as the cartoon is, the implication is no joke. Come home and see a huge chunk of your money disappear into the coffers of the Quebec treasury.

As he's shown in his poker play, Jonathan is an expert at odds and better yet, knows when to fold'em. It seems that he has told the casino not to issue the cheque until he has established residency in a much 'friendlier' tax jurisdiction.

Before I leave this piece, I must say the longer I looked at the Revenue Quebec guy the more I'm convinced that it's an eerie rendition of Shakespeare's evil money grubber Shylock, the Merchant of Venice. There aren't many francophones with the traditional hook-nose that is the literary symbol of Jewish avarice.
Accident or design? Is this another hidden dig by a cartoonist at the chosen  people?
Hmmmm... What say you?

Let's March!
Left!...Right!...Left!...Right!...Left!...Left!...Left! ...Left!

Here's a lovely picture of Jack Layton and 'Uncle Tom' Mulcair marching in the annual separatist's parade in Montreal alongside comrade Amir Khadir. Oh yes, that's Quebec's most visible anglo-basher, Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal prez, Mario Beaulieu, in the blue shirt.(hmm... it might be time to lay off the poutine.) All, of course marching under the glorious banner of the Mouvement Montréal français, whose stated goal is to get rid of English.
Perhaps this would make a great election poster in the ROC.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
2010 was a banner year for those in high places, tumbling in varying degrees from the zenith of power.
 There were more corruption scandals this year than in the past decade.  
While the final quarter of 2009  seemed to be the culmination of corruption revelations, starting with those infernal water meters, it was but a portend of what was to be in 2010. 

Tony Accurso
When Frank Zampino retired unexpectedly, last year, from the Number Two job in the City of Montreal, for apparently no good reason, it should of triggered alarm bells but alas, it did not. 

The water meter scandal  introduced us to a certain Tony Accurso, a 'construction' magnate  so secretive and camera shy , that there exists but one decent picture of him on the Internet. Ironically in 2010, he would become the most talked about man of the year.

The power that he seemed to possess astounded even the most veteran and cynical journalists, even those who could hark back to the times of André "Dédé" Desjardins.
See a photos of the interior HERE
Revelations that all manner of elected officials, senior bureaucrats and union bosses sojourned on his luxurious yacht in the Caribbean, evidenced an arrogance and sense of invulnerability which would make 'Boardwalk Empire's' "Nucky" Thompson blush!

Maddeningly, Mr. Accurso seemed to dance around the allegations of corruption with impunity until late in the year, where like the "Teflon Don" his luck finally ran out.  He was forced to strike a deal with authorities and pay some huge fines. His 8 million dollar yacht was declared an ineligible business expense and all the related deductions were disallowed because it didn't represent a 'true' business expense. This of course is actually untrue, as the boat did actually generate a lot of income, influencing various people to  extend certain benefits to Accurso companies! But I imagine that the point is moot.

Even more ominous is the story of the lead Revenue Canada investigator who was looking into corruption at two of Accurso's construction companies , being roughed up by goons. A related investigation is ongoing in the Tax department whereby employees are believed to have conspired to pass bogus expenses. 
The Accurso feeding frenzy is full on, with the full weight of both levels of government determined to bring him down.

Quebec Mayors under the Gun
It wasn't a particularly good year for Quebec mayors with scandal after scandal rocking municipalities across the province.
First up is the mayor of Mascouche, Richard Marcotte, who was literally chased from office by an angry mob that showed up to council meeting after the numerous stories of corruption were revealed including dubious real estate transactions, where the mayor and his friends are alleged to have profited. The town manager is accused of giving a 'brown' envelope' containing  $3,000 in cash to a failed Liberal party candidate. Furious citizens are not amused.

Over in neighbouring Terrebonne, mayor Jean-Marc Robitaille, stepped down after he was accused of failing to disclose that he was an officer in a company controlled by a contractor who has received millions of dollars in city contracts Link

Mayor Regis Lebaume of Quebec City and Mayor Peter Trent of Westmount threatened to pull out of the Union des municipalites du Quebec mayors, unless St. Jerome mayor, Marc Gascon, withdrew as president of the organization in light of accusations against him.

In December we learned that the Sûreté du Québec is investigating allegations of fraud and conflict of interest against the mayoress of Boisbriand, Marlène Cordato and her husband, Louis Kemp who is accused of inflating prices charged to the city by his company.

The biggest scandal of all concerns heavyweight Gilles Vaillancourt, mayor of Laval, Quebec's second largest city, who is accused by a Federal member of Parliament and former PQ justice minister, Serge Menard of offering an envelope stuffed with  $10,000 in cash while the latter was running for office. Of course the mayor denied the story vehemently, claiming the envelope was innocent, full of information for candidates on how to successfully campaign. Then a second politician came forward and also claimed that Vaillancourt attempted to give him a similar envelope. Link
Laval citizens are demanding his resignation, but the chance of that happening is about as likely as an African dictator giving up power voluntarily!

Mr. Menard,  the politician who accused the mayor of offering the money, is highly respected and credible, though one would consider that his manners need a bit of polishing, in light of this video of him acting inappropriately in the Parliament in Ottawa.

Hey, it's the dubious distinction awards!

Regis Lebaume
Even an eternal optimist like Regis Lebaume, Quebec's most dynamic mayor, must be somewhat disappointed by the events of this year.
After being teased by a group of federal Conservative MP's  who donned the Nordiques jersey for a photo-op, showing support for an arena project in Quebec city, the Prime Minister toyed with Lebaume for months, before finally admitting that there wouldn't be any federal subsidy for the project.

Then came news that Quebec city's pre-bid for the 2022 Olympic games was shot down rather cruelly by the International Ski Federation who deemed Quebec's mountain (Le Massif,) its only option,  unsuitable for the men's downhill event. Adding insult to injury, one official characterized the mountain more suited for cross-country.

Mr. Lebaume suffered an acute case of foot in mouth disease in referring pensioners as bad citizens because they used up so many services without paying much taxes. Then he called city workers lazy for which the civil servants demanded an apology which when not delivered was followed by a lawsuit. You'd think that the mayor would know better after being sued by blue collar workers after accusing them of 'screwing the system.'
Lebaume had to live down the embarrassment of having to fire an image consultant whom he had hired at a cost of $300,000 to re-brand the city of Quebec. Clotaire Rapaille concluded that Quebeckers, are“completely neurotic” and that their “sadomasochist” relationship with “the English” means they will never separate from Canada.

How has this affected his popularity? He remains the most highly supported mayor of any Canadian city, even topping Mississauga's Hazel McCallion!

Marc Bellemare
After making some headline allegations that the money men in the Quebec Liberal Party had influenced the selection of judges, Marc Bellemare became the darling of the Quebeckers who had turned on Premier Jean Charest. As the year wore on his credibility crumbled and his performance at the Bastarache commission was less then brilliant. Discredited, he faces the likelihood of being on the wrong end of a defamation suit launched by the Premier.

Jacques Duchesneau
The hitherto Mr. Clean, hired to clean up corruption in the construction sector, himself became the target of allegations of impropriety during his failed bid to become mayor of Montreal. Revelations show that the Party Duchesneau ran may have breached election laws.
Richard Bergeron
When the leader of the Projet Montreal municipal party lost the mayoralty race in Montreal, one could safely assume that his crackpot ideas would be safely consigned to the benches of opposition. But returning mayor Tremblay, keen to put a new slant on his decidedly tainted administration, invited Bergeron to join the powerful Executive Council over the protests of his own party faithful. Bergeron flew high for a while, before getting the mayor pissed off, who said that he wasn't a team player. Yu think?
He was unceremoniously dumped from the Executive Council and has re-established himself in the gentle obscurity of the opposition benches .

Tony Tomassi
The head of a bankrupt Montreal security firm says he was just trying to help “a friend” when he gave former Quebec family minister Tony Tomassi a company credit card for personal use. It was a good excuse for Jean Charest to dump the embattled cabinet minister from caucus amid other allegations that valuable permits for daycare centres were being funnelled to Mr. Tomassi's supporters LINK

Teachers acting badly!
Anytime a document carries a warning not to photocopy or distribute, you can bet dollars to doughnuts someone will photocopy and distribute it.
Click to see complete document in French

This teacher's union document is a list of disruptive techniques that can be employed by teachers during meetings with management. The pressure tactics are designed not to appear as 'job actions' which could engender penalties or fines.
What does the suggest?

Chew gum loudly.....Everyone to wear sunglasses....Have cellphones ring during meetings and pretending its an urgent family business call.....Crunch loudly on carrots or celery....Spill coffee....Blow you nose loudly, often..... etc.etc.

You can see the whole list (in French) by clicking the above image.

Sex Tests
If your thirteen-year-old came home from school and told you the teacher asked her whether she was into blowjobs or anal sex, would you call the principle or the police?

A questionnaire given to 13 year old students asked a pretty comprehensive set of questions concerning their sex lives which left little to the imagination.
Students were asked when and with whom they have sex and under what conditions;

Students were asked to check the appropriate boxes - "oral sex," "anal sex," "petting," "vaginal sex," "masturbation' etc.

If you think that it's an isolated incident, think again.
Another teacher was suspended for giving 13 year-old students another test, this time a
multiple choice affair;
"A teacher has been suspended after she gave her Grade 8 students a sexually-explicit multiple-choice test that included questions about anal sex, lesbian encounters and penis sizes." Link
Students were asked if they thought Blacks have bigger penises, whether sperm is dietetic and if lesbians can have sex considering that there's no penis involved.
Yup, thirteen year-olds.

Saddest deaths of the Year
All tragic deaths are painful for the families and Quebec had its fair share of those this year. An 18-year-old pyscho murdered his 14 year-old sister in Côte St. Luc (a Montreal suburb) and at the other end of the scale an 82 year old was senselessly murdered by an in and out of trouble 16 year old.

Three youths died in car-surfing accidents and a 23 year old Montreal was killed by her lover and dumped in a manhole.

A 71 year old Muslim man killed his thirteen-year-old daughter in a family dispute, in Longueuil. While people were quick to speculate that it was an honour crime, the Crown described the accused as a “person like you and me,” with no previous criminal record. Hmmm.....

When faced with officers approaching his house to retreive and return his children to their Montreal mother , a father living in Texas shot and killed his son and wounded his daughter before being taken into custody. The father's really big mistake? Killing in Texas. Do I hear death penalty?

But the strangest and perhaps most tragic death was the death of Montrealer Matthew Besner who froze to death rather mysteriously. His body was found alongside the Lachine canal and footprints indicate that he fell through the ice a couple of times as he crossed over the ice. Besner had spent the evening in a restaurant with friends and went outside to text his girlfriend that he was on his way home. Friends came out to find him and he was gone.
Investigations established that he staggered around old Montreal, badly impaired and witnesses say that he was actually in a falling down state. But his friends deny that he was particularly impaired and say that although he was drinking he wasn't in bad shape. His text to his girlfriend was error-free and we all know what texting while impaired looks like! Then the Montreal Gazette was chastised for showing a video of police hovering over his body. While police have labeled the death accidental, the family is continuing its own investigation into the murky affair.

Ironically, on the same day the Montreal Gazette ran a story entitled, "If you're walking, think twice about that last drink."
"For all the warnings not to drink and drive, little is heard about a risky motor activity of another stripe: impaired walking... " Read the article.
Dubious Odss and Ends

Worst Tenant of 2010  The owner of a Val-Morin house couldn't have picked a worse tenant,  a couple who he had to evict after they paid not one dime in rent.
After the long eviction procedure, the tenants finally quit the properrty, but not before stealing everything in the house.  Everything!
They ripped the counters from the wall, stole all the appliances and pulled out bathroom fixtures including tubs and toilets. The owner calculates damage between $40,000 and $60,000 and has decided to get out of the rental game. He's selling everything and buying a house in Costa Rica. Oh yea, the tenants seem to have gotten away Scott-free.

Worst Music of 2010  If you're into French music, here's the worst of 2010 list.

Criminal of the Year  Notorious Quebec street gang leader Ducarme Joseph had a bad year with the only bright spot being the fact that he survived an assassination attempt. The once high-flying gangster is now in jail and has been assessed  $284k penalty by the tax department, money which they intend on getting by virtue of the sale of his ritzy home.

Bank of the Year   
"The QMI Agency investigation also found that a HSBC Canada bank in St. Leonard – a home to many of Montreal’s organized crime figures – extended a massive amount of credit to Ducarme Joseph despite the gangster’s lengthy criminal history and record for drug trafficking, violent physical assaults, and gun violence.....HSBC, linked to facilitating overseas tax evasion by as many as 1,700 Canadians, has declined to explain its dealings with him." Link

Drownings  2010 was the worst year for drownings in Quebec since 2000 with 61 people drowned.

Mafia Clan devastated  The last sixteen months weren't particularly 'kind to the Rizutto clan who saw a bunch of it's members murdered or disappeared.  Federico Del Peschio, Nicolo Rizzuto Jr.,  Paolo Renda, Agostino Cuntrera, and patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto all are 'sleeping with the fishes.'

 Photo Radar  is a big success, bringing millions in revenue. But the province didn't make much money from the 699 officers driving police cars belonging to the Sûreté du Québec, who were caught speeding (without flashers or sirens) by the impartial machines, almost all got off with a friendly nod.

Ritalin has become the favourite drug of the school system with teachers being blamed for pushing parents to 'control' their unruly charges. In 2010 Quebec doctors issued 44% of all Canadian prescriptions for Ritalin, almost double the Canadian average.


  1. I love ready this stuff from a poster boy of Charest himself. Just like the prime sinister himself, it feels good not to be able to put a judgment on oneself and governing 8 years in a row playing the leader of the opposition card all the time.

    I can't believe this guy gets away with almost all the anglo vote. You guys deserve much better. You deserve a party of your own just like the Equality party of the good old days. At least it would be far more honest than splitting half and half with this bunch of corrupted crooks at the liberal party.

  2. About Ritalin, the number of pills is not a good indicator. You need to keep in mind that 4 pills of 10mg is 3 more than 1 of 50mg but 10mg less.

  3. "I can't believe this guy gets away with almost all the anglo vote."

    Anglos and Ethnics in Quebec don't really have a vote because they don't have a party or politicians that will represent them or have their interests at heart. They reside in the black hole of the democratic system and are the only group in North America whos rights are stripped in silence and with zero support from the rest of Canada, or any other entity.

    The Equality Party could never garner enough support among the Francophones who have no interest in equality, whether they are Liberal voting federalists who can barely string two English words together, or PQuistes and others who garner their own sense of identity by stifling the identity and cultures of others.

    The federal government needs to ensure that ALL its citizens, regardless of race, culture or language, are afforded an equal status to any other group. Canadians need to ask themselves if they will continue to be a nation that preaches human rights abroad, but stand by idly as a million of their fellow countrymen are forced into a diaspora that is possibly the largest human migration witnessed in this country in over a hundred years.
    Shame on the racist bigots of Quebec for forcing the situation, and shame on the rest of Canada for letting it happen.

  4. Though I do see the internet and blogs like this one as making a difference. This blog is getting quite a bit of attention. More then anything, if anglos and allos in the rest of Canada see the double standards when it comes to the way Quebec is allowed to treat its minorities, maybe some federal leader will pay attention to our plight. (thats a big maybe)

    Actually there is one positive aspect of the Bloc Quebecois. Looks like that outside the non francophone areas, a mainstream party cannot get elected. With 30 extra seats in the rest of Canada, Quebecs parlimentary weight will really get diluted. If all federal parties one day realize the effort to court the Quebec vote is in vain, they might just give up on Quebec and decide its better to court the federalist vote in anglo and allo areas. Maybe then things will turn for the better for us. Lets see.

    I am optimistic as despite all that has been done to extinguish English in Quebec, it is still there and somewhat strong.

  5. ... "Shame on the racist bigots of Quebec for forcing the situation, and shame on the rest of Canada for letting it happen"...

    I think you are confusing issues and rights. If rights need to be defended it is because they are violated. Quebeckers want to protect and conserve their language, yes their language and their culture. Not English Canada, French Canada. It is not a switch to turn on or off, give me a brake ! You are talking about them like Al-Qaeda ( القاعدة‎) which is a militant Islamist group founded sometime between August 1988 and late 1989. Your poor judgment refuse to admit people's natural rights who are here,(and promised under the hyprocisy of the Quebec Act to be preserved --1774) since 400 years.

    If they would be no problems, they wouldn't have to protect themselves against an arrogant majority shouting like terrorists.

    You should reconsider your rationale. You should be against an operation as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad...

    Try to concentrate on the government of Canada. Mr. Harper (minority government !)is proud to have your fingers in the war and involve Quebec's army of solders as well !

    You see most of the world considers terrorist organization people who started by wishing people bad things like I read here, continue with threats, written, verbal or otherwise and this is the beginning of terrorists, like Adski, Anglo Bashers, some anons, and Mississauga boy etc.. !

    On the subject of justice and ruling rulers:

    The poverty of ruling in Canada is not going without being noticed, the judges are saying things which are not making sense. I agree with a few remarks. Here in Ontario judges command highly criminals to be brave because they talk about their crimes...(Ontario is a province of kudos!)

    I said before and I will repeat it, there are no philosophy training in this country ! people like engineers, doctors, economist, accountants, lawyers attend university and never had one course of philosophy at all. A young "juge d'instructions" (they could be 24 of 25 years of ages are better trained in France) than our judge who serve our country after a lifetime in a justice department. In fact, they can't even be bilingual! Heroes in Canada are more and more anglophones who are talking about their crime and are profiting from impunity. They also are elected with no rationale of protecting jobs to our own Canadians, nor principals. I didn't say it, the whole world is wording it. (New York Times etc...)

    Let's face it, English Canada is not approuved with a strong government, only with people bashing from right and left.

    Someone said the word is "bigot" ? Is it really what you meant? I believe this is not the right place to discuss seriously national consciousness i.e. the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes regarded as characteristic of a nation who is not even accepted nor tolerated in the same "country". They are forming their own, you are slipping... they are one country: Quebec !
    good for them!

    Why can't you stick to your own dirty laundry: the cost of poor immmigrations, job loss, lack of jobs, retirement, pensions, affordable housing etc..

  6. To the 'ALLCAPS lady' at 1:06 PM:

    "You see most of the world considers terrorist organization people who started by wishing people bad things like I read here, continue with threats, written, verbal or otherwise and this is the beginning of terrorists, like Adski, Anglo Bashers, some anons, and Mississauga boy etc.. !"

    Where have any of these commentors posted threats of any kind? As I requested elsewhere, please back up your statement with some examples.

    You still are not making any sense at all. Your comments are mostly gibberish, but at least you have stopped using capital letters excessively, so you are 'getting better'...

  7. Yes, and lets show more here, it's a new year,

    That is my wishing list:
    1- Quebecois should make more money when hired elsewhere in Canada, to compensate for all the bashing this country is doing to them, which is negative for their patrimoine.
    2- Quebec should become stronger, with a lot of natural resources they have and is not used up at this time. (gaz wells)
    3.- Quebec should become stronger with more education coming from France (lycée and connection with Sorbonne).
    4.- Quebec should have the right to tap the other provinces with no fee in return, for the next 400 years, because of the bashing,the moral turpitude and the crushing and the blow from English Canada.
    5.- Quebec should be freed from the Queen's wings. (The royalty is distant from the actual floods in Australia and does give offer any assistance. What does it bring to Quebec since 1774 ? nothing but hypocrisy. Remember Canada pays for her trips when she visits.)

    6.- Quebec should sell their electricity for more money elsewhere and should have cheaper rates for themselves.
    7.- Quebec will have to deal with its politicians in the union sectors. I am sure they will, they have their own views.

    8.- Quebeckers who left the province, should have the right to vote for the Government of Quebec. (like in the Basques countries-they form an alliance.)

    I presume Quebec could be part of an Euro economy in time, unlike English Canada.

    You can criticize as much as you want, curse, and be abrasive, enjoy kickboxing, and like a good dog snarl, but you are not the ones who are progressive, THEY ARE. Nobody criticize you ? this is what you think English Canada..... just wait and see..

  8. @Anon 1;06

    Bravo!Vous semblez être une personne très sensée mais surtout très intelligente.

    Qui que vous soyez,merci!

  9. I believe all the arguments coming from this site have one author: THE EDITOR!

  10. "If rights need to be defended it is because they are violated. "

    The linguistic policies in Quebec are in violation of the charter of rights and freedoms, and have even come under criticism by the UN. In fact, since the end of Apartheid, Quebec is the ONLY place in the Western world where the hand of government extends into regulating culture and language to such an extent. The other present comparison would be Turkey with its restrictions on the Kurdish language.

    "the cost of poor immmigrations,"

    You must be referring to Quebecs linguistic policy driving immigration standards down in order to get as many Francophones as possible into the province. How's that working out for you?

    "people like engineers, doctors, economist, accountants, lawyers "

    Yes, all the people who leave Quebec immediately after graduating from McGill. Why would they want to leave this cornucopia of Franco - frolicking?!!!?? Is it the onerous tax system designed to support an institutionalized language police and a welfare state of ignorant voters? Is it the fact that they now have an option of living somehere where they can't be fined for speaking their language?!?! Do you even have a family doctor here in Quebec? If you do, you're one of the lucky few.

    "I presume Quebec could be part of an Euro economy in time, unlike English Canada."

    Good 'shrooms. That's one thing we have in spades in Quebec - good drugs.

  11. Anon 1:06PM “If rights need to be defended it is because they are violated. Quebeckers want to protect and conserve their language, yes their language and their culture.”

    What about the right of Anglos and Allos to protect their cultures? As it stands, any language other than French cannot even be displayed if French is not next to it and twice the size. Between 1977 and 1993, no language other than French could have been displayed AT ALL. That changed only because the CANADIAN Supreme Court overruled the public sign provision of bill 101 (that would be unconstitutional not only in Canada, but in any democratic country in the world).

    The funny thing about “rights” is that they are such an arbitrary and subjective concept. They are also highly relative – one man's right might be a limitation of another man's rights. If I claim a right for myself and a group of people that I am connected to (based on race, language, religion, height, weight, color of hair, any other arbitrary criterion) and in turn violate someone else’s liberty/right/desire/freedom/preference, what takes precedence, my (self-proclaimed) right or someone else’s liberty? What factors decide who has the right to override the rights of others in the name of rights?

    It seems that the only deciding factor is political power. The one with the power will have his/her “rights” asserted, while the under- or non-represented one might have to suck it up and take it. So it has less to do with rights, and more to do with who has more power to impose certain rules on others (and also shows that power can be a tricky thing - it can be used to achieve noble goals, but it can also lead to excesses). The kings of the past claimed the “right” to be revered and to rule over their dominions. That “right” was of course only a WISH (megalomaniacal as it was) and was accomplished through nothing else but coercion.

    This reminds me of something interesting - anytime Duceppe is asked about the irony of how Quebec sends separatists to the federal parliament, he invokes the American Revolution catchphrase – “there should be no taxation without representation”. However, the same Quebeckers who profess this belief in regards to Canada have a very hard time applying it in Quebec. A quick look at the proceedings in the National Assembly is enough to realize that despite the fact that non-Francophones make up 1/5 of this province, every single member of the Assembly is a white Franco geezer. In the meantime, Allos and Anglos are taxed rather heavily. So talk of taxation without representation. It’s sad that people like Mr.Duceppe are so unable to extend to Quebec the high ideals they hold for Canada.

  12. I will discuss only with a Harvard or a Sorbonne personnality. Obviously you don't fit in. Why ? Those people understand the basic word of RIGHTS, also I mentioned
    it before, I am not a charity to discuss this
    at large.

    Interesting to see the lack
    of perspective and of philosophy you suffer
    from. It is a sophism to think that laws protecting
    minorities are against "the law".

    You are not above
    the law because you are an Anglophone in Canada, and you
    don't decide the law on account of a percentage
    of people.
    You have an ocean of books to read....

  13. "...What about the right of Anglos and Allos to protect their cultures..."

    Le problème est qu'ils ne sont chez-eux mais chez-nous.

  14. Anon 12:43PM “It is a sophism to think that laws protecting
    minorities are against "the law".”

    Except that 101 is not a law passed by the “majority” (I assume you mean English speakers of North America) to protect the “minority” (French speakers of North America). No majority would pass a law that limits its own liberties.

    The law was in fact passed by the local MAJORITY that took advantage of a unique and unprecedented geopolitical situation – that of being in the geographical center of another country and thus holding the key to that country’s geographical continuity and integrity. This geographical aspect allowed the sneaky and vindictive Quebec to get a free pass and get away with quite a lot.

    So the issue here is not that a law was passed by the CONTINENTAL majority to PROTECT some continental minority, the issue is that a LOCAL majority passed a law to REPRESS a local minority. Remember that even though English speakers outside Quebec constitute an overwhelming majority on the continent, in Quebec they constitute a minority. And you seem to use their majority status OUTSIDE of Quebec to justify repressing them INSIDE Quebec. This is equivalent of having the mayor of New York City repressing German expats residing in New York, because the city of New York has 10 million inhabitants while Germany has 60 million, thus making English in New York eligible to special “protection” vis-à-vis German. This is a twisted and demented logic, as you can see.

    What I find peculiar about people like Anon 12:43PM is that it’s difficult to say whether he really believes that his language needs protection and only such harsh measures will save it, or whether he agrees with everything we say but cynically defends the legalistic status quo because he feels it reinforces the “maitres chez nous” philosophy. If it’s the former, then first of all he is really misguided (French in Quebec is in no imminent danger) and I pity his total lack of respect for his own language and I thus implore him not to ask me to respect his language if he doesn’t respect it himself. If it’s the latter, then he’s a pitiful hypocrite.

    Any way you cut it, he loses.

  15. What about the right of Anglos to protect their culture ?

    Do you know that each year the vast majority of movies see in Québec are americans ? So don't worry the english-canadian culture is well alive.

  16. @anon 12:43

    Of course we are at our home. Just because you claim it only belongs to you, doesn't mean it is so. Just like if you said the earth was flat, because a majority of your pur laine chauvanists said so, doesn't it mean its true.

    We also live in a country called canada, where Quebec is only a province. Its time that Quebec was forced to respect anglo and allo rights, instead of leeching their tax money to fund pur laine chauvanist policies and subsidising their jobs, through things like Office de la langue francais.

  17. "Le problème est qu'ils ne sont chez-eux mais chez-nous."

    And why is it exclusively chez vous? One third of Quebekkkers who claim French ancestry are actually of Irish descent. Not to mention the other minority groups which include Anglophones, among others.
    If your chez nous theory is based on the right of conquest, then I suggest you visit Wolfe's monument like a good subject of the Queen and update your history books.

    Would you make the same chez nous argument in regards to Algeria, Vietnam, Haiti, Louisiana and other failed French colonies? The only chez nous you really have, at least the way you choose to identify it, is across the Atlantic ocean. Bon voyage and don't let the door slam you in the back of your patriotes condom cap.

  18. "...I suggest you visit Wolfe's monument..."

    A quel endroit peut-on voir cette magnifique statue?


  19. Anonymous said...
    "...I suggest you visit Wolfe's monument..."

    A quel endroit peut-on voir cette magnifique statue?


    January 3, 2011 9:32 PM

    At Quebec city.

  20. To Anon. Jan. 2 at 2:47 PM:

    "4.- Quebec should have the right to tap the other provinces with no fee in return, for the next 400 years"

    Quebec is already sucking the life blood out of the other provinces - to the tune of 8.5 billion dollars every year - but you're on drugs if you think this will continue for a few hundred years more.

    "6.- Quebec should sell their electricity for more money elsewhere and should have cheaper rates for themselves."

    Have you been living under a rock? This is already the case. Quebec has the cheapest hydro rates in North America.

    "8.- Quebeckers who left the province, should have the right to vote for the Government of Quebec."

    Great idea! The hundreds of thousands of Anglo-Quebeckers who have been forced out of the province during the last 40 years should still be permitted to vote in Quebec elections. Then we may finally elect a government that treats all citizens equally.

  21. To Anon. Jan. 3 at 12:43 PM:

    "I will discuss only with a Harvard or a Sorbonne personnality. Obviously you don't fit in."

    Who the heck do you think you are?

    In past comments you have stated that you are a beauty queen, rich, a descendant of nobility, in possession of 5 degrees, able to speak multiple languages, and have travelled around the world several times, etc., etc.

    You're obviously suffering from delusions of grandeur. You should see a shrink asap!

  22. "Great idea! The hundreds of thousands of Anglo-Quebeckers who have been forced out of the province during the last 40 years should still be permitted to vote in Quebec elections. Then we may finally elect a government that treats all citizens equally. "

    They were not forced out. They decided to leave, because people like you instead of leaving they put pressure on the quality of life of the French. Believe me there are hundreds of French-Quebecois in Ontario, USA, France etc... who would like to continue their participation. The insurrected English Canadians wouldn't be helpful to conserve Quebec, what are you talking about empty headed ? Let's kick you out !

  23. Anon 11:40.

    Ya most were forced to leave because the parasites took their ability to make money away. The anglos and allos that stayed and adapted to make money and use english despite bill 101. Now that our numbers have grown again, we will promote english in quebec. Kick us out? why don't you try.

    You guys already are leaving Montreal and now even laval. Vaudreul dorion is also become more anglo-allo. Lets see what next census results show.